9.1% Unemployment Nonsense

The September unemployment rate of 9.1% is nonsense. This is merely the “official” number that is being disseminated by the Obama-friendly media.

If this were a Republican president, we would be hearing about the millions of ‘hidden’ unemployed, about the increasing numbers of homeless (where have those people disappeared to under Obama?), about millions who have given up looking for work and are no longer counted, and about jobs that have been destroyed and that will never come back.

Instead we are supposed to think that 9.1% unemployment is a pretty good number. After all, it is not 11%. Or 15%. Phew! Obama sure has saved us! Only 9.1%!

This is called “the new normal” where socialism ruins the economy and we are expected to accept increasing poverty and high unemployment as they have been accepted for decades in Europe.

And already millions of once-prosperous Americans are accepting the fact that they may never work again and that they may well die destitute.

Unless we turn things around, which a good president will do quickly, as Calvin Coolidge did in the 1920s and Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s. And the economy will rebound quickly with the right policies, and optimism will feed on itself. Even Sweden has done it. Even communist China is using free-market capitalism to save itself.

Over in some of the elite bastions of Euro-socialism the “official” unemployment rates have been 7% to 10% for decades and the “real” rate has been over 15%. Today, we have 21% “official” unemployment in Spain. Who knows what the “real” rate is. 30%? More?

Yes, ain’t Europe wonderful. With all those high-speed trains and their short work weeks and month-long vacations in August and two-hour siestas in the middle of the day.

Yeah, right… All a myth. Every word. The dreamers finally have awakened.

When Bush was president in 2006 and economists were literally saying that the economy was the best that it had ever been in American history with 4.5% unemployment, the Democrats could not publicly protest those good numbers. So they complained over and over about “tax cuts for the rich”. Remember that? It never stopped, like a windup toy repeating the same message over and over again. Because they had to have something to distract the public from the strong economy.

Today, of course, most Americans would love 4.5% They wouldn’t care who paid what in taxes.

Indeed now that Obama has twice the “official” unemployment rate of Bush – and certainly the “real” rate is well over 15% – the Democrats are still caterwauling about “tax cuts for the rich”.

Baloney. And we are not in a recession. We are in a global depression. And if we had a Republican president, we would be hearing the word “depression” over and over, just as we would be hearing about the “real” unemployment numbers and about the disastrous state of the housing market.

And this global depression is being caused by two simple words – government debt.

And government debt comes from socialist overspending. Period. End of story. And that overspending all comes from the political left.

Imagine if all nations were very capitalistic and had small government debts and small social programs and low taxes but that their economies were in recession. What would rational governments do?

They would keep taxes and spending low and allow the economy to recover on that basis. And the economies would rise with gusto. It always works. Every time. Without fail.

Think about your own situation. Isn’t your personal psychology much better if you have no debt or little debt? Isn’t heavy debt like a dark cloud over life?

Of course. Debt kills. It strangles people, families, businesses, industries and entire nations. And socialism is an ideology of unlimited debt.

So what can we do about our debt here in America? Just for starters, how about:

*Cut the federal workforce by 10% which can be done easily through attrition, i.e., when people retire, don’t fill their jobs with new employees.

*Cut the federal workforce another 10% by firing hundreds of thousands of unnecessary workers.

*Cut all federal pay/benefit/pension plans by 20% (excluding military). Because their compensation packages have been skyrocketing over the last 30 years.

*Eliminate federal agencies like the departments of energy and education, and replace the grossly bloated Environmental Protection Agency with a smaller agency that works with business, not against business.

*Cut all federal handout checks by 20%.

*Pull our military out of Afghanistan and bring half our troops home from nations like Japan and Germany that should be defending themselves.

Just for starters… There’s plenty more. Plenty…

Because only spending cuts can solve our problems. Tax increases never, ever solve debt. They always make it worse. That is why highly-taxed states like California and New York keep getting deeper into debt as business flees and productivity falls.

Europe is a sterling example. Everything already is taxed to the hilt, yet their economies have been in the tank for decades and they have huge debts.

This global debt load is something that has built up over a long period even though we conservatives warned and warned every day that this day of doom eventually would come. And until now world prosperity has been able to paper over the crisis. But no longer. It is time to pay the piper.

Because the socialists never heard us. And today in America they are saying that such-and-such number of people are dependent on the government and that we cannot therefore cut their dole.

Yet who has made them dependent?

Answer: The welfare state creating more and more programs and more and more unemployment and poverty through more and more debt and dependence. It is a vicious cycle. And that is why Europe’s cradle-to-grave socialism now has produced 21% unemployment in Spain, which also happens to have had Europe’s most aggressive ‘green’ energy program. Which is where the US is headed if we do not make major reforms.

And if you end up being one of the 21% there ain’t gonna be a welfare state left to save you if America continues on its current path. The welfare state already is consuming itself and you are going to die poor.

But there is hope. Lots of hope. It is common sense. The only solution for a brighter future is top-to-bottom reform of government spending. Period. End of story. So let’s get to work.

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