‘Reporter Gone Wild?” Coyne's Crusade Against Sarah Palin

Conspiracy reporter and self-proclaimed Sarah Palin hater Amanda Coyne recently cried foul after being banned by Team Sarah only to be unbanned by Team Sarah. This on top of the heals of an article written by her on March 13, scratch that, ‘just reporting’ an opinion piece on a story which was at least 6 months old, and unfairly linked to Sarah Palin.

Miss Coyne, to no ones surprise, also has a website dedicated to smearing Governor Palin, for profit!

Coyne holds both a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Fine Arts in ‘creative writing’ from the University of Iowa, her home state. Amanda Coyne is married to Tony Hopfinger and editor at the Anchorage Daily News and is a friend of Andrew Halcro. Halcro ran against Sarah Palin for governor, and lost, and seems to have an axe to grind against Governor Palin as well. Tony Hopfinger is her husband, co-conspirator and editor at Anchorage Daily News.

To start, Coyne is no reporter. Nor is she a journalist. She is a politically-biased freelance writer who teaches writing at Alaska Pacific University and is a contributing blogger at Huffington Post. Just go to the Alaska Dispatch and you will witness Coyne’s writings and opinions at work. With a “Palin Watch” tab on which conveniently transfers the website into a personal political platform, the website promotes Coyne and her husband’s political agenda and revels in its liberal bias with endless attempts in smearing Gov. Palin.

If you follow her writings, it does not take long to observe that Amanda Coyne’s is out to destroy Sarah Palin at every chance. Anything anti-Palin is fair game. She describes her writing as ‘alternative journalism’ and her willingness to serve as Alaska’s number one pathetic hack never stretches the imagination as she recruits college interns to help her make money smearing Governor Palin.

Coyne was the first biographer hired for a Palin biography project. Whether she was ‘fired’ or walked away is a little murky but she claims that Palin was “not as substantial as I thought” stating “I simply can’t have my name on what, so far, is turning out to be a puff piece without substance.”

Funny. Coyne would never pass the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics Exam. Nor could she fulfill the duty of a real journalist whose means is to seek the truth and provide fair and comprehensive accounts of events and issues. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Miss Coyne.