RINO McCain Shoots His Mouth Off... Again

Our so-called ‘Republican’ US senator from Arizona John McCain is at it again. He recently predicted the emergence of a third-party that he said could well be called “the Fed Up Party”.

Hey, senator. It already exists. It is called “conservatives” and we watched you throw away the 2008 election to Obama. Indeed we are “fed up”. With people like you and your dopey, pandering, defeatist politics.

McCain said recently, “We aren’t doing anything for the people.”

Indeed he stumbled across the truth when he said “We” aren’t doing anything for the people. Because it is the lifetime politicians in Washington who are failing the American people. Politicians like McCain. And McCain’s Democrat friends.

Indeed senator it is YOU who is not doing anything for America. You gave Obama the White House. You blew it. You could have won that election. And look at what has happened since. And we conservatives warned that this would happen. We warned about you too.

I believe that McCain is truly demented, that his seven years in a North Vietnamese prison camp destroyed his mind. And that he has dedicated his life to destroying the Republican party – and particularly conservatism – from within. There is no other explanation for this man’s bizarre behavior.

Then listen to McCain’s wacky daughter who was all agog about the image Obama projected in the first months of his presidency without even waiting to see what he might do in the ensuing years to imperil the nation.

McCain also said, “”Unless both parties change, then I think that (a third party) is an inevitability…”

Both parties? This is absurd. The Republican party has moderate RepubliCrats like McCain and conservatives like myself. The Democrat party, on the other hand, is all extreme left.

So it is the Democrats who need to change, sir. They have commandeered the entire nation over the last 50 years and bent it to their will and have never, ever given one inch of compromise.

On every issue from abortion to the environment to the budget, Republicans compromise again and again while Democrats don’t. And that is why America is in such straits. And for someone like McCain to spend his time criticizing “both parties” and repeatedly criticizing conservatives while often praising Obama is what is causing the problem in the first place.

“The (Republican) party, I think, has got to be a lot more responsive to the plight of the people,” said McCain.

And he is right. The Republican party indeed has not been responsive to the plight of the people. Because through politicians like McCain the GOP is agreeing more and more with the Democrats who are ruining our economic base.

Look at the tens of millions of rural Americans whose economies are suffering under the assaults of Democrat-allied environmentalism, or the tens of millions of poor blacks living in cities controlled without challenge by the Democrat party.

Said McCain: “I still haven’t given up on the Republican Party.”

The hell you haven’t, senator. McCain often acts more like a Democrat than a Republican.

And while there has been some discussion that the Tea Party movement could field its own presidential candidate, but McCain disagreed. But look at what he said:

“The Tea Party was a movement, not an organization, as we know. And so they’ve kind of receded. There was never any permanency to them,” he said.

This guy is so tone-deaf and so ignorant that it is no surprise at all that he is not president. He continues to openly alienate the conservatives who could have put him in the White House.

Who says there is “no permanency” about the Tea Party movement, senator? The Tea Party caused a revolution in 2010, sir, just 20 months after their founding. They did big-time in 2010 what you utterly failed to do in 2008 with your bumbling incompetence… win an election.

McCain represents the infiltration of progressivism/liberalism into the Republican party after it has devoured the Democrats. What else could explain Bush’s massive new Medicare entitlement, huge spending increases and open borders?

This is Democrat irrationality that now is infecting the Republican party. And only we conservatives can stop the nation from being consumed.

Indeed the election of a Republican majority to Congress in 2010 is the only thing that has put the brakes on Obama’s out-of-control debt spending and his inane ideas for the economy.

Yet McCain dismisses these conservatives as a temporary phenomenon.

Nonsense. It was McCain’ candidacy in the 2008 presidential election that truly was a temporary phenomenon.

Meanwhile you will never hear McCain criticizing the Occupy Wall Street movement as the temporary and destructive phenomenon that it is with nearly the vitriol and spite as he uses against conservatives.


Because McCain loves the media adulation that comes with his criticisms of Republicans and conservatives.

So it is time for McCain to retire and to move on to something productive – like running his wealthy wife’s inherited beer distribution empire.

That way he can stay out of trouble and do something that is in his league.

Great taste! Less filling!

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