Newt is Bold in Racial Debate

In the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on January 16, Newt Gingrich took on a racial debate with tough language.

Here is a summary of the exchange between journalist Juan Williams, who is black, and Gingrich:

After Gingrich said recently that millions of poor black children have no good role models, the American Race Machine (black America, Democrats, the Media Left, Sharpton etc.) took umbrage.

Yet Newt was right. What are the role models in much of black America today?

Answer: Nobody. Nothing. The role models are often drug dealers, poor single mothers, runaway fathers, criminals, thieves and thugs.

But in the American Race Machine tradition, in which every single issue is seen through the prism of a deprived, discriminated-against black America, Williams went on the attack saying to Newt: “Can’t you see this is viewed, at a minimum, as insulting to all Americans, but as particularly to black Americans?”

Williams said this because most of black America – the 95% that votes Democrat and that is turning the Democrat party into a black party – cannot stop talking about race, no matter the reality. Did you ever notice how many black media figures talk only about one thing when they get on TV, the radio, the internet etc. – about being black and about black issues? Just watch the next interview or commentary that you see.

Which is why so much of black America is in the sad state that it is in. Because if you cannot stop talking about your grievances or your failures or yourself long enough to look outside yourself and to seek to better yourself, then you are going to stay angry and poor like so much of black America.

“No, I don’t see that,” Gingrich said to Williams about his comment being insulting.

Good for Gingrich. This is the type of courageous language that we conservatives need to speak every day. Because we are fed up seeing our tax dollars going down the racial drain and seeing nothing in return.

“Only the elites despise earning money,” said Gingrich, referring to the political elite of the Democrat party which seeks to keep black Americans dependent on the government dole rather than working to make themselves self-reliant.

Williams replied: “My Twitter account has been inundated with people of all races asking if your comments are not intended to belittle (the poor and racial minorities)…”

Why did his Twitter account explode? And why did the Republican debate audience boo Williams for this comment?

Because tens of millions of Americans on both political sides see much of black America as incompetent and incapable, but for opposite reasons. Democrats are exploiting black failure to keep blacks down and under their control. Many white Americans and conservatives, on the other hand, see this Democrat ploy and are angered by it. And they are angry at black Americans not for who they are, but for who the Democrat party has turned them into.

Williams then said that when Gingrich calls Obama a “food stamp president” that it is an unfavorable racial stereotype. This is an example of another black media figure obsessively making every sentence and thought into a racial issue.

But to audience cheers and applause Gingrich replied: “First of all, Juan, the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps under Barack Obama than any other president in history.”

Gingrich then said that he believes Americans have a right to “pursue happiness” and “…I will continue to find ways to help poor people find a job, get a job, and learn someday to own the job.”

This is conservative individualism writ large, but it is frightening language to Democrats. Because they want blacks dependent and kept under the Democrats’ thumb with their government handouts being perceived as the only route out of subsistence poverty.

But black America is never going to turn around until fundamental changes are made in the way blacks live their lives and perceive themselves negatively under the iron hand of the Democrat party.

The Media Left were unrelenting on Gingrich. NPR also reported on its website that ‘the shorthand former House Speaker Newt Gingrich uses, calling the nation’s first black president the “food stamp president,” is raising questions.’

In other words, NPR is using the American Race Machine playbook, saying that whenever anyone raises a legitimate challenge to the Democrats’ control of black America or to failed Democrat policies that it is “shorthand” or “code language” or “racist”. And we conservatives are all supposed to run away in fear of any debate.

But those days of running away are over. And this is why the Democrats are terrified of someone like Gingrich.  Because he is saying aloud what millions of white Americans have been saying behind closed doors for decades, including many liberals, rest assured.

Look at how NPR summarized Gingrich’s statement:

‘South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, who is black, says it is no longer the “welfare queen,” a line oft-touted by Ronald Reagan, but “king of the food stamps.”… “I guess a lot of people see it as, if Ronald Reagan can do it and be so lionized by conservatives, then I ought to be able to do it,” says Clyburn, the third ranking Democrat in the House. Clyburn says it’s an old strategy: candidates using race as a wedge to get votes.’

Oh, really?! Using racial issues as a wedge to divide the nation?! Because that is precisely what the Democrats have done for decades. That in fact is how Obama won the presidency. America was essentially dared not to vote for its First Black President despite his inexperience and his questionable past.

And look at what else Clyburn said: “That is something they have been told will work to connect the president as being a black-oriented president, taking away from somebody else to give to black people.”

Yes. Precisely, congressman Clyburn, you are the first Democrat in 50 years to actually admit the problem. This is exactly what tens of millions of hard-working, taxpaying white people think, that the Democrats indeed are taking away their wealth and giving it to black people and creating a slothful, dependent culture that votes Democrat in return.

Meanwhile we conservatives have been saying for 50 years that this relentless redistribution is not only wrong and counterproductive but that there is a solution and that is to fundamentally alter the culture of black America – stigmatize illegitimacy, support marriage, open the churches, open charter schools, shutter the failed public schools, promote civility, encourage a work ethic, encourage cooperation with police, stop the violent rap music, change the outlook to one of optimism and stop looking down your Democrat noses at black Americans and allow them to care for themselves. Because indeed they can if only the Democrats will allow them to.

But Democrats will never let go of black America. Because the worse off black America is, the more Democrats benefit by appearing like the savior.

Look at what else NPR sneaked into its story (note statement italicized for emphasis):

 ‘That depends on the perception that African-Americans benefit disproportionately from the food stamp program, even though blacks are not the majority of food stamp recipients.’

This is another media subterfuge. Because blacks are not technically ‘the majority of food stamp recipients’ because blacks are only 12% of the population. But blacks have the highest RATE of food stamp dependency by far. Which is not significant to the Media Left when they can skew the argument with journalistic sleights of hand.