Charity Season Commences

Black Friday officially kicked off the Christmas buying season. And increasingly secularized America continues to spend a lot of money but tens of millions of people no longer will even say what the season is about – Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now it’s just “the holidays”. You know, so as not to “offend” any non-Christians who, by the way, should celebrate Christmas with us in order to recognize who and what has given them all their freedom and prosperity – a nation built on Christian ideals and belief in a Supreme God to guide us every step of the way.

Black Friday also is the beginning of the full-court press of Charity Season.

Charity always has been a hallmark of Christianity.  Christian duty asks us to help the poor. We know this even if we don’t read the Bible because atheists constantly quote scripture that says that Christianity urges us to help the poor.

This is done in order to manipulate to their ends even a belief system that atheists hate – Christianity, i.e., claiming that Jesus would want a big, bloated government bureaucracy to help alleviate poverty.

But over the time that the Bible was written poverty was a lot different that it is in America today. Back then it was real grinding poverty.

In 2011, however, many millions of chronic, long-term freeloader ‘poor people’ in the United States have been given for free much more than most people – including rich people – have ever had throughout history including advanced medical care, central heat, running water, electricity, reliable and safe food supplies, reliable transportation, free education, cable TV, air conditioning and other amenities. So let’s dispense with the nonsense that these ‘poor people’ are deprived.

This is not to minimize the millions whom Obama has made poor, however. They need an expanding economy to help them recover from ObamaNomics.

Indeed as the secularists and atheists have emptied our real Christian churches with decades of attacks on our beliefs, they have replaced them with left-wing churches that promote a political ideology, and they have replaced Christian charity with unaccountable government charity.

And this charity culture is now officially out of control, thanks to the socialist left. It has been for decades. Because they want everyone feeling guilty, which is one of the prime tactics of socialism – to get people to forget about the positive and to focus on the negative. So they ramp up all the negativity about people in need and demand more and more government cash.

Because socialism is an ideology based on negativity.  For instance environmentalists see our high standards of living and they do not cheer but they equate it only with the destruction of the planet. That is to shift wealth and power to environmentalists and their friends in the government while living standards decline due to enviro restrictions on economic activity.

In short, liberals see everything negatively except their own policies, which are the most destructive force of all.

Yet the big question is: Why are people poor in America in the first place after decades of government handouts? Hasn’t socialism failed?

Of course it has. Because this handout system has actually made many, many millions of people lazy and dependent and ultimately poor. Through the leftist cultural paradigm of bottomless subsidies, single motherhood, runaway fathers, the war between the sexes, the destruction of marriage and the family, the war on business by Democrats, the war on the economy by labor unions and environmentalists and the evolution of God-less atheism, nihilism, narcissism and self-pity, America has been made poorer and poorer.

Because if given the opportunity and the incentive, most people can and will help themselves. And in a wealthy nation like capitalist America they had the tools to do so. Until socialism got hold of us.

America would be much better off if we had remained a conservative country.

First, our real Christian churches would have tens of millions more adherents. But the left-wing media from Hollywood films to television to all of popular culture have savaged Christianity. Instead we have a slothful, complacent and chaotic culture with millions worshipping in fake churches and ripe for the propaganda onslaught that is fed to it every day even from their pulpits.

Second we would not see Christmas as just a buying opportunity as promoted by business interests and the materialistic left but as a season of hope, uplift and beauty.

Third, we would be encouraging people to care for themselves, which is the only way that people can save themselves. Even the Euro welfare states have collapsed.

Fourth, charity would not be a government function. Because today charity has become a political construct, not a matter of the heart as it is under Christian theology.

Have a great Christmas season, all. And enjoy yourselves. But remember what it really means.

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