12 Inches of 'Global Warming' Hits New England

Quick! Somebody call Al Gore! We just got 12 inches of ‘global warming’ up here in my neck of the woods in New England. Higher elevations got more. Jaffrey, New Hampshire got 31 inches!

And the date of the snow was October 29-30, while we don’t normally get snow until December.

But to Al Gore, all this snow is just a result of, well, ‘global warming’ which is caused by, um, ‘climate change’ which is caused by ‘global warming’ which is caused by… uh, well, let’s see… um… power plants! Yes, power plants… And people! And Dick Cheney! And Sarah Palin!

You get the picture. What you will notice about all of liberalism and environmentalism is this: We conservatives subscribe to essential truths, like that the climate always is changing. But liberals must disagree with us because that is who they are.

So they say everything but that which is true. Yet now they are essentially finally agreeing with us because they have changed the name of their catastrophe from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’.

This is getting confusing… You cannot figure these people out. Because they are demented.

Here is another story:

The publisher of a book called the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World recently admitted that it had wrongly claimed that the Greenland ice pack had shrunk by 15% over the last decade.

HarperCollins originally said that data from a US climate source in Colorado showed the 15% shrinkage to be correct on the ice-covered land mass of Greenland. But certain “scientists” now say that their own data do not support the HarperCollins claim.

So what is going on here?

It is an attack by ‘global warming’ alarmists on HarperCollins because HarperCollins is owned by “conservative” media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Yet the projection put out by HarperCollins was in a HC press release and not even in the atlas itself. And the 15% figure would seem to bolster the ongoing claims of climate alarmists, who now are attacking HarperCollins.

But now climate “researchers” are upset and angry. The main investigative body for the Arctic in the United States, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, said that their estimates disagreed with HC. In a statement, NSIDC said: “[We have] never released a specific number for Greenland ice loss over the past decade…The loss of ice from Greenland is far less than the Times Atlas brochure indicates.”

So when was the last time you saw any of these climate alarmists denying an excessively dire estimate of anything from ice packs to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Never. This is just a way to attract attention to their cause after a string of embarrassing setbacks like the Climate-Gate e-mail scandal showing total fraud in the ‘global warming’ numbers, and the Himalaya-Gate scandal about false data on melting glaciers

OK, so HarperCollins made one mistake in one press release. But what is the bigger issue here that the ‘warming’ kooks are intentionally ignoring? What is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room?

Answer: It is Greenland itself. And it is something that the alarmists desperately do not want you to know. After all, it is called “Greenland”. And the question is: Why is this ice-covered island, the largest island in the world, called “Greenland”?

It is because when it was discovered 800 years ago by Euro Norsemen, Greenland was much greener that it is today, with wide swaths of ice-free lands. Greenland was discovered toward the end of the long Medieval warm period, 400 years of hot weather that Al Gore does not want you to know about. In fact an increasingly colder climate starting around 1300 AD is what led to the abandonment of Greenland after more than a century of settlement. And to its current ice-encrusted state.

Thus any melting of Greenland ice today would not be some unprecedented ‘warming’ catastrophe but a simple natural cycle that may someday return Greenland to a ‘greener’ state.

This shows how preposterous the ‘global warming’ alarmists are, and how they ignore history, reality and natural cycles.

Now here is another easily debunked myth about ‘global warming’ that has been floating around for years, this one about Arctic ice.

The alarmists have seen saying that ‘warming’ is melting the ice in the Arctic and that this is going to cause the sea levels to rise 20 feet and swallow coastal cities like New York and Miami. Gore was promoting this canard for years.

Yet we allegedly have had years and years of ‘warming’ but the sea levels have not risen.

So again they are lying. And here is a way to prove that they are lying twice, not only about the rising seas, but about the effects of melting ice.

First, you have to understand that Arctic ice is not sitting on land. There is no land in the Arctic region of the North Pole. The Arctic is made up 100% of ice floating in the ocean, much of it in big sheets. (Antarctica, on the other hand is a land mass. It in fact is an official ‘continent’.)

So if ‘global warming’ is causing the Arctic ice at the North Pole to melt as the alarmists say, why are the sea levels not rising like the alarmists claim they should be?

Because these people don’t know anything about the most elementary science. And you can prove it in your own kitchen.

Take a glass and fill it halfway with ice. Then fill it with water all the way to the very top, right to the tippy-top, to the brim. Then put it in the refrigerator for a few hours.

You will notice after all that ice has melted (and surely caused the water to gush over the edge of the glass as in Al Gore’s theory) that actually the water level is exactly the same as when you started and that no water has spilled over the edge either.

Because the whole idea that melting ice sitting in the oceans is going to cause the oceans to rise is complete nonsense. The ocean levels would remain exactly the same even if all the floating ice in the whole world melted. Any third grader can disprove these ‘warming’ kooks in his mother’s kitchen.

Hey, I’d love to see some kid get a $50,000 Sierra Club grant to do that little trick…

Thus the more these people lie about everything from Greenland to Arctic ice to carbon dioxide, the more they demonstrate how malevolent they are, that they are not even scientists in the first place but simply greedy politicians and academic slackers posing as scientists in order to get government money. It is complete corruption.

Meanwhile they are impoverishing the rest of us with their severe enviro laws based not in science but in a weird fantasy of their own making.

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