Perry Out, Gingrich Roars

For those of us who were in the room last August at the RedState gathering in Charleston, South Carolina to see Texas governor Rick Perry announce his intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination, Perry’s withdrawal from the race is a sad event.

Rick Perry easily could be a great president of the United States. He is bold, strong, patriotic, smart and obviously has good policies because Texas is thriving relative to the rest of the nation.

And the fact that he was inordinately harmed by one verbal debate slip-up, about the three federal agencies that he would eliminate as president, surely would never put a Democrat out of contention. After all Obama campaigned in “57 states”, did he not?

Perry is the leader of a state with some of the best economic growth stats in the country. Meanwhile Obama’s Illinois is sinking like a stone and is deeply in debt, Andrew Cuomo’s New York state is bleeding jobs and people while left-wing California is in slow and sure decline.

Don’t count Perry out in the future however. He is still a young man in political terms. And he certainly learned a lot in this effort that will make him a better candidate down the road.

Meanwhile the media assaults continue on the Republican field. Mitt Romney was singled out this past week for his tax rate, for his investments, for his success. Meanwhile any alternative to Obama would be an improvement. Romney would be superior to Obama in his sleep.

This strategy to tarnish any and all opposition to the hard-left Democrat agenda is the abhorrent American Media Left seeking to push our nation into slow decay as socialism always does, something that we conservatives have always predicted would happen with a potemkin president like Obama and a compliant media and Congress.

After the media hit on Herman Cain we again saw the template – destroy, destroy, destroy. Forget about the truth. This is our dishonest two-faced news hounds at work. This is the 1960s all grown up: Tell any lie as long as it advances you and your left-wing cause because you are so eternally wise.

By the way, where are Herman Cain’s accusers today? Because they seem to have disappeared just as honest people could have predicted.

The media had a Gingrich strategy this week since Newt was surging again into the lead in four separate polls – weaken Romney with their attacks on his success and then, after Gingrich won the South Carolina primary, drop the bomb on Newt this coming Monday with the video of his ex-wife charging that Newt wanted an open marriage.

This is a very disturbing revelation. And unfortunately it does comport somewhat with the image that we have of Gingrich – don’t forget that this is his third marriage and that, as a 19 year old, that he married his 26-year-old former algebra teacher.

But opening the CNN debate, Newt was not taking the charge lying down and was bold by calling the airing of the charge “as close to despicable as anything I can imagine” and (to CNN moderator John King) that “you and your staff chose to start the debate with it” and that “the story is false” and then Newt probably had every Republican in America cheering with “I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans…”

This is the kind of tough language that Republicans are using this year after decades of playing defense against the Media Left. And if Gingrich continues with it, he could very well be the nominee. Because the anti-Obama sentiment is also an anti-media sentiment.

But a denial is not an acquittal. And thus Gingrich now is caught in a “he said, she said” episode and the air may never be clear, allowing the issue to fester. And rest assured that millions of women who might have reluctantly voted Republican are now suspicious of Newt and his third wife whom they now see as a snake. The issue will remain unless the ex-Mrs. Gingrich recants it.

Before the Mrs. Gingrich tape, Newt was shown leading in South Carolina. That is why ABC did not want the tape to come out until Monday – to let Gingrich win on Saturday and then plunge him into controversy and chaos, along with the GOP nomination process.

But Drudge blew the caper wide open on Thursday and so the story is now out. Whether it hurts Newt in South Carolina is to be seen. But the ex-wife’s comments indeed are devastating and they add to Gingrich’s questionable image.

Meanwhile the media attacks on Romney are non-stop – that his success is a bad thing, that he too rich, that he didn’t pay enough in taxes. Expect this to continue. The attacks on senator Santorum have been somewhat muted, but expect them to ramp if Santorum rises again.

What are we to make of all this?

It is just business as usual in the corrupt Media Left. They are using the radical Saul Alinsky playbook – pick your target, isolate the target, destroy the target. Use every dirty trick in the book.

And what does Alinsky recommend that the media do for Obama?

Glorify him. Ignore his gaffes, his mistakes, the terrible economy, his incompetence, his wife’s utter arrogance.

Ultimately, however, the Democrats are desperate. They know the score – that Obama is slipping away and that Americans are angry. And so expect the worst as they seek to keep him in office.

Therefore we conservatives must choose our nominee carefully. Newt has already been hurt by his erratic behavior and his checkered past. This new revelation is going to harm him in a general election if he is the nominee, despite his denial. The anti-Newt ads will be everywhere and his denial will be ignored.

So we conservatives must get beyond Gingrich’s credentials and his intelligence and look at the whole man just as we must do with all the candidates. This election is too crucial for any other approach.