Keystone Cop in the White House

The Obama administration has stopped the Keystone XL pipeline for now. This is to appease his radical environmental supporters. The pipeline’s builder TransCanada is expected to apply again to build the pipe, possibly on a different route.

Meanwhile Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper has warned that Canada may sell the oil to China if the pipeline to US refineries is permanently blocked.

So… so much for Obama’s oft-touted “energy independence” from foreign sources. This is another Obama nail in the American economic coffin.

Keystone is designed to carry crude oil from sources in Alberta, Canada through the American Midwest to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

There are several reasons that the pipeline is being opposed by the enviro left:

*First Democrat liberals oppose the involvement of the conservative billionaire Koch Brothers in the Keystone project. Because the Koch Brothers have been involved in the petroleum industry for decades; that is where their fortune came from. But liberals hate them because of their conservatism and because of their involvement with petroleum.

That is one of the reasons liberals hate Sarah Palin. Because she used her political muscle to push through a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Lower 48 through Canada that had been stalled for three decades. Environmentalists also still are enraged over the construction of the Alaska pipeline, which first started carrying crude oil in 1977.

*Meanwhile, on the enviro side of the Keystone issue, the ecologists are opposed to the Canadian ‘oil sands’ that are the source of the oil; and they are claiming that the pipeline will rupture or blow up or leak toxic oil onto the ground and into the massive Ogalalla water aquifer that is situated beneath the Midwest.

This is all nonsense. ‘Oil sands’ are oil mixed in sand, not pumped out of underground reservoirs. Canada is reported to have a 1 trillion barrel supply. One trillion barrels is the equivalent of all the oil that the world has used in the last 150 years.

Environmentalists are claiming that ‘oil sands’ are dirty and environmentally unsound. Yet this is what they say about every single carbon source (oil, coal, natural gas) on earth. If we listen to them, we will have no energy whatsoever.

Regarding the potential rupture of the pipeline, America already is criss-crossed by tens of thousands of miles of pipelines. They operate perfectly well and are 99.9% safe because only God is perfect. And the Keystone line will be built with the latest technology, which will make it even better and safer than earlier lines.

Meanwhile the agricultural Midwest already is showered in millions of gallons of pesticides and herbicides and chemical fertilizers every year and dotted by thousands of fuel tanks, and there doesn’t seem to be much outrage about all that harming the aquifer. Because the ‘rupture’ argument is phony.

This Keystone project would create tens of thousands of jobs, an example of a real ‘shovel-ready’ project that will put people to work immediately. It will not be one of these fake ‘green jobs’ projects with the government subsidizing it every step and creating only government jobs for inefficient energy.

So what are the enviros really up to?

They are seeking to strangle our petroleum supplies and make traditional energy artificially expensive so that solar/wind don’t seem so expensive in comparison. Because the relatively low and stable price of carbon fuels is what is preventing solar and wind from becoming economically viable.

That is why enviros are seeking to shut down every single oil/coal/natural gas project that they possibly can. It is an attack on our economy. Because many of these people are radical, left-wing anti-growth activists who hate America. Period. End of story.

Meanwhile Obama wants these fake ’green jobs’ because under socialism more and more people work for the government or are reliant on government. It is estimated that the American workforce employed by government today on the federal, state and local level is 30% bigger than it needs to be (with 22.5 million people) by an estimated 5 million people compared to the population just 50 years ago. And more and more people are going to work for government every day in relation to private-sector job growth.

So as they fight the Keystone pipeline, the enviros are pushing more and more inefficient and ineffective windmills and solar panels to create more wealth for the left – from government handouts – and less energy and higher prices for everyone else.

There’s only one problem; ‘green energy’ does not work. Only petroleum and coal and natural gas and nuclear power can provide our energy sources.

Here is a test: Next Thanksgiving, one person should cook the turkey in the oven in the kitchen and the environmentalist should try to cook it in the most efficient solar oven available in the back yard using the sun’s rays. Then see who gets to eat dinner in a normal way.

You get the point.

We need to stop this ‘green energy’ sham and get serious about our future energy supply. We have dithered for decades.  We have built no new refineries or nuclear plants in 30 years, yet windmills are sprouting all over.

This is bogus. Wind energy is only about one-third as efficient as nuclear and coal or oil.

And if you think this is no big deal, try living on one-third the energy you use today. Instead of putting 21 gallons in your tank try getting along on 7. Or put solar panels on your house without a government subsidy ($30,000 for the average home solar installation, versus $1,000 per year average for electricity from your utility.)

Environmentalists manipulate every fact for themselves. In a recent interview on the Sean Hannity radio show, the washed-up Follywood celebrity and Keystone opponent Darryl Hannah said something like “enough solar energy falls on the earth every day to power man’s needs one hundred times over”. This is the type of sophistry that you can read in any enviro pamphlet. And it very well may be true.

Only problem is that nobody has figured out how to efficiently harness that very diffuse solar power.

Because the systems that man has developed cannot do it. And they never will be efficient; everything has been tried. Which is why we must stop subsidizing solar and wind and wasting our precious wealth on ‘green energy’ and get back to those energy sources that we really need to progress – oil, coal, natural gas and above all, nuclear power. And the Keystone pipeline.

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