Steven Jobs' American Success Story

Steven Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, has died at age 56. Who knows what he might have achieved had he lived another 30 years.

But someone else will take up the torch. There’s too much money in computers not to attract many hungry innovators. Only a few will succeed like Jobs, however.

Since I am a conservative commentator, I did something that I like to do to find out more about a public figure. I looked up Jobs’ campaign contributions to see where he stood politically during his life. And according to newsmeat.com, the campaign contribution website, Jobs had given $209,000 to Democrats and $1,000 to Republicans.

So obviously Jobs was a rich California liberal. No wonder the media loved him.

There are two kinds of people in the computer business, and Jobs was on the commercial side, i.e., he got rich and famous through commercialization – putting computers into consumers’ hands.

But some would say that the people who really are doing the interesting and innovative work are those on the less glamorous research side, the tech-heads working quietly in their labs, behind the scenes, trying to figure out how to make a computer chip work faster or better or do more things or work in concert with other chips. Jobs, on the other hand, was more like a rock star – the guy on stage singing the songs. So he got rock star treatment from the Media Left.

And today most of California’s computer zillionaires are liberals and so they too are treated like rock stars. But if you consider other wealthy white men like those involved in, say, the oil industry, you may hear about them in the business media, but they are ignored in the general media. Because they usually are more quiet and conservative and thus hated by the libs.

So what makes most of these megabyte moguls liberals?

Several things: First, they are dealing in information technology in the “soft” side of the economy which is generally liberal; no mountains of welded steel or noisy factories there. Second they live in California and are under enormous peer pressure from other rich libs in the computer industry to toe the line. And third – and this is very important – they understand how the media work and that they will be ignored if they are not liberals. And so they become Democrats. It’s just the default position. It is easier to join that to fight against the tide.

And they are a fascinating group. These men truly appear to be masters of the universe since today the universe runs on computers. Even backward communist China is computerized. But did the Chinese have anything to do with the invention of computer technology?

Heck, no. They only got as far as the primitive abacus. Computers came out of Europe and the United States. The earliest computer was developed in ancient Greece. It was a mechanism called the Antikythera Device, a series of ultra-precise metal rings with teeth on them that turned like gears. The device was discovered under the sea after thousands of years.

Computer technology then evolved slowly over many centuries, with the groundwork laid in Europe in growing technological nations. Finally by the 20th century, with an advanced economy in America powered by the crucial energy of electricity, computer technology started to leapfrog on itself as it moved into hyper-efficient electrification. And today computers get faster and faster every year by factors of hundreds or thousands. Ten-year-old technology now seems almost as ancient as the Antikythera itself.

But communist China is not developing its own computers from scratch. Because Asians are not original people. They are smart and hard working, but in essence they are mimics who take ideas from the creative West and capitalize on them and use them in productive ways and often improve on them.

For instance Japan learned to make cars from an American efficiency expert named W. Edwards Deming. Meanwhile communist China has simply stolen from America every technology that they cannot obtain legally. And they are using and will continue to use computers to advance economically.

Of course these communists do one original thing well – they maliciously hack into American computer systems to try and disrupt us. This is just more evidence that communists are uncreative thugs, thieves, deadbeats and Losers with a capital L. They would have nothing without American capitalist ingenuity.

In fact America has created every single modern technology that has made the world a better place. For instance the whole generation and transmission system for AC electricity was invented in the US by a Croatian (European) immigrant named Nikola Tesla.

Yet few schoolchildren today know who Tesla was. Because he was a white man who was not known as some great liberal. So despite the fact that Tesla created the system that made modern computers possible, he somehow is ignored by our left-wing education culture while Steve Jobs is beloved.

Yet Steve Jobs was the product of a nation and an economy that historically has been capitalistic and individualistic, far from what Jobs apparently believed in as a liberal –  collectivism and socialism. Fact is Jobs succeeded because America allowed him to become what he was destined to be.

Today, however, the liberal political culture that the late Steve Jobs contributed to as a Democrat is squashing our inventive economy with taxes, regulations, environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-individualism, anti-innovation, statism and all the rest.

And if computer technology goes overseas as a result, it will wither worldwide. Because there is nobody in the world quite like an American with a good idea like Steven Jobs. And no nation quite like America in which he can flourish.

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