How to Pay off the National Debt... Easily

(We can wipe out the $14 trillion national debt easily. According to commonly-accepted figures, the United States has in ‘oil shale’ formations (a wax-like oil trapped in rock formations) 2 trillion barrels of oil. These deposits are on public land in Colorado and Utah. At $93 a barrel reported on October 26, 2011, that is $186 trillion worth of oil.

If the government stops accumulating debt today and dedicates oil from shale to paying off that existing debt, and if we produce just 8% of that oil and sell it on the global market, we can completely pay off our national debt with the proceeds.

Below is a separate editorial called I’ll Take the Pollution)

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Life was absolutely wonderful then. There were jobs, prosperity, big families and everyone was happy. Kids were everywhere after the victory of World War II. The boom was on.

Yet if you talk to an environmentalist today, they say that it was a horrible time when the rivers and air were polluted, and that the ecologists had to take control and save us.

And indeed, the rivers and air were dirty then. Yet we were happy as could be. On the other hand today we have pristine rivers and clean air and America is depressed, sad and increasingly hopeless.

That hopelessness is a result of the bad economy. And a large part of the hopelessness comes from environmentalism, which kills jobs and prosperity all over with rabid regulation, obstruction and red tape.

I’ll take those dirty rivers and polluted air any day. Because after all, human poverty is a worse form of pollution than chemicals in the river. Poverty destroys whole societies. Chemicals in the river made us wealthy and happy and as far as I can remember, they never harmed me or anyone I knew.

Should we have cleaned up the rivers?

Yeah, sure. I remember when they ran red and green from the paper mills. But today many of the paper mills are gone because the enviro left has made manufacturing impossible in so many places. In the place of jobs we have… clean rivers and pristine air.

So where is the balance? We went from the extreme of some rivers polluted 100% and many jobs to, in many places, the same rivers polluted 0% and no jobs.

What we need are clean rivers and jobs too because with modern technology – developed in the capitalist private sector, by the way – we can create jobs with much less pollution than before. But if the rivers or air get 1% or 4% or 7% pollution instead of 0% pollution like today and that pollution creates jobs, then let’s allow the pollution to happen. Because right now, people are losing their hope. In other words, 0% pollution is actually worse than 100% pollution. We have gone from one extreme to a worse other extreme.

It is time to roll back our radical environmental laws and regulations and give industry room to grow. Environmental impact statements are extremely costly, and they are required everywhere. Yet the world survived for thousands of years without them. These statements should be 10 pages long maximum not 4 inches thick as they are for one single cell-phone pole in upstate New York. We do not need to account for every eventuality, every moth and rat and plant. We need to think about people. So that people are not destroyed in the name of nature.

Nature is brutal. And we are seeing that in modern-day environmentalism. The air was polluted in the 1950s and we were happy. Then we all thought that we needed to have ultra-clean air and water and we acceded to the environmentalists. But we are finding that ultra-clean air and water have a huge price in human lives. Today poverty not only bothers us, it dogs us. And much of it comes from environmentalism.

Go to Massachusetts today and you see the result of radical anti-people environmentalism. There are countless examples of enviro obstruction of the economy. More specifically, 400 paper-mill manufacturing jobs were lost in Berkshire County alone (population 140,000) in 2008 because ‘green energy’ policies had pushed up the price of electricity.

So now the unemployed mill workers can hike all day in the pristine mountain wilderness since they have all the free time in the world.

Wonderful. Have a nice time! And on your way home, don’t forget to stop at the store and pick up some beans with your food stamps!

All over America, this story is being repeated. And Americans are finally figuring out that environmentalism is not what it was presented as. Americans gladly went along with the cleanup of the rivers and air, not knowing that the enviro movement really was building enormous power to eventually kill millions of jobs, regulate business out of the US, and create a ‘green’ utopia where everything flourishes… except people.

Indeed we are now realizing that human poverty is the worst form of pollution. And that cutting down a tree or building a power plant is a good thing that makes jobs and makes life worth living. Because unemployment and a lack of hope are the most painful and destructive things of all.

In rural parts of the nation, jobs and industry are being thwarted by very powerful enviro forces centered in the cities, but with fingers everywhere in America. In Kansas, power plants are obstructed. In New York state, a proposal for a modern new low-pollution cement factory was nixed by state officials. In Oregon, 30,000 loggers were thrown out of work by the phony ‘spotted owl’ controversy of the 1990s.

All over America, nature is thriving and people are suffering. And this is an intentional outcome from the environmentalists.

It is important to remember who these ecologists are, that the enviro movement is financed in large part by rich and super-rich people who live in cities and suburbs and who love to accumulate wealth in these man-made places. But at the same time, they revere nature – from afar, of course – and they ruin rural and small-town economies. They obstruct everything in the name of nature.

But many of these rich people are not really environmentalists at all. They are really wealthy leftists, many of them radical, who want to make America poor while they get rich. So that they can control the nation. And one of the soft targets is millions of people with little political power in small-town and rural America. And the enviro movement is one way to control them, under the radar, under the rubric of ecology.

Never fall for the old environmentalist canard that these environmentalists want the water clean and the air cleaner. Many of these people could not care less about the environment.  What they really want is control. And in the 1950s, when the rivers and air were polluted, they had no control and they wanted it badly. And since then, they have developed total control and we are all suffering as a result.

So give me some pollution and prosperity any day. I remember how happy we all were when the rivers ran red and green.

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