Vindictive Left Targets Palin

E-mails recently released by the state of Alaska from the tenure of Republican governor Sarah Palin expose a coordinated assault on her from the Democrat left.

Palin felt that the increasing numbers of lawsuits and investigations into her governorship were thwarting her efforts at running the state efficiently, leading to her eventual resignation. “I can’t afford this job,” she wrote in one e-mail.

“I can’t take it anymore,” she told her husband and her aides after she had written that she had been the target of “many frivolous suits and charges since the DAY I became the VP candidate.”

Reported AP:

‘In a March 19, 2009, email, Palin complained that more than 150 freedom of information requests had cost the state more than $1 million, adding: “and who knows what all the bogus ethics charges have cost the state.”

She expressed anger at having to pay for her own defense, with a bill that at that point totaled more than $500,000, and said her husband had to go back to work on the North Slope to help deal with the growing costs.

(Said one e-mail): “We’ve all had to pay for our OWN legal defense in this political bloodsport — it’s horrendous — why do you think Todd is on the slope today?” Palin wrote. “I am paying to defend in my capacity as GOVERNOR — actions taken in my official position. This is unheard of anywhere else.”’

Naturally nothing has come of all these charges and probes because Palin is a decent, law-abiding conservative. And why were all these attacks launched?

Simply because she is a Republican and a conservative. And she had run up against a vindictive media and political class that has nothing but hatred in its blood – including the most virulent form which is self-hated – and that wants to silence conservatives, and never debate them. Because in an open debate liberals lose every time. Which is why Al Gore has declined any debates on ‘global warming’.

This jihad against Palin began when she was chosen as the vice-presidential candidate by John McCain in August 2008. And shortly thereafter she gave her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and America was wowed by her charm, her beauty and her poise. She spoke eloquently, she was funny and personable, and she connected with tens of millions of Americans. She was, in a word, awesome.

And this was unacceptable to the Democrats. They panicked. The jealous left knows deep down inside that conservatism is the real glue of America and that Palin’s persona is the character that has built our nation through faith, humility, honesty, hard work, thrift and generosity. So they started to libel her and have never stopped doing so.

Then of course the Democrats wholeheartedly supported Michelle Obama expressing not optimism or patriotism but the negativism that she had never been proud of America.

And Democrats and their media allies know that America must continue to be force-fed their template – that only liberals care about ordinary people and that Palin therefore must be politically ‘eliminated’.

Palin also did something as governor that enraged the enviro left – she negotiated to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada to the Lower 48 that had been stalled for 30 years.

In case you don’t remember the enviro/Democrat left was catatonic about the construction of the Alaska oil pipeline in the 1970s and they see this new pipe as just another insult to their pristine view of the world.

In short Palin actually got something done to bring real energy to market rather than promoting windmills and solar panels and other sources that fail even when supported by straight-out government subsidies.

So the liberals have despised Palin on every front – because she is honest, because she has a nice family, because she is a Christian, because she knows that oil and natural gas are the essences of our economy, because she indeed is “one of us” with common sense and love of her country.

But liberals rule not by being “one of us” but by being members of “the ruling class” that claims that it knows what is best for the rest of us.

They indeed are from another class entirely – from the elite at Harvard and Yale with their endless theories about society, not one single one of which has ever proven workable. Solar panels… sure…

AP also reported:

‘Earlier, after a Feb. 18, 2009, Washington Post story titled, “Back Home in Alaska, Palin finds cold comfort,” was pointed out to her, she e-mailed her husband. “Would you pray for our strength. And for God to totally turn things around… Enough is enough. May we see victories and feel His hand of mercy and grace.” He replies, “I did.”’

So Palin is a real Christian. And this is another avenue for attacks on her. Remember that Palin’s church was hit by arson just four months after she came to national prominence. Because these haters never waste time.

If that had been a black church and the arsonist were suspected of being a white supremacist, however, the FBI would be on the case every day until it was solved and it would have been a national story. But since it was a conservative Christian who was the target, the story disappeared.

And don’t think that these ‘occupiers’ are not just a new strain of anti-Christian bigotry. Just look at the horrendous record of the ‘occupiers’ after just a few months in existence – disease, murder, chaos, suicide, filth, assault, violence and rape.

Yet a family-oriented governor like Palin who gets real things done is targeted by people like Democrat Nancy Pelosi who said “God bless” the ‘occupiers’.

When Palin released her best-selling autobiography Going Rogue the jealous left, exposing their congenital envy, even put out a fake look-alike book called Going Rouge (‘rouge’ not ‘rogue’) in order to confuse book buyers. Going Rouge was full of slander of Palin.

This shows not only a hatred of Palin but a creepy obsession with her just as all liberals are obsessed with us conservatives whom they rightfully know are superior people. Then a literary hack from the 1970s named Joe McGinnis even moved right next door to the Palins in order to observe and intimidate them and write a negative book about them. Can you imagine such egregious spite?

The book disappeared quickly, thankfully.

McGinnis’ act alone exposed these leftists for who they really are – vindictive operatives who will use any deception to harass a good conservative. Palin’s parents even say that they keep loaded guns in the house for possible defense because these media hounds have ginned up so much hatred of the governor.

This indeed is what we are up against as conservatives. As we build the nation and care for our families and think rationally and produce real energy, the Democrat left and their media allies use every trick and every falsehood in the book to attack us and to thwart us.

And the horrible state of America today is the result. One hundred years of liberal socialism, anti-Christianity, sloth, dependence, leftist rage, arrogance and an Anything Goes culture has undermined our society and given us debt, unemployment, chaos, dissolution and rising poverty.

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