Romney Wins Twice; Let Him be 'Rich'

Mitt Romney won the Arizona GOP primary handily and won the Michigan primary by a small margin.

Romney should have won Michigan by a larger margin. He was born in and grew up in Michigan, and his father George once was CEO of American Motors who then became governor of Michigan.

Romney said after the win that “I’m going to deliver on more jobs, less debt, smaller government. …I’ll make it simpler, smaller and smarter.”

Good. It is important for Republicans to take on the national issues and Obama rather than other Republicans.

Rick Santorum’s conservative social agenda played well to the primary electorate in Michigan. And we should very well be discussing social issues along with economic concerns. Because social deterioration is causing many of our economic problems – for instance, legitimized single motherhood puts a huge drain on the taxpayer versus married women.

Romney generally has been focusing on economic issues. He recently was speaking in Michigan about the economy. And to curry favor with the audience in that car-making state he explained that he and his wife drive American cars. “My wife drives a couple of Cadillacs…” he said.

And to tell the truth we shouldn’t care how much money Romney has and that his wife has more than one Cadillac (the two cars are at two separate houses that Romney owns). But in Obama’s class warfare world, these types of statements are said to be politically charged.

Of course nobody on the Media Left seems to want to make much of an issue about Michelle Obama using “a couple of jetliners” to go on vacation separate from her husband, each of whose per-hour cost is many times the cost of a single Cadillac.

Romney has made other statements that the media have seized on – that he isn’t concerned about the poor because they have a safety net. Or his offer to bet Rick Perry $10,000 in a debate.

But so what. Romney is rich. Big deal. Good for him. He set out to become wealthy and he has succeeded. And crucially he is legitimately rich because he has saved many failing companies and he has created 100,000 jobs by his own reckoning. And he saved the Winter Olympics and didn’t charge for it.

The reason that he is being seen in a negative light is because “creating” wealth is evil capitalism to the Democrats and the Media Left, but taking billions in taxpayer money and subsidizing ‘green energy’ failures and increased dependence on government is a big achievement to the same people.

Yet compared to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – both big Obama supporters – Romney is a piker. They each are worth, oh, about, $45 billion, while Romney’s net worth is about $270 million.

So should we consider Romney to be unelectable because he is wealthy?

No. Because Romney is personally a gentleman and has succeeded in life and generally is a model of decorum. So let him be rich.

Meanwhile Obama’s corrupt and ultra-rich supporters do things like lose $1.2 billion from their company – as Jon Corzine did – and that is seen as no big problem. Or far-left New York City Democrat Bernie Madoff swindled tens of billions from his investors.

Romney earned his wealth legitimately and Romney is being honest about his wealth. And he pays his taxes and has given huge amounts to charity while Democrats are skinflints with their personal giving. It is a proven statistical fact.

Meanwhile Obama Lover Warren Buffett keeps talking about his secretary’s tax rate while New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie recently put Buffett in his place: “Shut up and write a check…” Christie said about Buffett’s repetitive statement that he thinks that rich people should pay more in taxes.

Good for Christie. This is a common-sense statement contravening the liberal smoke machine with a few well-chosen words. In fact all these rich liberals could send more money to the government at any time. But they won’t. Because everything they say is political.

Now consider Romney versus Obama. What did Obama do before he was president? How many companies did he save and how many jobs did he create?

Zero. In fact today Obama’s hyper-taxed hometown of Chicago is losing thousands of its productive, taxpaying citizens every year because of its fiscal policies like an 11.25% local sales tax(!). And the entire state of Illinois, with a far-left Democrat party based in Chicago, is deeply in debt and is being seen as a terrible place to do business. One of the most historic and productive Illinois employers, Caterpillar, is even thinking of leaving the state.

Yet it is Romney who is being caricactured.

This makes no sense. But it is important to remember who is doing the caricaturing – Obama’s media allies and the Democrat party. As our national economy sinks under Obama policies. And as debt builds like never before. And as more and more people fall onto food stamps every day…

And if you wonder what is happening to America just consider that the business magazine Forbes (forbes.com) has chosen the #1 nation in the world for business as… Canada!!??

Yes, socialistic Canada, which finally has seen the errors of its ways and is going capitalist in order to save itself like much of the world is doing today.

Reported Forbes.com:

‘Canada ranks No. 1 in our annual look at the Best Countries for Business. While the U.S. is paralyzed by fears of a double-dip recession and Europe struggles with sovereign debt issues, Canada’s economy has held up better than most. The $1.6 trillion economy is the ninth biggest in the world and grew 3.1% last year. It is expected to expand 2.4% in 2011, according to the Royal Bank of Canada.

…Canada moves up from No. 4 in last year’s ranking thanks to its improved tax standing. It ranks ninth overall for tax burden compared to No. 23 in 2010. Credit a reformed tax structure with a Harmonized Sales Tax introduced in Ontario and British Columbia in 2010 (BC voters have since elected to scrap the HST). The goal is to make Canadian businesses more competitive. Canada’s tax status also improved thanks to reduced corporate and employee tax rates.’

So whose model is Canada following to save itself – the Mitt Romney private-sector model or the Obama socialist model?

The answer is obvious.

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