'Infrastructure Crisis' Explained

Here it comes. Again. We hear this story at least once a year. Washingtonpost.com recently reported:

‘…right now a nationwide transportation system built in the middle of the 20th century is falling apart. There isn’t enough money to arrest its decline, and the public is largely oblivious to the need. …The American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated that an investment of $1.7 trillion is needed between now and 2020 to rebuild roads, bridges, water lines, sewage systems and dams that are reaching the ends of their planned life cycles. The Urban Institute puts the price tag at $2 trillion. Last year a report by 80 experts …called for an annual investment of $262 billion. Fail to invest now, and the cost will increase later. Already, the civil engineers said, infrastructure deficiencies add $97 billion a year to the cost of operating vehicles and result in travel delays that cost $32 billion.

OK, we have heard it all before. But there are many angles to this story that need to be explained:

*Obama spent $800 billion in ‘stimulus’ starting in 2009, which is more than enough to fix an awful lot of infrastructure. And zero infrastructure was fixed. The money all was wasted through Obama corruption. So the same Democrats and media and academics always crying about our infrastructure crisis do nothing about it when they have the chance and the money.

*The crisis indeed is somewhat real but we have plenty of money to fix it.  If the Democrats would allow us to have the money, that is. Because we could save hundreds of billions of dollars every year by throwing millions of welfare cheaters off the dole, firing millions of unnecessary federal and state workers and cutting the exorbitant pay, benefits and pension of millions of other government workers. This money all could go to infrastructure. But the Democrats allow our infrastructure to crumble as if we don’t have the cash.  It is abhorrent.

*The ‘infrastructure crisis’ is being blown out of proportion for a reason. Because many of these “experts” are academics who make a living writing up these apocalyptic analyses while Democrat bureaucrats and politicians and labor unions have a vested interest in more and more government spending.  So of course they are going to fudge the figures and make them seem catastrophically large.

*Our infrastructure is made up of public systems (roads, bridges, sewers) and these sky-high repair figures represent the cost to fix these systems with bloated government budgets at astronomical union wages and with unaccountable and corrupt government managers and supervisors.

These public systems could be repaired by private firms at one-third the cost.

Who could forget the notorious Big Dig highway project in Boston, Massachusetts which was supposed to cost $2 billion and ended up costing $15 billion. And guess who controls Massachusetts lock, stock and barrel?

Answer: The corrupt Democrat party and its corrupt labor union friends many of whom are associated with organized crime. They stole the Big Dig blind.

*Much of this ‘infrastructure’ story is being falsified and manipulated. Here is a perfect example on a small, local scale that is repeated hundreds of thousands of times across the nation:

In my town in Massachusetts there was an underpass that was in disrepair for several years. It was just a short stretch of road, two lanes wide and 25 feet long. But it was a major bottleneck because the road was heavily traveled and everyone had to slow for the underpass and swerve around big potholes.

It could have been repaired in two hours but was left un-repaired for years. Why? It was not as if nobody knew about it at city hall.

The reason was to make people think that the city did not have the money to fix this critical stretch of road so that they would gladly agree to pay more in taxes just to get it fixed. It’s the oldest Democrat trick in the book.

In other words, when the fiscal situation is bad, these governments don’t throw deadbeats off the welfare dole or fire thousands of do-nothing bureaucrats or stop wasting money by the boatload. No, they allow an important road to degrade or they fire crucial cops, firefighters and teachers in order to do one thing: Get more money from the taxpayers.

Now notice again this excerpt from the washingtonpost.com:

‘Already, the civil engineers said, infrastructure deficiencies add $97 billion a year to the cost of operating vehicles and result in travel delays that cost $32 billion.’

Indeed the underpass in my town was broken up and was certainly causing damage to cars along with causing delays. But still the Democrats who control every last facet of the city dragged their feet for years in fixing it.

Because to them the public good – to get the road fixed – is of no interest. No, they are always, always, always plotting new ways to fool or scare the public into coughing up more money. Meanwhile my city has been planning to spend $70 million on an unnecessary new high school and it lavishes generous pay/benefit/pension packages on its public-employee cronies.

But two hours of time to fix a broken road – naw, that just can’t be done.


*Cities are wasting tens of billions on a major new infrastructure boondoggle – super-expensive light-rail transit systems (commuter trains, trolleys, subways etc.) that few people are using. This is siphoning away vast amounts of capital from cities that should be repairing their existing infrastructure.

The endless building programs for these light-rail systems is nothing but a sop to the Democrat party and its labor union friends. Because these systems are being promoted by Democrat politicians and are then built, operated, maintained and managed by overpaid workers who are mostly or totally all members of private unions or government-employee unions. Who then give their campaign contributions overwhelmingly to Democrats…

Gee, is there a vicious cycle here?

And many of these systems get large amounts of federal funding. So those of us who live in suburban or rural areas are contributing tax dollars to urban unions and Democrats for light-rail systems that usually under-used and require more and more public funding.

Meanwhile private-sector intercity buses like Greyhound and Trailways have been moving people efficiently for decades without government subsidies. But the Media Left ignore these systems but love to run big, colorful pictures of these inefficient trolley/train systems that consume vast amounts of taxpayer wealth. Because they are so new and colorful! And they look just like Europe!

While our infrastructure crumbles at the hands of gangsters in the Democrat party.

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