Will Obama Quit?

Activists on the political left from Ralph Nader to Dennis Kucinich are now calling for a presidential primary challenge to Barack Obama. This is only adding insult to Obama’s current political injury. Even savvy political strategist Dick Morris is predicting that Obama could step down to save his party. Meanwhile Wall Street fundraisers who once supported him are backing away from Obama.

Obama has even referred to himself as the ‘underdog’ in 2012.

And now look at these two quotes and you start to understand why some people think that Obama may be unraveling emotionally and intellectually. In an interview on NBC, he stumbled through this:

“I mean, there are a lot of things we can do. The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

‘…had gotten a little soft’? Is this guy kidding? Why doesn’t he close his big mouth and seek to make America a better nation instead of insulting us.

Then he recently told an audience of high school students in Washington, DC:

“I was not always the very best student that I could be when I was in high school, and certainly not when I was in middle school. I did not love every class I took. I wasn’t always paying attention the way I should have. I remember when I was in 8th grade I had to take a class called ethics. Now, ethics is about right and wrong, but if you’d ask me what my favorite subject was back in 8th grade, it was basketball. I don’t think ethics would have made it on the list.”

Boy, is that a revealingquote from a thoroughly corrupt president who was ushered into the Ivy League on highly suspect qualifications.

Is this guy losing it? And is this why more and more Democrats are saying that maybe he should step aside?

Many of us remember the last primary challenger to a sitting Democrat president when Massachusetts US senator Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Kennedy’s problem, however, was that he was running largely because he felt, as a Kennedy, that he somehow was owed the presidency. But in the famous Roger Mudd interview when Kennedy could not even answer the question, “Why do you want to be president?” Teddy was exposed as a deadbeat and pretty much knocked out of the race. Then in the 1980 general election, Ronald Reagan trounced Carter.

Now Obama is under severe and unrelenting criticism not only from Republicans and America in general, but increasingly from Democrats too. This can only harm him when already he looks like a loser in 2012. This could lead to a Republican landslide or even possibly to a Hillary Clinton bid for the White House if Obama steps aside.

Ralph Nader is the classic left-wing malcontent who will not beat Obama in a primary challenge but who, as he did in the 2000 election, can cause major damage just by showing up. After all, if Nader had not been on the presidential ballot as a third-party candidate in the general election in Florida in 2000, Al Gore would have gotten most of Nader’s votes and would have won the White House.

But Nader is probably going to press on. And this is really, really bad news for Obama. Because Nader and possibly Kucinich and all the other cranks on the political left are going to arouse Obama’s far-left base against Obama. And although it will not kill Obama in the primaries, these people are all extremist lunatics and this challenge will end up suppressing the far-left vote in the general election, leading to an even bigger Obama loss than there might be without a primary.

And if Nader runs as a third-party candidate in the general election, Obama can forget it.

Even a columnist in Obama’s hometown paper the Chicago Tribune is calling for Obama to step aside. Wrote Steven Chapman:

‘The vultures are starting to circle. Former White House spokesman Bill Burton said that unless Obama can rally the Democratic base, which is disillusioned with him, “it’s going to be impossible for the president to win.” Democratic consultant James Carville had one word of advice for Obama: “Panic.”

But there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election. He can scrap the campaign, bag the fundraising calls and never watch another Republican debate as long as he’s willing to vacate the premises by Jan. 20, 2013.

That might be the sensible thing to do. It’s hard for a president to win a second term when unemployment is painfully high. If the economy were in full rebound mode, Obama might win anyway. But it isn’t, and it may fall into a second recession — in which case voters will decide his middle name is Hoover, not Hussein. Why not leave of his own volition instead of waiting to get the ax?’

In other words, Barack, quit not while you are ahead – because that was long ago – but while you still have your head sewn on. Because you are speeding toward a political decapitation and an ignominy that is unparalleled in American history.

To add to the problem, second terms are usually troublesome for presidents. Nixon and Watergate; Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal; Bush and the Iraq war. So after Obama has had one major success in the first term from the left-wing point of view – the health care bill – he also is being seen as the President Who Ruined America. And with Republicans likely to be controlling both the House and Senate after the 2012 election, Obama, if re-elected, would be in for some really tough sledding.

Even black America is angry with America’s First Black President. And if that doesn’t spell trouble, then nothing does.

A spokesman for the Congressional Black Caucus even said that “If (white president) Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this (unemployment problem among blacks), we probably would be marching on the White House,” said Ohio congressman Emanuel Cleaver in comments published in The Miami Herald. “There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

Wow. Kaboom. That is really bad news for Obama. Really bad news.

Said outspoken leftist US congresswoman Maxine Waters: “We’re supportive of the president, but we getting tired, y’all. We want to give [Obama] every opportunity, but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is.”

But we conservatives know what Obama’s strategy is, congresswoman. It is socialism. And since our capitalist economy no longer is able to produce the wealth to paper over the trap doors of socialism, you’d better get right with our plan for jobs and growth.

Because Obamanomics is what we conservatives have been warning about for decades. And finally black America, along with most everyone else, is understanding what we have been saying for a long, long time.

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