Thank God for... Global Warming?

It sure has been a great winter. After many harsh ones we finally got a warm one – nice temperatures and little snowfall.

Heating bills are low, plowing costs are almost zero which is aiding city and town budgets, and people generally are suffering much less hardship than usual (slipping on the ice etc.)

Of course we should be expecting the ‘global warming’ (GW) nuts to be going, well, nuts… But they have been strangely silent. Why?

Answer: Because the minute they open their big mouths something happens to make them look stupid. Like the time Al Gore gave one of his ‘warming’ speeches in New York City on the coldest day of the decade.

Oh, you could hear the guffaws from coast to coast. Imagine how Gore felt deep inside. If there indeed is a soul inside him. Which is doubtful. He is one scary dude.

At the height of ‘warming’ hysteria right after Gore won his Nobel Prize GW was on the lips of everyone. But a funny thing then happened as if God were out to embarrass Fat Al: World temperatures started plummeting. Here in the US it was snow in Phoenix and freezes in Florida.

So the zealots just can’t win. And that is why they changed the name of their crisis to ‘climate change’. So that anything that happens falls under their alarmist umbrella. If it gets cold, it’s ‘climate change’. If it gets hot, it’s ‘climate change’. If it is rainy, it’s ‘climate change’. And on and on.

In January 2007 up here in New England we had several weeks of very warm weather.  So the eco-maniacs went berserko. But then April 2007 got very cold. So they concocted a fantastic script that the seasons were being pushed forward and were being confused by ‘global warming’.

Never mind that it might just be “the weather” like any old farmer could tell you.

You know, an old farmer who goes to work every day rather than dreaming up apocalyptic scenarios about the planet at some environmental think tank.

In fact now that they are calling it ‘climate change’ the GW fraudsters are in effect agreeing with us common-sense conservatives. Because we have always said that there is no pattern to the weather or the climate. That it… changes…

Remember when Gore testified before the US Senate that “the planet has a fever” and that “if your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor”?

Yes, what a manipulator.

Because a child has a known baseline temperature of 98.6 degrees against which to measure its fever. But planet earth has no baseline temperature against which to measure warming or cooling. Yet Gore’s blatant deception passed under the radar. It shouldn’t have. This guy should be exposed at every turn.

Consider this: Warm weather is actually beneficial for mankind. Wouldn’t you rather live in a warm place than in a place that is frigid all the time? Which would be easier to survive in?

Obviously the warm place. Which is why so many Americans are moving South. And why people have generally avoided the very coldest regions of the world. It is common sense.

In fact during the Medieval warm period, which was 400 years of really hot weather from about 900 AD to 1300 AD that was much hotter than today, the European peasants thrived and even grew taller.

Then when the climate shifted quickly into the mini-Ice Age that lasted until roughly 1850 AD, people suffered and even the Thames River in London froze over repeatedly.

But no more. Because the climate has changed. Again.

Here’s another observation: Gore and his cronies were warning us over and over that the coastal cities were going to be submerged under the rising seas when all the world’s ice melted. And he showed us his maps with Miami and New York and Baltimore under water.

So where is the sea level rise today? I sure haven’t seen it. Have you?

No. And wouldn’t you expect all those billionaire urban environmentalists like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be supervising the construction of walls around their cities to prevent them from being submerged in the coming flood?

Yes you would. But they have built no walls.  Because they all know that this stuff is bunk.

Meanwhile Time magazine had a cover story in June 1974 about ‘How to Survive the Coming Ice Age: 51 Things You Can Do To Make a Difference’

Yessir… the very same alarmists were predicting a New Ice Age just a few decades ago. And you should see the documentary from the 1970s hosted by Leonard Nimoy about the centuries of freezing that were soon certain to arrive. It is hilarious relative to what we are hearing today about ‘warming’.

Except that we seem to be in another cooling trend right now. Except for this winter…

Boy, this is getting confusing.

Here are just a few headlines from The New York Times to tip you off to the nonsensical nature of ‘global warming’ hysteria:

In 1895, a headline read: Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again

In 1933: America in Longest Warm Spell since 1776. Temperature Line Records a 25-year Rise

In 1952: An article stated that the “trump card of global warming“ has been “the melting glaciers”.

In 1975, when ‘global cooling’ was in vogue: Climate Change Endangers World’s Food Output

Washington Post in 1923: Scientists Say Arctic Ice Will Wipe Out Canada

Enough said… Enjoy your winter. May we have many more like it. But it still could get cold. Remember… the weather and the climate are always changing.

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