'Occupiers' Unnerving Lib Elites

TV actor Alec Baldwin, generally known for his far-left views and his alleged threat to decamp from America if George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, seems to be getting a little nervous about the Wall Street protesters/thugs.

He recently was mingling with the ‘occupiers’ when he said things like “I think capitalism is worthwhile” and “you have to have capital markets in this country” and “you cannot not have strong capital markets in this country or the country is going to go down the tubes. I think most people want change in this country but they don’t want the country to go down the tubes. They don’t want the country to become England… And capitalism demands the flow of money. So, I think we need to have that. … I do not want capital markets dismantled.”

Baldwin in early 2011 got in a big tax spat with the city of New York. So maybe that wound his clock a little bit about economic reality.

This is very interesting and points to a bigger issue. Because a lot of these wealthy people on the left, who actually make up a majority of the wealthy people in America – often a supermajority – suddenly are seeing the dirty face of communism in these protesters. It is no longer a $50 checkoff on a website. They now understand what these protesters really represent and they are getting nervous.

That is why so many liberal politicians including New York mayor Bloomberg are refusing to embrace the ‘occupy’ thugs and why even ultra-liberal black menentrepreneurs like billionaire Robert Johnson of Black Entertainment Television are calling for caution in defaming wealthy Americans.

Because now they realize that this no longer is cheap rhetoric that can be papered over with cocktail party chatter but that this is a serious, left-wing radical and revolutionary movement in our midst. And that to agree with it is going to tar you and include you in something that you may regret being involved with.

Oh, sure, the wandering lunatics like Al Gore have offered full support. Because Gore’s name already is mud; he doesn’t have anything to lose. But many of the rich radicals from Hollywood and from the Democrat party are hiding. Because this thing has moved way beyond rhetoric.

Indeed you even will finally see the media elites at the Washington Post and NBC and the New York Times suddenly pulling back from any full-throated embrace of the occupiers. Because suddenly a lot of these rich lefty media frauds are realizing that, gulp, gee maybe our system really does rely on things like capital markets. That, gosh, maybe I should brush up on my economics… Who was Adam Smith again? What was that ‘invisible hand’ thing? What do they do down there at the stock exchange again? Does that, like, affect my stock portfolio, like, directly?

Isn’t reality wonderful? Isn’t it amusing to watch these fiscal atheists praying to God when the going just starts to get a little itty-bitty tough? Like when the water is only swirling around their ankles?

And guess what else. The lefties all know that we now have a new conservative media that is going to track them and that is going to put them on record for what they say. And so people like Baldwin are going to do two things – think before they speak; and possibly say things that might just not totally offend the normal people in America who have made fools like play-actor Baldwin rich for appearing on juvenile TV shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

Look at ultra-lib Bloomberg (estimated fortune $10 billion) who suddenly got all nervous about the protests and about the fact that they might disrupt his precious New York tourist economy. He then warned… horrors… that labor unions backing the protesters are not considering the fact that Wall Street pays many of the taxes that pay the salaries of New York labor unions.

Duhhhhh….. really, mayor? That’s really interesting. I think I’ll put that on my blog!

This is the same Bloomberg who lept to the microphones to conjecture that it may have been a Tea Partier upset with the health-care bill who planted a car bomb in Times Square on May 1, 2010.

But darn it, it was some Islamist from Pakistan! Who woulda thunk it…

Yes, Bloomie and all his Manhattan gang have all been radical chic for decades but now have come face to face with the real radicals who are not chic and who are vowing to bring down his whole city brick by brick, stock portfolio by stock portfolio.

This all reminds me once again that it is great to be a life-long conservative, someone who has embraced without hesitation and without doubt certain core values that have led to our nation’s prosperity and freedom. Someone who is not shifting with the political winds.

And now even many loony-left Euros, after decades of socialism, have embraced our worldview, that you can’t argue your way out of debt. Or dream your way out with manifestos demanding free this, that and everything else.

Indeed ‘order’ is crucial to a good life. Indeed ‘order’ is the key to all, said the Ancient Greeks wisely. Sure you can live in chaos without running water or electricity and sleeping in parks. But some of us recognize that the Wall Street protesters represent a kind of genuine chaos that is dangerous from sunup to sundown and that will last a long, long time if they are allowed to succeed. And even Alec Baldwin apparently is now getting that message.

Welcome aboard, sir…

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