Coca-Cola Goes 'Green'... and Blinks

(The editorial below was written about Coca-Cola’s promotion of environmentalism with its white ‘polar bear’ cans. Coke has since abandoned the white cans, but the sentiments below are still relevant.)

The Coca-Cola company has started an enviro campaign using white cans instead of the usual iconic red-and-white cans. The new cans feature outlines of polar bears and Coke will contribute a total of $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund for its Arctic Home campaign to protect polar bear habitat.

Buyers of the white Coke cans then will be urged to contribute $1 via text message to the WWF campaign.

Said Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola chairman and CEO: “We want to help the polar bear — a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922 — by helping conserve its Arctic habitat. That’s why we’re using one of our greatest assets — our flagship brand, Coca-Cola — to raise awareness for this important cause. And by partnering with WWF, we can truly make a positive difference for these majestic animals.”

Awwww…. So cute. The cuddly bears!

OK, so what does all this really mean?

It is another attack on America, on capitalism and on our prosperity. And in case you have not noticed, even American corporations are now part of this attack.

First, remember that the enviro movement is the wealthiest and most powerful special interest group in American history. Because not only do these groups like WWF and the Sierra Club have huge monetary resources – much of it contributed by rich and super-rich Democrats and even by corporations – but every word these enviros utter is repeated, echoed and amplified for free in the leftist world media and American media.

This has incalculable economic value to the enviro movement. It is literally many, many billions of dollars worth of “free advertising”.

Meanwhile almost every editorial page in these same media foams with indignation for and hatred of any capitalist profit-making corporation like an oil company, and opposes everything these oil companies (pharmaceutical companies, car companies, insurance companies) seek to do.

So Coca Cola is not only helping the enviro left to impose its radical agenda on America but is buying itself “protection” from the world’s media thugs.

The polar bear promotion will involve 1.4 billion cans, along with white bottle caps on other Coca Cola products and is taking place between November 1, 2011 and March 15, 2012.

Now just imagine that Coca Cola issued cans with Tea Party members pictured on them and said, ”We want to help the American consumer — a beloved Coca-Cola buyer since 1922 — by helping conserve his/her economic habitat. That’s why we’re using one of our greatest assets — our flagship brand, Coca-Cola — to raise awareness for this important cause. And by partnering with the Tea Parties, we can truly make a positive difference for these majestic humans so that they can continue to prosper and to buy Coca-Cola.”

Yeah, right… That will be the day. The left literally sees the polar bears as more important than the middle-class taxpayers who make up the Tea Parties, rest assured.

Meanwhile Associated Press recently reported:

‘WASHINGTON (AP) — The global output of heat-trapping carbon dioxide jumped by the biggest amount on record, the U.S. Department of Energy calculated, a sign of how feeble the world’s efforts are at slowing man-made global warming..

The new figures for 2010 mean that levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.’

So there you go. As global temperature actually plummet, the pro-environmentalist Energy Department (world governments are virtually all allied with the enviro movement) has “calculated” that ‘greenhouse gases’ are increasing alarmingly and warming up the planet and obviously killing the polar bears.

Yet where is the report by people who “calculate” otherwise?

Answer: They are ignored and always have been.

See how the pro-environmentalist point of view is always reported and promoted every day in every way for free in the Media Left? Yet Coca Cola is shoveling millions into this charade when already this charade has massive resources and virtually unlimited media coverage. Because just this one AP story is among thousands that are syndicated in newspapers all over the US and the world every year.

Look at what else AP reported about the ‘greenhouse gas’ crisis:

 “The good news is that these economies are growing rapidly so everyone ought to be for that, right?” (an MIT professor) said. “Broader economic improvements in poor countries has been bringing living improvements to people. Doing it with increasing reliance on coal is imperiling the world (through ‘global warming’).”

Yes, so why don’t we convert the world’s electricity supply over from coal-fired to nuclear and eliminate much of the source of the so-called ‘greenhouse gases’?

We cannot. Because the same hysterical world media that slavishly report every word of propaganda about ‘global warming’ and dying polar bears (which are not dying out by the way, but are flourishing) also has spent every minute possible since the Japanese tsunami pumping out hysterical reports about the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, but failing to report that precisely zero people have died from radiation.

So what is the WWF plan to “conserve” the polar bear habitat?

It is just more worldwide demagoguery fueled by global environmentalism, the United Nations, world governments and now even companies like Coca Cola. Because to the enviro movement, you can’t “conserve” the Arctic without a worldwide plan to control economies through regulation, reign in economic development and put up millions of government-funded windmills and solar panels, which will drain off our investment capital and kill off mankind with severely reduced energy supplies.

And then who will buy Coca Cola?

Who knows. Ask the polar bears…

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