Newt Soars

Wow. Kaboom. Who would have thought just a few months ago that Newt Gingrich would be surging to the top of the Republican presidential nomination race.

Remember this shocker from dailynews.com of June 9, 2011:

‘Newt Gingrich’s fledging run for the White House was dealt a major blow Thursday when his campaign manager and five other key aids (sic) suddenly all quit.

Gingrich’s press spokesman Rick Tyler told the Associated Press that he was also resigning along with campaign manager Rob Johnson, citing “incompatibility” with the candidate.’

Virtually everybody wrote him off. But as they say, a few months is a lifetime in politics.

So now it is Newt’s turn to surge. He is hot. Newt’s rise has been breathtaking and he is going to inject a lot of fire into conservatives who are dissatisfied with Mitt Romney and who are tired of “settling for” McCain-type RINO candidates.

Then again this could be a temporary blip. But for those who admire Newt’s wide-ranging intelligence, his long conservative history and his direct and aggressive style, this is more than a Rick Perry boomlet or Herman Cain bump.

Newt even seems to be challenging Romney in New Hampshire. This is stunning. A poll by Magellan Strategies shows Romney with 29% and Gingrich with 27%, a sign of underlying GOP discontent with Romney.

And while this is just one small poll, any good showing by Gingrich in New Hampshire could greatly disrupt Romney. A Gingrich win could ruin Romney. Because Romney is said to “own” New Hampshire since it is next door to Massachusetts where Romney was governor from 2003 to 2007, and is a state where Romney has a strong organization left over from his 2008 presidential bid.

Indeed Newt’s rise is different from these other candidates. Because he is not a novelty who has temporarily excited voters; he is very smart and a longtime champion of “our” cause.

And yes he does have a very checkered history. And that all must be taken into account, including his marital history. And who could forget his own party turning on him and forcing him from the Republican speakership just four years after Newt led the 1994 Republican insurrection?

And don’ think that the media do not want to take Newt out. They already are dredging up their years of negative clips about Gingrich and rewriting them. And that is fine. In a few weeks they all will be old news.

Why do they fear him?

Because Newt can and will destroy Obama in any debate and the Media Left are terrified of that. Many GOP observers have said that Gingrich has won most of the presidential debates so far, even trumping Romney, who also is a very good debater. So rather than conservatives sitting holding their breath anticipating George Bush or McCain saying something stupid in a debate, we can expect Newt – or even Romney- to go on the offensive.


In addition, Newt is showing no cowardice in the face of the media bias arrayed against him. He said, “I understand there are places like MSNBC that are essentially the Obama re-election team.” He even bluntly said about the ‘occupy’ vagrants: “Go get a job right after you take a bath.”

Wonderful. And his pique with a moderator asking him to answer a complex question about health care in 30 seconds really fired up conservatives who are disgusted with the Media Left and its bias.

Indeed Newt has already been vetted by 17 years in the public eye. We all know about his past and now have some new information about a $1.6 million consulting fee from Freddie Mac.

Yet if Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had listened to Newt, they would never have collapsed. Because he told them to stop guaranteeing bad loans. His advice would have saved taxpayers hundreds of billions.

Now Newt is up against a Republican who is very shrewd – Mitt Romney. And either of them can beat Obama. Because Republicans now know how the political game is played.

In fact none of the Republicans in this nomination race is afraid of Obama and his media cronies the way John McCain was. Obama has emboldened us conservatives like never before. And what we need is someone to pummel Obama in three public debates right before the November 2012 election with all of America watching. Newt can do that.

Who could forget McCain opening his second debate with Obama in 2008 with a gargantuan socialist proposal for the government to buy hundreds of billions in bad mortgages just six weeks into the financial crisis.

Enough! And thankfully those days are over – no Republican in this strong nominating field is afraid to express support for cutting government and wide-ranging reforms. The financial crisis has changed everything as has Obama’s presidency.

And deep down inside, we know that Newt is the smartest candidate up there with a long resume of achievement. He has lectured widely and written many thoughtful books. He knows his stuff.

Still there are many criticisms of Gingrich. The media mavens who think that Obama is the model of telegenic presence will caricature Newt as a fat old white guy who hates the poor. But in these critical times, Gingrich’s intellect will rise above his image.  Americans would elect Lindsey Lohan if she had the right ideas.

Newt could run on the following proposition: “The day after I win the White House, the economy is going to start to recover strongly.” Because that is what will happen if he is elected, guaranteed. Because Obama instills fear in business and a majority of Americans knows it.

Oh, sure, Newt has said some un-conservative things like these excerpts from Dana Milbank at the Washington Post (so take them with whatever grain of salt you wish, being from an unreliable source):

In 2005 Gingrich said that he and Hillary Clinton “have the same instinct” on health care. In 2007 Gingrich said that humans have contributed to global warming, saying, “We should address it very actively.” In 2009 Gingrich met with Obama and Al Sharpton and said that “education should be the first civil right of the 21st century”. And who could forget Newt appearing with Nancy Pelosi in an anti-global-warming ad.

So there you go. Newt in a nutshell. Will he be a blip. Or is he the real thing?

Time will tell. Because despite many challengers, Romney always has bounced back. But Gingrich is different and many conservatives and undecided GOP primary voters are excited about him.  And that is a good thing. Newt’s long history is the big difference this time around in this very tumultuous nominating season.

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