'Occupy' Fizzles, but They'll Be Back

The word “occupy” is never going to be the same. Because these Wall Street nuts have so corrupted this term that it can never recover. And in our political lexicon this movement will forever be a talisman for both its detractors and its few supporters.

And rest assured that while this phase of the ‘occupy’ movement may seem to be ending, they’ll be back.

Oh, sure, cities are cleaning out these camps and arresting protesters. They really had no choice. After only about one month of existence, the ‘occupiers’  had shown their true colors which were very, very ugly.

And for the leftists, labor unions and some Democrat office holders who supported them, the ‘occupiers’ turned out to be a public relations nightmare in the murders, suicides, stabbings, rapes, theft, sexual assaults and on and on.

And it is important to remember that these ‘occupiers’ are just a few thousand people nationwide. But a fawning media magnify them, just as the same media did everything it could to minimize the Tea Parties which involved hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters.

Indeed Obama & Co. expected that the ‘occupiers’ were going to be a force for Obama’s re-election, pointing up the gap between rich and poor and agitating the public.

But Obama’s thug operatives on the hard left hired and incited a bunch of mad-dog lunatics. This movement is complete chaos. And their penchant for violence and inflammatory language and confrontation destroyed their image in an astonishingly brief period of time.

And while some very specious polls showed Americans supporting the movement in its first two weeks, it only took these cretins just a little bit longer to alienate almost everyone outside their extremist circles.

Who pulled the plug on the ‘occupy’ movement such that several cities including New York moved almost simultaneously to dismantle the camps?

Obama and the Democrats, that’s who. This movement had turned negative on them very quickly. After hoping that the ‘occupiers’ would offer an alternative to the Tea Parties, they turned out to be not an alternative but a perfect foil on which Tea Partiers and conservatives could make a case against them.

What will happen now? Will this movement disappear?

No. They are just reloading. And they are going to come back in a different reincarnation and we conservatives should not be angry about any of this nonsense. Because this movement ultimately is going to undermine Obama like the rioters at the 1968 Democrat convention ruined Hubert Humphrey and the Democrats and ushered in Richard Nixon.

Rudy Giuliani wisely said this:

“This is a very dangerous movement, and it’s ironic it’s happening under a president who promised to unify us. Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement, it would not have happened but for his class warfare. Barack Obama praised it, sympathizes with it. As it gets worse and worse, I believe this will be the millstone around Barack Obama’s neck that will take his presidency down.”

The Democrats are surely terrified of what these freaks are going to do next summer when they show up in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Democrat national convention.

But when they show up at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, Republicans can just say, “This is what Obama nurtured and wanted with his class warfare strategy. Vote Republican.”

And don’t think that conservative Republican Florida governor Rick Scott is going to take any crap from these people. He will call out the National Guard if need be. And need likely will be. Period. End of story.

It also is important remember what these protesters are really supposed to be doing – distracting America from Obama’s failed policies as Obama’s class warfare rhetoric is intended to do in the first place. But it will not work.

To understand this phenomenon you must understand who these occupiers are – radical, uncouth, uneducated, uncultured, filthy, angry degenerates, many unemployed and unemployable, who have had violence on their minds for years, for decades even. They are nurtured by lazy, militant overpaid academics and have dreamed of killing and chaos and bombing, just like they have read about in their extremist history books. They literally revere Bill Ayers, Obama’s domestic terrorist buddy.

And this movement gave them a path to their dreams. And the ending of Phase 1 – the rousting of the camps – will not quell them.

They will retreat and re-organize. They will communicate on the internet. They will become more enraged and they will execute more actions. Their mentors on the marxist left will feed them more ideological ammunition to turn violent in the streets.

But America is ready for them. They have already worn out their welcome and action against them now is going to come without fear or hesitation. And they are going to offer the Republicans and conservatives in the 2012 elections a chance to point up the contrast between the law-abiding Tea Parties and their mirror opposites – the violent, racist anti-Semitic and anti-American  occupiers.

And as Nikitas3.com predicted, their violence would doom and will doom them, as we have seen. Their public image has been plummeting rapidly.

But more is on the way. And rest assured that the coming generation of street protests and scattered guerilla actions is at some point going to go over the edge just as the encampments did. It may be the killing of an innocent civilian or child or the bombing of a bank. Any variety of scenarios. But some triggering event will turn America against these snakes big time.

There is an old saying that “timing is everything”. And these ‘occupiers’ may be headed toward creating a perfect storm to ruin Obama and the Democrats in November 2012. Watch closely. It won’t take long. The process already is in progress.

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