Socialist Blowhards Convene in Swiss Luxury

If you want to see the contrast between an arrogant, clueless socialist elite and the people of the world who actually go to work every day, look no further than this article, Davos elites to seek reforms of ‘outdated’ capitalism, from Breitbart.com.

‘”We have a general morality gap, we are over-leveraged, we have neglected to invest in the future, we have undermined social coherence, and we are in danger of completely losing the confidence of future generations,” said Klaus Schwab, host and founder of the annual World Economic Forum (held annually in Davos, Switzerland). “Solving problems in the context of outdated and crumbling models will only dig us deeper into the hole. We are in an era of profound change that urgently requires new ways of thinking instead of more business-as-usual.” Schwab added that “capitalism in its current form, has no place in the world around us.”’

So what is Davos?

It might be called The Annual Blowhard Festival of Economics, where, according to Breitbart, ‘Some 1,600 economic and political leaders, including 40 heads of states and governments, will be asked to come up with new ideas as they converge at eastern Switzerland’s chic ski station for the 42nd edition of the five-day World Economic Forum’ held in late January.

Yes, just what we need… ‘1,600 economic and political leaders’, the same people who created this economic mess.

How about 1,600 businessmen and businesswomen from all over the world? You know, people who actually create jobs and wealth?

Oh, no. We need to listen to these insufferable actors like US senator John Kerry, who married into a fortune, who has never created one single penny of wealth in his lifetime but who is uber-critical of our capitalist wealth creation system. Or left-wing Bill Clinton who is reported to have earned tens of millions of dollars giving speeches in the last ten years… you know, money only for himself, not for others in the way that capitalist Henry Ford created cars for the masses and hundreds of thousands of jobs making them.

And look at where these clowns are meeting – in the heart of Europe, which has been a socialistic bastion for centuries, which has practiced rabid nanny-state politics for the last 50 years and which is in many places in a state of total collapse.

Wasn’t socialism supposed to create utopia?

Yes. In theory, it always does. But in reality it creates hell.

Meanwhile the current American crisis was set off by the “subprime crisis” in which the government (i.e., state socialism) forced banks to loan trillions to poor people to buy houses, people who couldn’t and didn’t pay it back. Now massive American indebtedness, caused by reckless government spending over many decades and particularly under Obama, is preventing any kind of economic rebound.

Meanwhile China and India are rising as our Western economies sink. Because in the last 20 years those two nations have adopted free-market capitalism after socialism and communism strangled their economies for decades. And now they are laughing at the West for doing what they did for years.

Now just look at where these elites hold their Blowhard Economic Festival – in one of the most posh resorts in the whole world, Davos, Switzerland. This is classic arrogance, looking down their noses at the rest of the world just like American academics look down their noses at the rest of the nation from their price-gouging university ramparts as they live in comfort and economic security.

This is so much of the same baloney. What the world needs to do is to expose these Davos hogs for their corruption, selfishness, greed and incompetence.

No, Mr. Klaus Schwab, it is YOU who is outmoded. It is YOUR way of thinking that has ruined the world. It is YOUR wealthy champagne-sipping elitism that is causing the world’s people to fall into hopelessness.

Indeed, it is YOUR nanny-state policies, like retiring after 30 years of work and taking the whole month of August for vacation and working 35 hours a week maximum, that are unsustainable. Or how about tens of millions of deadwood government employees worldwide who barely work at all, but instead are involved in featherbedding and economic corruption sanctioned by the political left.

And then you elites tell us hard-working people of the world that we need to reform??! What utter rubbish. These Davos fakers should be out scrubbing bathrooms so that they can learn what real work is.

So who is Klaus Schwab?

His profile explains it all. He is a do-nothing academic and a United Nations shill. He has never created a single penny of wealth in his life. He only has created “foundations” and “non-profit organizations” and sucked the academic boob his whole life. Wikipedia.org reports:

‘Klaus Martin Schwab (born March 30, 1938) is a German economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. His wife and former secretary, Hilde, co-founded the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurshipwith him. He was born in 1938, in Ravensburg Germany.

In 1971, Schwab founded the World Economic Forum as a not-for-profit foundation committed to improving the state of the world, later building it into today’s global partnership of business, political, and intellectual leaders.

In 1998 Schwab and his wife founded the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2004, Schwab created a new foundation using the US$ 1 million prize money from the Dan David Prize he received that year. The Forum of Young Global Leaders aims to bring together over 500 people under 40 from all walks of life who have demonstrated their commitment to improving the state of the world, and encourage them to work together over the span of five years to identify and realize global change.

Dr. Schwab holds a Doctorate in Economics (summa cum laude) from the University of Fribourg, a Doctorate in Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a Master of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Additionally, he has been the recipient of seven honorary doctorates and is an honorary professor of the Ben-Gurion University of Israel and the China Foreign Affairs University.

Schwab was Professor of Business Policy at the University of Geneva from 1972 to 2002.  He is the author of several books. Since 1979 he has published the Global Competitiveness Report, an annual report assessing the potential for increasing productivity and economic growth of countries around the world, written by a team of economists. The report is based on a methodology developed by Schwab, measuring competitiveness not only in terms of productivity but also based on sustainability criteria.

From 1993-1995, Schwab was a member of the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development.From 1996-1998, he was Vice-Chairman of the UN Committee for Development Planning.  He also exercised a number of functions in the global public interest, such as being a member of The Peres Centre for Peace and a member of the board of the Lucerne Festival. During the earlier years of his career, he was on a number of company boards, such as The Swatch Group, The Daily Mail Group, and Vontobel Holding.’

What a con man this guy is. Notice again – never one single penny of wealth creation in his entire resume. Yet here he is writing reports and telling the world we need to abandon capitalism, the only system that actually creates wealth in the first place.

The average small-town welder in Iowa does more for the global economy than this charlatan does.

Look at what else Breitbart.com reported:

‘But anti-capitalist demonstrators are planning to make their presence felt. The Occupy (World Economic Forum) protestors have built igloos in the middle of the (Davos) village perched 1,500 metres above sea level and are planning a protest against those they call “self-proclaimed elites.” ‘

Yes, indeed, for once the ‘occupiers’ are correct – these Davos attendees are “self-proclaimed elites”. They are overwhelmingly left-wing socialist political/academic hacks, the same people whom ‘occupiers’ think should be running everything, the same elites who have ruined the world with massive debt and unbridled government interventions in the global economy.

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