Romney Backhandedly Right about 'the Poor'

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said recently that he’s “not concerned about the very poor” because they have an “ample safety net”.  Romney said that he is focused instead on helping middle-class people who are being hurt by the Obama depression.

It was a somewhat clumsy statement but Romney really was saying something valuable. And of course the media and Democrats went koo-koo over his statement. How dare he say he is not concerned about ‘the poor’! they said in unison. We all must be completely obsessed with ‘the poor’!

Libs say this is order to enrich the welfare state that they control. They have been shoving this mantra down our throats for 50 years…. the poor, the poor, the homeless, the poor… This is to empower liberalism while they are actually destroying ‘the poor’ with dependency and, in the long run, creating more poor people by subsidizing them.

Because what this recession has pointed out is that many of these long-term ‘poor’ – who are disproportionately black – have had everything handed to them by the Democrats for decades now. And this has intentionally destroyed these people and their initiative and their ability and will to improve themselves, allowing the Democrats to control and manipulate them in exchange for votes. It is shameful.

At the same time many millions of self-supporting people have seen their incomes cut dramatically or eliminated. These are the people whom Romney is concerned about. And he is right to be concerned about them first and foremost.

These self-reliant people would never run to the government unless it was a last resort. Yet millions of these chronically ‘poor’ go running to the government as a first resort. And they go shamelessly back time and time again, like the single mothers who have child after child even when they rely on the taxpayer for the first one.

Said Romney: “We have a very ample safety net and we can talk about whether it needs to be strengthened or whether there are holes in it. But we have food stamps, we have Medicaid, we have housing vouchers, we have programs to help the poor. But the middle-income Americans, they’re the folks that are really struggling right now.”

Still the Democrats go nuts over any suggestion of reform. Remember when welfare reform was passed and the Democrats said the sky would fall? Yet facts showed that millions of people actually changed their habits for the better once the handouts were curbed.

A statistic recently was published that the richest 1% of New York city residents pay 43% of the city’s taxes(!) and that 1.3 million people pay zero New York taxes.

Yet what is the running commentary of the Democrat left in America?

It is hatred of “the rich” and never that many ‘poor people’ are selfish and stupid and are contributing nothing to our economy or our tax base; that “rich people” don’t pay enough and that we need to give more and more and more to “the poor”.

This is hogwash. And you can rest assured that among the 1.3 million who pay zero in New York taxes that many already collect vast amounts of income from the government. In other words they produce nothing and take everything. They truly are the ‘takers’ in our society.

Here is a test: Go into one of these chronically poor neighborhoods and ask questions like “Did you graduate from high school?” and “Did you get good grades?” and “What was the last job you had?” and “Have you ever worked long hours in order to get ahead economically?” and “What special education, skills or training to do you have?” and “What special efforts are you making to better yourself?”

You are going to get a blank stare from many of these people. Because they have no ambition, education or skills. And they have never been asked such intrusive questions before. After all, they are ‘poor’. And that is never questioned in America.

It should be, however. Because the party’s over.

Don’t you just wish that one of those nosy ABC/NBC/CBS reporters like Chelsea Clinton would go out and find a few freeloaders and point out how much they really are getting for free from the taxpayers? Don’t you wish Chelsea would show their ample apartments and their flat-screen TVs and their idle lifestyle?

No, you will not see that. Because then Americans would see the truth. Because Americans are kept in the dark about these ‘poor people’ year after year.

Just look around, however, and you will see them sitting around drinking soda on a park bench, smoking cigarettes, talking on their taxpayer-provided cell phones, eating potato chips and sandwiches and slurping iced coffee from the deli and riding on their taxpayer-funded scooters. Many now have pets. They get free medical care. They get food stamps. Their children often have new clothes as they often do. And many live in perfectly good apartments with cable TV and air conditioning, with the heat turned up all winter. Because they are not paying a penny for any of it. The actual statistics about what these people have are shocking.

Meanwhile many working people cannot afford cable TV or air conditioning or to have the heat turned up all winter.

Fact is that many of these chronically poor and dependent people live like the middle class does while they don’t have any of the cares or worries of the middle class. They have every need taken care of by the welfare state. What a scam…

These people are perfectly comfortable on the government dole and know how to game the system. And who could blame them? The Democrats have given them a golden hammock to lie in.

I say: “So what if these people are poor. Many of them deserve to be poor.” Yet the longer they are poor, the less they know about working or the less they care about working.

And I am not talking about working people who are poor or working people whom Obama has devastated with his policies and made poor. Or rural Americans who have seen their livelihoods destroyed by Obama’s environmentalist friends.

No, I am talking about the many, many millions of chronic, long-term freeloader, non-working poor, i.e., the permanent underclass nurtured by the Democrats.

And of course I am accused of being a heartless conservative for saying all this.

Baloney. The Scrooges in America today are in the Democrat party and they are giving away the hard-earned wealth of productive American taxpayers to their slothful clients in the welfare state. They are hurting everyone else in America with taxes and terrible Democrat policies while their ‘poor’ friends have everything that they could ever want. It is a sham.

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