Many Obamas Waiting in the Wings

We conservatives may think that once Obama is voted out of office that things will get better. And indeed Mitt Romney or Herman Cain or
Rick Perry or any of the current field would be an infinitely better president than Obama and would remove the dark cloud that Obama is casting over our nation and our economy. The election of any Republican will lead to an immediate economic bump.

But which Democrat is going to challenge for the White House in 2016 or 2020 and on into the future?

Answer: Someone just as far left as Obama. Because the entire Democrat party today is on the far left. There is no challenge to the left’s power. And from now on any Democrat presidential candidate will need to pass muster with the radicals. There are many Obamas waiting in the wings.

Consider our last three Democrat presidents – Carter, Clinton and Obama. Each was progressively more corrupt and more to the left.

Now consider Andrew Cuomo, the new governor of New York state who took office in January 2011. Rest assured he wants to be president someday. He is a politically hungry, left-wing ideologue Democrat who wants to do exactly what Obama is doing.

But as governor he is acting like a moderate, refusing to raise taxes further on wealthy New Yorkers, demanding a cap on real estate taxes and asking for concessions from state employee unions.

Cuomo is doing all this for one reason only – to prevent New York state from collapsing entirely. Because if that happened on his watch, that would disqualify him from consideration for the White House.

Cuomo pulled a classic Democrat trick when he first became governor. He said he was going to lay off 9,000 unionized state workers to help the budget situation. This made him very popular with some New Yorkers. Many people thought, ‘Finally a governor who is willing to tackle the state’s budget problem! He’s not such a liberal after all!’

But Cuomo’s unionized government-employee cronies, who mostly vote Democrat and support the Democrat party with contributions, knew he’d never fire anyone. And he didn’t. All he ended up doing was getting a few piddling concessions from the unions which they will get back, with interest, in a few years when the spotlight is off the situation. Meanwhile Cuomo pushed through homosexual marriage.

What New York state really needs to survive and prosper is serious, major cuts in staffing levels, pay, benefits and pensions for all state workers because these employee costs are crushing the state and its taxpayers and driving business away. Wealthy people are packing up and leaving, and taking their wealth with them.

Major reforms ain’t gonna happen under Cuomo, however.

The other half of the budget-killing equation is the monster welfare state that that has been nurtured by the Democrats for the last 60 years.

And Cuomo is seeking zero reforms there.

So Cuomo is just like Obama. He does and says a few self-serving conservative things to make it seem as if he is not a radical. But Cuomo is just another leftist extremist who wants the White House that his father Mario never had.

Now think about how many conservative positions Obama took during the 2008 campaign – that he favored the 2nd Amendment and nuclear power and tax cuts for the middle class and that he was a good Christian. But in office he has done nothing about these issues except for some small tax rebates. He does not even have a Washington church after 33 months in office because his Christianity is fake.

And this is how all these leftists operate. They talk conservative to get elected and then move hard left and expect their media allies to cover for them. Which they do.

If Obama were a Republican and his polls were as bad as they are today, he would be considered a dead duck. Instead the media keep him afloat through subterfuge, just like they keep Cuomo’s approval ratings up by highlighting a few ‘conservative’ things that Cuomo has done.

Never do the media mention that Cuomo and his Democrat predecessor Eliot Spitzer – when both were state attorneys general – waged war on the private sector, targeting Wall Street and undermining the very economic engine that has made New York rich for decades. And that that war was all bogus. Virtually nobody was found guilty, but many Wall Street reputations were ruined.

Meanwhile massive, unyielding fraud and corruption has been going on all over the state for decades in the budget, in the bloated state workforce and in the welfare state. And Democrats are behind virtually all of it. But there has been no prosecution for that fraud.

In fact in the late 1990s, under administrator Cuomo, the Federal Housing Administration in the Clinton administration continued to advocate more and more for every possible kind of home ownership loan for poor people, with cries of racism and discrimination. This is the type of radicalism that Obama represents and that all these Democrats now represent. It started with Jimmy Carter and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

This is the type of radicalism that destroyed the American economy because these were the ‘subprime’ loans that polluted the entire financial system with bad paper, killed many banks, destroyed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and then set off the dominoes of economic collapse. And this is the type of extremism that all Democrats are expected to propound for the future.

Now look at all the major figures in the Democrat party. They are all hard left – Obama, Biden, Cuomo, Pelosi, Reid, Jerry Brown in California, Boxer, Feinstein, Murray, Schumer, Maxine Waters, the entire congressional black caucus etc., etc. There is barely even a light sprinkling of moderates.

Then when we on the right announce that we want rational conservatives to counter this leftward drift, the media shout us down as extremists.

The Democrat party in the US is out to weaken and undermine our nation with dependent socialism, radical environmentalism, rabid regulations, lawsuits, union agitation, homosexuality, multiculturalism, political correctness, ignorance, sloth, apathy and greed in order to control the population.

Yet we conservatives say over and over that we want a well-behaved, hard-working populace and that we do not want to control people, that we do not want to “take care of” everyone. That we want people to be strong and self-sufficient and to care of themselves in a free economy.

Look around America today. We are increasingly weak, lazy and dependent. A little earthquake sends people into a frenzy. The media teach us to think only about ourselves. They degrade our culture so that the people know little about Western art, literature, architecture or science.

The hard left denigrates our nation and refuses to honor our Founding Fathers. Instead Obama installs a civil rights painting in the White House as if we haven’t had civil rights rammed down our throats every day for 50 years.

But this is the political left at work. They never, ever let up. And this is what we will be up against for the next 100 years.

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