Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?

Was conservative activist Andrew Breitbart murdered?

It is possible and the issue must be raised for one reason only: Because knowing the malicious temperament of the radical left in America that hated Breitbart, we should not rule out that they killed him.

Breitbart is reported to have been suffering a heart condition over the last few years and he lived a highly stressful life. And so we could easily assume that he died of natural causes. It happens all the time. And it very well could be true, and we pray that God took him naturally which is probably what happened.

But the other side of the coin is that Breitbart had angered and exposed many on the political left. And thus he easily could have been targeted. Many public figures are. That is why some have bodyguards. Breitbart did not.

Breitbart died shortly after he left a Los Angeles restaurant around midnight of February 29. He collapsed and died on the sidewalk. One reported “witness” is said to have seen him fall. But did this witness actually see him fall, or perhaps just see him after he was on the sidewalk?

That is not clear in news reports. And any detective worth his salt would want to know everything in a case involving a controversial figure like this one. And like the rumpled TV detective Columbo who never accepted a death at face value, we should be skeptical until definitive autopsy results come in with corroboration by an independent coroner.

A detective would want to know what happened between the time Breitbart left the restaurant and the moment he died. Did he stop and talk to anyone? Was he approached by anyone? Was there any unusual activity on the street, like a car stopping near him or suddenly speeding away? What happened in the moments before he fell down? Did the witness see those moments?

Perhaps a lone-wolf killer took out Breitbart by shocking him with a silent taser gun and stopping his bad heart. The shocker himself then could have simply melted into the night.

Was there someone working in the restaurant who spiked Breitbart’s wine with a type of stimulant that could have caused his heart to race into overdrive and fail? Is there anyone who was working in the restaurant who has mysteriously disappeared since the incident?

Is any effort being made to investigate all this? Are any of the restaurant workers or patrons being interviewed? Are there any surveillance videos that are being reviewed, either from the restaurant or on the street? Because they should be. Breitbart’s family should hire a private investigator. Because we don’t have official autopsy results yet. And the longer you wait, the ‘colder’ the evidence get.

We conservative should raise these issues because we are just thinking rationally about radicals on the left. They are merciless and brutal people and we should suspect them every minute of every day.

Yet when a liberal is targeted, those radicals turn everything around. For instance when Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in broad daylight people on the left, within hours, were blaming Sarah Palin and talk radio for encouraging the shooter Jared Loughner to try and kill a liberal.

This shows that their propaganda plan had been set up in advance and readied for deployment. And when the appropriate incident occurred they jumped into action.

This explains volumes, how methodical these people are in everything they do, and how they could have surveilled Breitbart over months as he walked in his own neighborhood, waiting for the moment to strike. After midnight. In the dark.

The charges about Palin and talk radio were all nonsense, of course. Loughner was just a kook who in fact hated George Bush. But the propaganda was intended to confuse the issues right from the start because people on the left are experts at manipulating information in every way.

And now they are challenging us, saying that anyone who questions Breitbart’s natural death is a conspiracy theorist. But that challenge itself is simply a propaganda tool, a way to intimidate anyone from asking questions. Rest assured that if Giffords had died alone after midnight that the Democrats would be out in force with every theory and accusation possible.

So let us ask. Because we conservatives simply wish to put the shoe on the other foot now that “one of ours” has died. Because Breitbart was no ordinary Joe. He was a very controversial figure. And he died at night walking alone, not in broad daylight or in his office or during a meeting or during a speech.

Breitbart’s family and business associates should demand their own private autopsy. Because the Los Angeles coroner has been involved in countless machinations for decades now, from Marilyn Monroe on.

The coroner’s office is set to release autopsy results for Breitbart in six to eight weeks. This in itself is suspicious. They should expedite it since this is a major figure.

Now look at this from abclocal.go.com in Wilmington, Delaware about a case that never has even come close to being solved:

WILMINGTON, Del. – January 3, 2011 (WPVI) — The body of 66-year-old John Wheeler III was found at the Cherry Island landfill on the morning of New Year’s Eve.

Police have ruled his death a homicide, but right now, police have more questions than answers. All they know is that the prominent military consultant ended up dead in a dumpster somewhere in Newark, Delaware.

“There are no suspects. Again, we are still looking to determine where the crime scene occurred,” explained Newark Police Lt. Mark Farrall.

John Wheeler, known to friends as Jack, was a military consultant, a West Point graduate, worked for Ronald Reagan and the two Bush presidencies and previously served as chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

Wheeler’s body was found Friday morning at the Cherry Island landfill in Wilmington. A trash truck had emptied ten dumpsters in Newark.’

So what happened to John Wheeler, who obviously was a conservative patriot?

Nobody knows. But when someone ends up in a dumpster it is not like they keeled over at a birthday party. Wheeler was murdered.

So where is the FBI to investigate the murder of Wheeler? And to begin a preliminary inquiry into the death of a major public figure like Andrew Breitbart?

Good question…

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