Gov. Christie: Please Don't Run...

There is a big problem brewing in the Republican party.  After nine good candidates – down from ten – have entered the race and have worked hard at getting the presidential nomination, Establishment Republican chiefs like former president George W. Bush and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger are not satisfied and are trying to convince New Jersey governor Chris Christie to enter the race.

And with primaries coming up soon, this effort looks like desperation that could end up being a debacle, fracturing the primary process and leading to chaos, confusion and anger. And to a perception of the GOP as a party with a weak field that is seeking a magic bullet.

But the field is not weak. Remember that Obama is the weak figure who will be running for president in 2012. And if Ralph Nader runs in the primary against Obama or, worse, in the general election as a third-party candidate, it is curtains for Barack Hussein and the Democrats. In other words, liberals have many more problems than we do.

Why can’t the Establishment GOP recognize this fact?

And if Christie enters the race at this late date, he will have to play catch-up, he will be (further) targeted in the press over his obesity, and he will generally cause disruption. Because once a candidate enters the race the sheen comes off and he gets subjected to real invasive scrutiny. Just ask Rick Perry about how that works.

And while Christie has been a very effective governor in New Jersey and a good Republican, he may not wear well with the whole nation in a general election, or with the Republican primary electorate. He is brusque, abrasive and in many ways liberal.

What is really going on here is that the moderate RepubliCrat establishment is seeking to derail any chance that a conservative will get the nomination. Bush, Karl Rove, Kissinger and John McCain are all deathly afraid that Rick Perry will be nominated. Or Herman Cain. Despite the fact that either Perry or Cain could beat Obama with pure common sense like Ronald Reagan trounced Jimmy Carter, which came as a shock to the clueless RepubliCrat establishment.

Because RepubliCrats are less friendly to conservatives than they are to Washington, DC Democrats. That is why John McCain and his loopy daughter have spent more time warring against conservatives than against Obama and his far-left ideology.

Because Washington RepubliCrats and Washington Democrats have a common thread.  They adore the power in DC and don’t want any of this crazy talk about Tea Parties and power to the people. And that silly old thing called the Constitution.

No, what RepubliCrats want is simple and straightforward: Let us politicians in Washington handle everything. After all, that is what the Constitution was written for…

Yeah, right…

Consider Ronald Reagan. He easily was one of the most effective presidents in American history because he was a common-sense conservative with a few bold ideas. He did not have big plans for micro-managing America or for re-making the nation with new entitlements or ‘conservative compassion’ like George W. Bush. He knew that free markets and a growing economy are the ultimate compassion.

Yet the Republican Establishment detested Reagan. He came out of California conservatism, which to the GOP elite was extreme. They considered Reagan to be an embarrassment – a simple-minded actor, too socially right wing, too religious. And they were certain that a saber-rattling anti-communist like Reagan surely was going to start World War III.

Yet Reagan ultimately prevented World War III from happening. And he reinvigorated the whole Republican party and gave it a legacy that still stands today and will stand for generations.

It was Reagan’s strong hand that revived the economy and restored America’s faith in itself even after RepubliCrat Papa Bush in 1980 called Reagan’s proposed policies “voodoo economics”.

Meanwhile during Reagan’s two terms, erudite foreign-policy ‘professional’ Papa Bush (former CIA director, former ambassador to China) stood by idly as vice president while Reagan and two other global conservatives, prime minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain and Pope John Paul II, took on the Soviet Union and won.

In short, rank amateurs – a former actor, a religious man and a grocer’s daughter – showed the elites how the game was played. And this was a massive humiliation to the Kissinger wing of the Republican party which couldn’t lead us out of Vietnam even with GPS and four-wheel drive.

Then in the 2000s George W. Bush’s RepubliCrat ideology gave us open borders, a disastrous Iraq war and a new Medicare entitlement along with “compassionate conservatism” that entailed grotesque spending increases at a time when our nation could have been reigning in spending and generating the kinds of surpluses that we could be tapping into today.

So what advice do we conservatives have for Christie?

Stay out of the race, sir. If you really wanted to run, you would have got in by now and your hesitation shows that indeed you are not ready. And for those who think you will bring Republicans together, that is nonsense. You will tear the party apart.

Christie would easily draw the most votes away from Mitt Romney.  And like Romney or not, he is very strong in debates, he is stating an increasingly conservative agenda, and he seems poised and prepared to possibly win the nomination and the White House. Yet the GOP Establishment seems not to like Romney either. Why else would they be tapping Christie?

What gives with these people? Can’t they ever be happy?

No. Because they have strong traces of liberalism in their blood. Everything is a political calculation and their minds are whirring over Christie. And ultimately they believe in the supremacy of Washington. And anyone who challenges that supremacy is persona non grata in the Bush/Rove house of power.

But remember one thing – that that is the house of power that took us into the most disastrous war in American history.

Enough said.

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