That 'Other' Sexual Harrassment

OK, OK, we have heard about so-called sexual harassment for decades now.

And the charges only apply to conservatives. Liberals can drown women (Ted Kennedy) be accused of harassing, groping and even raping women (Bill Clinton) or impregnate women (John Edwards, Jesse Jackson) with no penalty whatsoever or with a total Media Left coverup. In fact such behavior is a resume enhancer in the land of liberalism. With not a peep from feminists.

But if a conservative says “Good morning” to a female co-worker in the wrong tone of voice he is accused of sexual harassment.

Now consider the biggest inter-gender calamity of the last 6,000 years and that is female sexual harassment (FSH) in which men are savaged, criticized, minimized, henpecked and threatened by irrational feminine rage. And today FSH extends to the workplace as women have gained more economic power.

FSH in the workplace is an offshoot of the relentless harassment of conservatives everywhere in American life. If you as a conservative have ever worked in any liberal/urban workplace in America, you know how the harassment works. It is often subtle or it is portrayed as “jesting” or “pointed political discourse” or “offhanded insults”. But it in fact is a relentless assault on your way of thinking. It never ends. And there never is any punishment for it. Ever.

Today workplace FSH works like this: Imagine you are a man – worst of all a conservative man – and you work under a feminist boss or alongside feminists. How much harassment can be directed at you simply because you are a man?

Lots. Rest assured. And the males who are targeted will never admit it for fear of their jobs. Because they have no recourse. Or else they do not even know what is happening because they spend every minute sweating about every syllable they utter that might offend a feminist in the office.

It would be great to start blowing the lid off of these finger-pointing feminists, to start getting testimonials from hundreds of thousands of men who have been henpecked in the workplace on account of their gender, especially conservative men.

And it would be great to put Hillary and Oprah and Madonna and all the other feminist ragemeisters from Follywood to Chicago to New York on the congressional hot seat with an extensive inquiry into FSH.

Yes, let’s have men now reluctantly “come forward” with their stories of intimidation and fear. Let them talk about how their feminist boss’s rage made them “very uncomfortable” in the workplace or forced them to resign.

But of course no legal recourse or payout is available to these men because FSH is not yet codified the way that sexual harassment by males against females has been codified since the Clarence Thomas accusations.

We should start to codify FSH starting today.

Imagine this testimony from a male witness: “My feminist boss (or co-worker) seemed to single me out for harsh comments and treatment because I am a man. No females were ever subjected to the same kind of treatment.”

This is not far fetched, friends. Because feminists are trained to hate men and to sniff out every ounce of discrimination and harassment – or to fabricate it – seeing a sexist bogeyman under every desk and bed. Many feminists are, in a word, paranoid.

In fact FSH is manifested all over our culture in TV and advertising and everywhere else in the Media Left. It is a constant stream of attacks on men by females. One recent web advertisement for Tide detergent shows a husband and wife folding their children’s clothing after the wash. They are talking happily about their wonderful kids. Then the woman ends the ad with this snickering attack on her husband: “You suck at folding”.

And the insult is supposed to be so funny! Yes! We are all supposed to laugh! And the stupid actor husband, of course, is scripted then to laugh as if to say, “Insult me again, please, honey! Because you are better than me!”

Is “You suck at folding” just a minor slip-up? Nothing to get upset about? A cute interlude? To make us laugh?

Get serious. No. These advertising people scrupulously plan out every single word and action. This was just another attack on men out of millions every year, this one created by the liberals who dominate the advertising industry and approved by the liberal media department at Tide.

And remember that more and more corporations themselves are liberal and are under pressure to be feminist, environmentalist etc. And any man who sees it for what it is gets attacked. For exposing the truth.

Just imagine an ad where a man insults a female. You never see it compared to the barrage of anti-man commercials where the man is made to look stupid – always a white man, by the way.

This is legal harassment. And it is time for men to start filing lawsuits against these corporations and employers. Here is the opening of a radio advertisement for a bank in Massachusetts:

Man: “Honey, where are my glasses?”

Woman: “Right on your forehead, next to the big mole!”

Oh, so cute! The man is obviously so stupid that he does not even know where his glasses are! And they are right on his head! And he has a big mole because he is so ugly!

A Subaru advertisement from Autumn 2010 showed a man and woman traveling. He thinks that he has lost his sunglasses. They revisit every place they stopped that day to look for the glasses. Then the husband finds the glasses in his pocket. And the wife rolls her eyes. Stupid man!

See how it works? And no it isn’t, cute. It is vicious and unrelenting. And completely unneccessary. Except that it is yet another channel for feminists and their friends in the media to insult and attack white men in another venue. And it must end now.

Men, let’s get hip. Let’s start fighting back. Let the lawsuits begin. Come out from under your rocks and counterattack. Before it is too late.

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