Bogus Class Warfare in Kansas Speech

(Below are excerpts from Barack Obama’s long-winded class warfare speech in Osawatomie, Kansas on December 6, 2011, with my comment after each excerpt exposing Obama’s hypocrisy and disingenuousness.)

Obama said: Fewer and fewer of the folks who contributed to the success of our economy actually benefitted from that success. Those at the very top grew wealthier from their incomes and investments than ever before. But everyone else struggled with costs that were growing and paychecks that weren’t –  Comment: Indeed Obama’s super-rich friends “at the very top” like Al Gore and Michael Moore and George Soros and Warren Buffett have gotten richer and richer, haven’t they?

Obama said: But in 2008, the house of cards collapsed. We all know the story by now: Mortgages sold to people who couldn’t afford them, or sometimes even understand them. Comment: Yes, mortgages that the socialistic Community Reinvestment Act forced banks to offer to poor people. This caused the whole economic collapse. It was called “the subprime crisis”. Remember?

Obama said: Regulators who were supposed to warn us about the dangers of all this, but looked the other way or didn’t have the authority to look at all. Comment: Bush, McCain and other Republicans warned about the dangers in the practices of Fannie and Freddie. Obama himself voted to prevent regulatory reform.

Obama said: This is a make or break moment for the middle class, and all those who are fighting to get into the middle class. At stake is whether this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, and secure their retirement. Comment: As Democrats kill middle-class jobs and industries with taxes, regulations, mandates like ObamaCare, radical environmentalism, lawsuits and labor agitation.

Obama said: At the turn of the last century, when a nation of farmers was transitioning to become the world’s industrial giant, we had to decide: would we settle for a country where most of the new railroads and factories were controlled by a few giant monopolies that kept prices high and wages low? Comment: Like the monopoly of our public education system today, run by Democrat teacher unions, which is milking the taxpayer dry (keeping taxes high) and leaving tens of millions uneducated (keeping educational achievement low).

Obama said: But (president Teddy) Roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you want from whoever you can. It only works when there are rules of the road to ensure that competition is fair, open, and honest. And so he busted up monopolies, forcing those companies to compete for customers with better services and better prices. Comment: So let’s break up the public education monopoly, although Obama will do everything he can to preserve it. Because it supports him.

Obama said: Over the last few decades, huge advances in technology have allowed businesses to do more with less, and made it easier for them to set up shop and hire workers anywhere in the world. And many of you know firsthand the painful disruptions this has caused for a lot of Americans. Factories where people thought they would retire suddenly picked up and went overseas, where the workers were cheaper. Comment: Anyone who knows American history knows that Democrat union thugs bankrupted the American steel industry and drove it out of America in the 1960s and 1970s. Labor unions ruined many industries and destroyed trillions in wealth.

Obama said: These changes didn’t just affect blue-collar workers. If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs or the internet. Comment: This is Obama making the same inane statement that he has made before – that efficiency causes job losses. Hey Barack, it is socialist INEFFICIENCY that causes job losses.

Obama said: Now, just as there was in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, there’s been a certain crowd in Washington for the last few decades who respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. “The market will take care of everything,” they tell us. Comment: It will. It is government intervention that has caused the private economy to falter.

Obama said: Remember that in those years, in 2001 and 2003, Congress passed two of the most expensive tax cuts for the wealthy in history, and what did they get us? The slowest job growth in half a century. Massive deficits that have made it much harder to pay for the investments that built this country and provided the basic security that helped millions of Americans reach and stay in the middle class… Comment: Who is this guy kidding? It is HIS policies TODAY that are ruining us.

Obama said: Look at the statistics. In the last few decades, the average income of the top one percent has gone up by more than 250%, to $1.2 million per year. For the top one hundredth of one percent, the average income is now $27 million per year. The typical CEO who used to earn about 30 times more than his or her workers now earns 110 times more. And yet, over the last decade, the incomes of most Americans have actually fallen by about six percent. Comment: Yet a clear majority of the billionaires today support Obama and are working fervently for his re-election.

Obama said: It’s heartbreaking enough that there are millions of working families in this country who are now forced to take their children to food banks for a decent meal. Comment: One reason is because the Democrats’ enviro/ethanol policies are pushing up the price of food.

Obama said: It starts by making sure that everyone in America gets a fair shot at success.  Comment: So how about giving qualified white kids some of the billions in college scholarships that now are given exclusively to unqualified blacks?

Obama said: But we need to meet the moment. We need to up our game. And we need to remember that we can only do that together. It starts by making education a national mission – government and businesses; parents and citizens. Comment: As Obama’s lefty friends at every level of academia undermine real education and replace it with ‘global warming’, multiculturalism, homosexuality, feminism, environmentalism and political correctness.

Obama said: That’s why the over one million construction workers who lost their jobs when the housing market collapsed shouldn’t be sitting at home with nothing to do. They should be rebuilding our roads and bridges; laying down faster railroads and broadband; modernizing our schools – all the things other countries are already doing to attract good jobs and businesses to their shores. Comment: Isn’t that what the $800 billion in 2009 ‘stimulus’ was supposed to do? Fix our infrastructure? Yet that money disappeared into the pockets of Obama’s union cronies.

And on and on. This guy is unbelievable.

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