Abortion Flare-Up Exposes Malicious Left

It’s just amazing to listen to people on the political left in the wake of the ObamaCare demand, now withdrawn in its original form, that would have forced many Catholic institutions to provide abortion and birth control coverage in their health plans.

Liberals are anti-life to the core. For instance, they want unfettered access to abortion. And after saying for decades that a new fetus is just a tiny mass of tissue, they have segued seamlessly into ‘birth murder’, the process in which abortionists kill babies literally at the point of birth.

What kind of people support this gruesome killing of the most innocent among us? And what kind of people would perform it?

Angry, hateful people, that’s who. Feminists, that’s who. The most callous people in America. And then they act like they are for “women’s rights”.


The socialist agenda is dark. They want to euthanize old people. They have ruined the nuclear family and replaced it with a dog-pack culture that has caused millions to descend into irrationality and even insanity with no structure to guide their lives.

TV productions like Jerry Springer show people at their worst – fighting, cursing, brawling. Springer is a huge liberal, by the way. He once was the Democrat mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. And he made his millions like many liberals do; by undermining decency.

Violence, murder, illegitimacy and mayhem are out of control in the inner cities that Democrats control. Ignorance and greed thrive among the idiot classes – many feeding at the government trough and nurtured by a Springer ethos – who live in nihilism, narcissism, stupidity and sloth.

Yes, this is what liberals and the feminist left have created for America.

And then they tell us how much they love “the common man”.

What rubbish. They wish to weaken and destroy our society so as to control us with their all-powerful government. Go to any communist nation and the society is confused and powerless and materially and intellectually destitute while the elites steal everything in sight.

And this is precisely what feminism is about, with the ones at the top like Hillary Clinton and Pelosi getting all the privileges and money and power while the “common woman” is told to be thankful for her “right to choose”. As she struggles fruitlessly to raise her children alone because feminism told her that a husband was not essential and that her children did not need a father.

Indeed they won’t even call it “right to an abortion”. Because they are master manipulators in every word they say.

We have seen this all before in the 1960s. The same leftists told the ‘hippies’ to take drugs and have as much sex as they wanted, and not to listen to their priests or their parents or to morality. And millions of lives were destroyed that way. Meanwhile today their “women’s rights” crusade does the exact same thing. It is holding women down by confounding and undermining them by erasing any boundaries on behavior.

So today, it’s this: “Go and have sex! Use contraception! And if that doesn’t work, have an abortion! Everything will be fine in the end!”

Look at Obama’s shot at the Catholic church, with his abortion/birth control regs. He wanted to put a stick in the eye of Catholic doctrine, to weaken the church even more than liberalism already has.

And of course the feminist left went nuts when the backlash came, claiming that the church and that conservatives are waging a “war on women” and a “war on birth control” and a “war on abortion”.

No mention is made by these feminists about the “wars” that they are waging against women – about the epidemic of depression among women who have had abortions. Or that sexual promiscuity spreads bottomless emotional harm among women who are exploited and betrayed. Or about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Yet when that link is shown, they claim that that cannot possibly be true and their media friends squelch it.

But don’t you think that when the woman’s body starts on a completely natural and uplifting and essential process of childbirth and then has that process interrupted abruptly and brutally and mechanically by abortion that that is going to be a shock to her body that could easily be manifested in other ways like breast cancer? That abortion is hardly the harmless procedure that feminists make it out to be?

Of course. Any rational person would see this just on the surface of it. Abortion is a brutal act. Which is why feminists love it. Because feminists are brutal people.

And rest assured that women are actually encouraged to have abortions so that they become ‘inoculated’ on the issue, i.e., once they have an abortion they cannot speak out against it or they risk exposing the real damage that it has done to them. It’s actually part of what’s called Stockholm Syndrome, where the hostage begins to agree with her captors and her tormentors. And it is utterly tragic for women who have been duped and harmed beyond measure.

Meanwhile the feminists tell us that every woman must have access to contraception. But in the big picture contraception has wildly increased sexual promiscuity. And that promiscuity spreads not only deep emotional harm among women who are exploited or betrayed, but it spreads vicious sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) at epidemic rates. Which feminists ignore like they ignore breast cancer when it is linked to abortion.

Indeed what about the epidemic of gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, herpes and all the other STDs that are running rampant in our promiscuous culture? How about hepatitis and AIDS and other ruinous diseases. Why are they never, ever discussed out loud in our media or among our “health care professionals” as those same people obsess about cigarettes and obesity and sugar in the soda?

Answer: Because these are diseases of the promiscuous left. These are diseases spread by the sexual license that the left promotes in order to anesthetize people with a promise of unlimited pleasure in order to make them forget about their real responsibilities and about the genuine hard-won joys in life.

Indeed to many on the left life is about pleasure and sex and sloth and abortion and drugs and corruption and living off the government. Or killing inconvenient things like your fetus child as he/she is on the verge of being born healthy.

No, friends, life is really about… “life”. And about finding joys in the simple but challenging things like playing by the rules, working hard, accepting personal responsibility, believing in a Supreme God and taking a positive view in a world that often seems dark.

But to the feminist left, we conservatives who demand personal responsibility and sexual restraint are waging a “war on abortion” and a “war on birth control” and a “war on women”.

No, we are waging a war on narcissism and barbarism and heartlessness, all characteristics of the angry left and its feminist adherents. And ultimately we will win. Because we believe in life.

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