Homosexual Scandals Ensnare Many

The scandal over the rape of many young boys by a homosexual football coach at Penn State University named Jerry Sandusky is engulfing not only the football team but the whole school.

But this is par for the course in these disgraces.

The so-called Catholic church scandals, which were the workings of a small cadre of a few hundred gay priests molesting and raping thousands of young boys, engulfed the entire institution.

Why are these scandals happening and spreading their tentacles in this way?

Because the blossoming of homosexuality in America is drawing many people and institutions into the ugly underside of gay behavior and pedophilia.

And rest assured that the coverup in the Catholic church scandal involved many homosexual officials higher up in a church that is often very left-wing and “tolerant”.

Now the Penn State scandal is even drawing in the god-like head football coach Joe Paterno who is 85 years old and has been a deity at the school for decades. Paterno is said to have failed to report to police the rape of a 10-year-old boy in 2002 by Sandusky. Paterno is being fired.

He should be. And this isn’t over for Paterno. He should be prosecuted for his failure. He probably will be. You just watch.

What a way to go out – on your head. But that is what happens when homosexuality invades your ramparts. And the university president is caught up in this too. Others are sure to follow. We have not heard the end of this outrage. It is growing and growing.

Sounds like the Catholic priest scandal, does it not?

I know something about the subject of homosexuality. My cousin died of AIDS in 1996 at the age of 39. He became involved with the gay culture in New York city in the early 1980s. Within just a few short years his boyfriend was dead and obviously my cousin knew that he too was likely doomed.

He died a long, drawn out and gruesome death, going blind before he died. The behavior of his homosexual “friends”, whom I met only briefly on two occasions, was wholly disturbing. And to think that these males, many of them in their 20s and 30s, are attending funerals regularly for their contemporaries is a highly troubling image.

My cousin’s wonderful mother also died, from stress over her son’s disease. Which left my cousin’s sister, whose father had died young, without a family.

Yes, indeed, homosexuality draws in many people including an estimated 300,000 homosexuals dead of AIDS and related diseases in the last 30 years; and even many thousands of non-gay patients who died from tainted blood transfusions.

Yet we are taught over and over that homosexuality is just a benign way of living, that gays are just like you and me.


Imagine Joe Paterno. From hero to zero, after 46 years of hero. Because he was drawn into a homosexual scandal.


Perhaps Paterno was in on the whole deal like some Catholic church officials surely were. In the worst case, Paterno will be exposed as a pedophile himself.

Time will tell. The cat is out of the bag now, friends. And that cat ain’t going back in.

To put this all in perspective, consider this question: What is Penn State anyway?

Answer: It is just another left-wing, government-run, politically-correct university where the kids are so obsessed over their precious Nittany Lions football team that they are unaware of the dangers lurking in the world.

Or they are taught to ignore those dangers. And they are taught that homosexuality is something positive and that we Americans are increasingly accepting of gays and that it is no big deal.

But perhaps all the kiddies at Penn State are now being snapped out of their little daydream, both by the recession and by this scandal which is atomizing their cherished college myth of falling leaves and football in the innocent Autumn air.

It is a shame. But then again, so is the whole college experience these days. These schools have become cheap socialist indoctrination centers that lie like hell when telling kids about the world.

They tell their students that the banks are devilish, that Wall Street is rapacious, that capitalism is unfair, that conservatives are bad people, that Christianity is an outdated way of thinking, and that marriage is irrelevant.

But they never explain to them about something in their very midst – that the homosexuality that is increasingly rampant on college campuses kills people and careers and that it annihilates myths and dreams.

Students of the world! Wake up! This scandal should tell you that there is a real world out there with some very ugly realities. And that the lies that they feed you in many of your courses at Penn State are leading you into destruction.

Indeed the legacy of the scandal around Paterno is just beginning to form. And history ultimately will judge him. And what we will always recall will not be his long string of victories and his elevation of Penn State to a national football powerhouse. No, we are going to remember Papa Joe forever as the enabler of a homosexual pedophile. Or perhaps as a pedophile himself.

What a shame.

Meanwhile the media are slobbering all over the basketball player Magic Johnson, a big liberal Democrat, who announced precisely 20 years ago that he had AIDS. Johnson is still alive and the media have trumpeted his successes since, but it never has been explained exactly how he contracted the disease.

That would be a fascinating interview. Perhaps a Penn State jouranlism student could conduct it.

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