Big Surprise... Chelsea Clinton Goes to NBC

Wow. Big surprise. Chelsea Clinton is going to work for the NBC television network. She will work on stories for the evening news program in the ‘Making a Difference’ segment.

The New York Times reported that ‘Those feature reports… spotlight people who are making volunteer commitments to improve the lives of others in their community.’

Blah, blah, blah. While Chelsea’s parents have shamelessly amassed tens of millions in personal wealth for themselves while they urge us regular Americans to “volunteer”. You know, us “little people” who don’t need tens of millions of dollars, who are told to go out and work in the soup kitchens and build houses for charity.

Sounds wonderful, right, all that volunteering?

No, wrong, when it is part of a political ploy to undermine the nation.

First of all, which Americans are the least likely to volunteer to help their communities and their fellow man?

Answer: Any group on the political left. Can you imagine a labor union activist volunteering for anything that does not have to do with empowering his union and making more money?


A left-wing college professor?

Sorry, he is too busy working six months a year preaching marxism or ‘global warming’.

How about America’s public school teachers who only seem to even perform their overpaid day jobs grudgingly?


What about some elite snob reporter from your local liberal newspaper?

Are you serious?

How about the chronic, freeloader poor who never, ever have volunteered for anything but only take, take, take from the taxpayer.

Volunteer? Hell no! Where’s my damned check!

How about far-left Democrats in Congress?

Please… they are too busy enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayer or making insider stock deals.

Listen to Chelsea’s fake wisdom: “I hope telling stories through ‘Making a Difference’ — as in my academic work and nonprofit work — will help me to live my grandmother’s adage of ‘Life is not about what happens to you, but about what you do with what happens to you.’ ”

So sweet. And yes, life is so unfair! That is the message here and of the whole ‘volunteer’ culture. Never mind that liberals are the ones who insistently fall back into their failures and misfortunes and never look forward. Like blacks’ constant dredging up of slavery 150 years after slavery ended.

That’s why liberals don’t believe in God, by the way. So as to agitate people about their deprivations and never to look up to God and to the future, but only to the government.

The Times reported:

‘One person close to Ms. Clinton said she had been quietly raising her profile for some time, though the public had not been completely aware of it. That person, who asked not to be identified because of a reluctance to speak for her, said Ms. Clinton had been more active in causes backed by her family’s William J. Clinton Foundation and that she had, in fact, spoken at more than 400 town halls in 2008 in support of her mother’s candidacy.’

So there you go – the selfless Chelsea has actually been shilling only for A) herself when she worked for years in a Democrat billionaire’s hedge fund in New York city; B) for her mother; and C) for the foundation of her father, a guy who volunteers for nothing and already spends 120% of his time shilling shamelessly for himself. Meanwhile he hides behind his Clinton Global Initiative which is just a money-laundering operation for Bill Clinton’s many nefarious activities and wealth-building endeavors.

And no, Chelsea couldn’t possibly be using her family name to build up a career for herself on NBC and beyond in politics, could she?

Oh no, never! She is just a nice little girl with a really good resume! She was picked from thousands of applicants because of her big smile and her can-do attitude!

Yeah, right… NBC was owned until recently by General Electric, Barack Obama’s favorite non-taxpaying corporation. GE chief Jeffrey Immelt is one of the most liberals CEOs in America and certainly is influenced by late-night phone calls from Bill Clinton and the White House.

So Chelsea will ingratiate herself to NBC for a few years, make a huge salary for doing just a little work, and then run for the US Senate from New York. Just like her mother.

This scam is repeated among Democrats over and over. For them having political power is in fact a “business”. It is what they do for a “job” that they then use to amass wealth.

While us “little people” are urged to volunteer for this, that and everything.

These Democrats bounce around from politics to media to politics to lobbying to media. They report on each other and massage each other’s egos. They make lots of money and help each other make money. They claw their way up the status food chain and a precious few get to the top. But rest assured that they step all over each other in their quest.

Even some Establishment Republicans do this too. Yet when an ER recently asked some new conservative Tea Party congresspeople elected in 2010 how they like the powerful ambiance of Washington, he was shocked when they said they were doing it only as their patriotic duty, to fight off the Democrats.

So in the end, to liberals, volunteerism really is for suckers. And it is a way to get Americans’ eyes off the real goal which it to create self-reliance and independence. Something that the career politicians oppose in every way, shape and form in order to focus more and more power and wealth in Washington, DC. And in their own wallets.

But, hey, maybe Chelsea Clinton will come along and make a video of you volunteering to build a house for a poor person. And you will get on the nightly news for ten seconds. And feel wonderful about yourself.

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