Who is Barack Obama?

After the Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 people on an army base at Ford Hood, Texas on November 5, 2009, Barack Obama offered a brief public statement about the killings.

But Obama first spent two-and-a-half minutes of that statement talking casually about other issues like Indian tribal business before he even addressed the Fort Hood tragedy. As if Fort Hood were an afterthought.

This was intentional, as if to insult us, as if to act like Ford Hood was no big deal. This was intended to anger and demoralize patriotic Americans.

Now we know that Barack Obama has played golf 88 times since he assumed the presidency.

What do these two stories have in common – the golf and the Fort Hood press statement?

They reveal who Barack Obama really is. And they prove that he is a radical leftist, protected by the media, who will say and do whatever he can to undermine and insult and dispirit America slowly and incrementally, that he is an arrogant, disconnected leader who acts like he is better than America.

He is not. Obama indeed is the least among us. Obama represents nothing and he knows it. And only a small, insecure leader would act as if he is bigger than we are. This is Psychology 101. Obama has a massive chip on his shoulder and is using the power of the presidency to taunt us all.

A good person would never stoop to such arrogance. A good leader would respect our nation and act humbly like Ronald Reagan did. At least George W. Bush gave up golf after the Iraq war started, so as not to appear aloof.

Obama is a person of no record and thus of a diminished sense of self. What were his actual achievements before assuming the presidency?

Let’s see… he was a child abandoned by both his biological father and his stepfather; his mother was a vagabond and a radical who sent him away to live with his grandparents, effectively abandoning him; he was an affirmative-action college student advanced by government/academia favoritism; he was an affirmative-action choice to be editor of the Harvard Law Review; he was a college professor of no record that we can find out about; he was a community organizer, a state senator and a US senator.

And now we have an affirmative-action president of the type that we conservatives have always warned about, i.e., not chosen for his qualifications but on account of his race.

That is a non-resume. What has he actually created to help America to prosper and become a better nation? What has he actually achieved?

Nothing and nothing. He just accumulated the power that was given to him on account of his race. He even voted “present” 130 times in the Illinois legislature to avoid taking a stand “yes” or “no” on critical issues.

This is the profile of a genuine non-person.

As president Obama has bowed to foreign leaders as if to publicly humiliate America. He has gone overseas to apologize for “arrogant” American actions. Obama has pushed debt spending to astronomical levels as if to purposely anger and punish hard-working Americans who pay the taxes. His attorney general even declined to prosecute black polling-place violators because they are “my people…”

Just imagine such egotism. “My people…”? Is not the attorney general supposed to serve all the people, and not just select groups?

Of course. In a normal administration. But this administration is not normal. This is the most corrupt and extreme presidency in our history.

Michelle Obama pursues similarly zealous behavior, like uncouth and selfish people always do. She takes super-expensive vacations at our time of national distress, and even took a separate jetliner from Washington to Martha’s Vineyard because she wanted to arrive there just a few hours before her husband. Meanwhile he promotes ‘global warming’ alarmism about our allegedly excessive energy use.

This is pure conceit by another very small, insecure and angry person. This is the same Michelle Obama who said that she was never proud of the America that gave to her for free affirmative-action scholarships to Princeton and Harvard.

The Obamas are trivial, greedy and selfish people like all on the political left, who have advanced only by political convenience. They are surrounded by small, greedy, vindictive political schemers who have advanced by the same means. And the mantra of such people and of everyone on the socialist left is “take what you can get while you have the opportunity.” Including free college scholarships.

Because socialism is a system in which you do not “create” wealth, but you simply “take” wealth using the government as your agent.

Listen to this excerpt about free-market capitalism from Obama’s speech on December 6, 2011 at Osawatomie, Kansas:

“It’s a simple theory – one that speaks to our rugged individualism and healthy skepticism of too much government. It fits well on a bumper sticker. Here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible post-war boom of the 50s and 60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade.”

Thus Obama is essentially trashing our history, saying that our nation has never worked, that we have never served as the economic engine of the globe, saved liberty over and over through our military might, provided massive assistance to poor nations, served as a beacon of hope for two centuries of immigrants, or developed and given to the world for free every single technology that powers the global economy today.

No, according to Obama, all those good works, all that prosperity, all that hope, all those computers and satellites and jet airliners and lasers and modern farming methods that feed the world must have been the product of something other than American capitalism and individualism.

This is abhorrent, anti-American thinking and is dead wrong. Our system has worked magnificently. Just ask the tens of millions of immigrants who came here to escape tyranny and poverty and who continue to flood into America every day.

But Obama seems not to think so. And this is one of the most dangerous statements that any American president ever has made. And it reveals Obama for who he really is – an extremist who hates America and its history of freedom and prosperity.

Why does he hate us so?

Because has never created one penny of our prosperity. He is nothing but a social and economic freeloader. He and his wife have been given everything on account of their race. And they know it. Period. End of story.

Indeed Obama is like the klutzy kid who hates the successful baseball player. He is like the jealous no-talent artist who despises the talented one. Yet like any good “taker” Obama is highly opinionated about everything like the welfare recipient who has endless opinions about everything but who contributes nothing.

Do not be afraid to call Obama a marxist or a communist. Because his grandfather was a communist, his mother was a communist, his two fathers were communists, his mentor was a communist. One of his top White House aides Anita Dunn once said that one of the people she admired most in world history is communist Chinese mass murderer Mao Tse Tung, the greatest killer of all time.

This is an extremist administration. And Obama is the worst one of all. He is the head of this venomous America-hating cobra.

Obama was steeped in radicalism during his upbringing. And he is now pushing it onto America. And the results are plain to see. We are slipping into oblivion, which is what always happens under extremist socialism.

America is becoming generally poorer, just as we always have warned that socialism/communism makes nations poor and makes people unhappy while a favored elite like Al Gore and Michael Moore and George Soros gets richer and richer.

For more than 200 years, America was a destination for people who wanted to be free and to prosper by their own hand. Now Obama says that prospering by your own hand does not work. Because he never did it. Neither did his non-achieving mother. Meanwhile his biological father was a degenerate alcoholic who abandoned his son, ran back to Kenya and died in a car crash drunk.

No wonder Obama is such an empty shell. He had no role model as a child, only extremists and losers.

Imagine Obama’s ignorance about the real world in maligning efficiency in steelmaking or computers or ATMs as he did in his Kansas speech. Because anyone in touch with the real world knows that efficiency creates wealth and that inefficiency destroys wealth.

Apparently Obama would want farms to employ dozens of laborers instead of one tractor. He would be subsidizing the labor-intensive steam locomotive and stopping production of the vastly more efficient diesel locomotive.

This is irrational socialism at work, friends, propagated by weak people who read too many textbooks and who have no experience in the real world, of witnessing firsthand success in the real world.

Yet this is what ‘green energy’ is all about – it is labor intensive and inefficient. Thousands of low-output windmills require vastly higher amounts of labor to install, maintain and repair compared to a single nuclear power plant.

Yet Obama continues to advocate windmills as a way to funnel vast amounts of taxpayer wealth to his cronies. Because in his theoretical world, windmills work. Yes, it says so in all the environmental pamphlets…

Look again at his statement about capitalism from the Kansas speech:

‘It’s a simple theory – one that speaks to our rugged individualism and healthy skepticism of too much government. It fits well on a bumper sticker. Here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It’s never worked.’

“Never worked”? That is an unequivocal statement from someone who has never created a single job in his life or a single penny of wealth. In fact his policies have only destroyed jobs and wealth.

Today, Obama is playing a new game for his re-election. He is advocating lower Social Security tax rates for middle-class people. He even signed legislation in December 2010 continuing the lower Bush-era tax rates on all Americans, including “the rich”.

So while he plays the class warfare card insistently, maligning capitalism and even backing the ‘occupy mobs’, he supported tax cuts for all. Why?

Answer: Because he understands that tax increases at this time will ruin the economy. It is all about political survival. And that ultimately is all that Obama cares about. Because his whole life is based on nothing but political advancement.

Thus he is playing it any way he can. He has no principle except the principle of power. He will say and do anything to keep power in order to do one thing – to undermine America. But he needs to stay in office to do so. And he needs willing accomplices, even in the Republican party. And he has plenty of them.

Just look at two of Obama’s political/economic connections to crooks like convicted Illinois Democrat governor Blagojevich (14 years in jail) and Chicago criminal Tony Rezko (10 years in jail). This is classic socialism.

Meanwhile another Obama friend, Democrat crook and former US senator Jon Corzine presided over the collapse of his economic empire MF Global where more than $1 billion disappeared. And when Corzine was governor of New Jersey that state plunged into economic oblivion.

This is all about socialism, a system of pure corruption that our Founders warned us against. When was the last time you saw billions disappear at ExxonMobil like they are disappearing every day from Obama’s cronies?

Yet private corporations that play by endless regulations and laws are vilified by Obama and his allies while ultra-rich Obama crony Al Gore recently collected $529 million in government loan guarantees along with his billionaire friend – and Obama supporter – John Doerr to manufacture an allegedly efficient automobile in …. Finland…

That car will never appear in the market, rest assured. Because it is backed by a fraudulent president and his fraudulent theories.

The Obama corruption is blatant, arrogant and deep. We never have seen this ever before in American history. And corruption is the first step to tyranny. It is time to start exposing this charlatan for who he really is and to stop beating up on the Republicans who want to replace him. Any of them would be a better president.

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