'Occupiers' = Greek Terrorists

Look at this report from reuters.com from February 12, 2012:

‘(Reuters) – The Greek parliament approved a deeply unpopular austerity bill to secure a second EU/IMF bailout and avoid national bankruptcy, as buildings burned across central Athens and violence spread around the country.

Cinemas, cafes, shops and banks were set ablaze in central Athens as black-masked protesters fought riot police outside parliament.

State television reported the violence spread to the tourist islands of Corfu and Crete, the northern city of Thessaloniki and towns in central Greece. Shops were looted in the capital where police said 34 buildings were ablaze.’

This violence is an act of war, friends, from within Greece. Sound familiar? Does this not sound like the ‘occupy’ goons here in America?

Yes. Because the Greek terrorists and the ‘occupy’ goons are the same people, rest assured. But the ‘occupy’ terrorists so far have only managed to foment small amounts of violence. But they will try their best to do better. They already are gearing up for 2012.

Remember that Democrats nationwide embraced the ‘occupy’ movement at first, saying that it really had a good point despite their insidious and illegal ways.

Yet when Tea Partiers had a good point and were completely peaceful and legal they were ripped to shreds by the same Democrats and called every name in the book.

Meanwhile, even before the ‘occupiers’ arrived, Democrat strategist James Carville predicted that violence might be coming to America after it flared up in Greece last year. Here is what Carville said in 2011: “People, you know, if (the economic crisis) continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

Yes, it’s possible because the ‘occupy’ left is going to start it.

But Carville doesn’t “hate to say that”. He embraces it. All of these far-left Democrats want violence deep down inside, or will rationalize it. Because violence will upset the status quo and empower the ‘occupy’ thugs who are being organized by radical labor unions and communist groups and funded by ultra-rich Americans leftists like George Soros who also has predicted violence. As he himself funds the agents who will become violent.

Because Carville and most Democrats in America today are all on the hard political left. The ‘occupy’ terrorists are on the hard political left. And the terrorists who are burning Greece are on the hard communist left.

Oh, sure, Carville and his media cronies sit in a TV studio in their business attire acting like they are just innocent observers.

Nonsense. Carville and friends are nothing more than ‘occupiers’ in the suites, not in the streets. Don’t let their calm demeanor fool you. In their hearts they support everything the ‘occupy’ hoodlums do. And in their hearts they sympathize with the Greek terrorists but won’t say that aloud.

If any Republican or Tea Partier were condoning violence in any way, shape or form, however, they would be called out and condemned immediately.

No, Tea Partiers did not take over public parks and defecate in the streets and kill one another and spread disease and rape women and set fires and destroy businesses and seek to shut down ports – as ‘occupy’ terrorists did in just their first two months in existence.

Meanwhile Greeks protested and rioted last year when their retirement age was raised. Despite the fact that these ridiculously low retirement ages like 53 are mathematically unsustainable

But people on the left don’t add up the columns of figures. They simply proceed on the assumption that the government has endless supplies of money.

In America the average know-nothing on the political left, whether completely uneducated like many of the ‘occupiers’ or whether educated at Harvard like Obama, has been taught to believe that since the total size of the American economy (GDP) is $15 trillion that that $15 trillion is available to be spent on government programs.

And that when only $4 trillion is spent in the annual federal budget they say that somehow “the rich” are sitting on the rest. This is the kind of demagoguery that the ‘occupy’ terrorists use and disseminate to agitate their ignoramus followers, just as Islamic terrorists propagandize their followers with endless lies.

America’s current debt is about 100% of GDP which is dangerously high; 60% is considered the safe maximum. Greece is about 160% of GDP, one of the highest rates in the world and an utterly destructive rate of spending. Yet after decades of debt spending the Greek terrorists are saying that 160% is not enough, that somehow that the government must spend more and more and more and that if it does not that the nation will be destroyed.

By them…

This is how communists always work. They are violent, angry, destructive and manipulative people. And this is the kind of sophistry and demagoguery that is rampant on the political left. This is why communist nations always slide down into poverty and stasis.

So where are the ‘occupy’ riots to overthrow the communist dictators in China or North Korea who have made those nations savagely destitute compared to their wealthy capitalist next-door neighbors? Where were the riots against the poverty, starvation and genocide that communists Lenin and Stalin brought to Russia while the powerful elites stole everything in sight?

There are none and there were none. Because the ‘occupy’ rioters and their brethren in Greece are leftists/communists themselves. And once communists seize power they take control of everything like they want to do in Greece. And they crush any opposition for decades on end as they have in Cuba. And then they make the society genuinely poor while rewarding a handful of the ‘occupier’ types with plum government jobs and high standards of living.

These terrorists in Greece actually would like to spark a civil war. Ideally they would use violence to push the government to react, where the government calls out the army. Then they would seek to start a war with many people taking the terrorist side against the government and the army. And of course the world media would side with the communists, never pointing out that they started the war in the first place.

These ‘occupy’ terrorists are doing the same thing here. They would like to start a new American civil war. They already have tried it on a small scale by assaulting the police repeatedly. And don’t think that they are not gearing up for more this year.

Much more…

Look at what happened one year ago in Wisconsin. Leftists and union organizers did hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the state capitol building and grounds just because Republicans changed the collective bargaining law.

But only Democrats and union goons and socialist radicals are allowed to cause so much destruction over a simple and legal change in the law without being held to account by their media allies. There has been zero media outrage over the damage.

Meanwhile those same media go to Tea Party rallies looking for one dropped candy wrapper in order to tag the Tea Parties as violent and law-breaking.

No, friends, the lawless ones are and always have been and always will be 99% on the political left. Yes, indeed, they are the 99%.

And what do these destroyers think they are going to achieve by calling strikes and destroying businesses like they are doing in Greece and like they did in Oakland, California?

Well, we know one thing – they are NOT seeking to help solve the problem by promoting economic growth and stability and self-sufficiency and fiscal restraint but are trying to foment violence in order to destroy the economy so that extremist factions can take over, which is what they would like to do in Greece.

Because remember that ‘occupiers’ and communists are lazy, ignorant and violent people who build nothing. They do not work for a living. They seek to live off of the government and off of the toil of others but cloak themselves in the rhetoric of “the working man”.

And they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of dominance and a utopian freeloader life for themselves. And that is what they wish to do in Greece. And what may be coming to America soon if James Carville has his way.

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