Socialism is Killing NY State

Here are four things that happened on September 27, 2011:

*Donald Trump, whose business is headquartered in New York City, said in an interview on the Sean Hannity radio show that creating jobs in the private sector is “free”. This is true (i.e., the private sector creates wealth, it does not consume wealth like the estimate that Obama’s new economic plan is going to cost $200,000 per job).

*A computer consortium headed up by IBM announced a $4.8 billion investment in New York state which will create 800 jobs in the state capital of Albany and 7,000 jobs statewide.

*Former president Bill Clinton, who lives in New York state, and New York governor Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, spoke at an economic conference in Albany. They were giddy over the IBM investment and proclaimed New York state as poised for a new generation of economic growth.

*The Public Employee Federation of New York state rejected a contract offer. The rejection could lead to 3,500 state employee layoffs which is expected to hit Albany hard since Albany is the state capital.

So what does all this mean?

Together it really means that New York state is drowning just a little less than it has been recently, but that the long-term trends remain very negative.

New York state has lost 400,000 jobs and 1.7 million residents in the last 10 years, according to one radio ad, or almost 10% of its population. So 7,000 jobs is a positive development, but it is no big deal. It is just a brief respite in the hemorrhaging of jobs, people and wealth from the state.

And the reason that New York is suffering is that New York once was very wealthy. And then the Democrats came along, built power over many years and stole every penny they could get their hands on, just as liberal socialism has done the same to the entire United States and to Europe, both ruined by the welfare state.

New York state today is controlled by far-left Democrats, mostly from New York City, and has a weak Republican party to check them. And the results are tangible. Younger, productive, educated and skilled New Yorkers are voting with their feet, fleeing the ‘worker’s paradise’ of socialism. The elderly and poor are being left behind.

Consider the state employees who are controlled by the strongest unions in America. Their pay/benefit/pension plans are strangling the economy of New York state. For decades these bureaucrats have been getting the most generous packages of all workers in America. And as America suffers, these unions arrogantly reject their new contract like good unions always do, selfishly wanting only more and more and willing to sacrifice zero as America sinks.

Everyone knows about the unions, but Democrat Cuomo will do nothing substantive about them as Republican governor Christie has done in New Jersey by confronting the unions head on. But don’t think that Cuomo is not working on a deal over those layoffs. And even if they do go, it is just a drop in the bucket of the massive overpaid, overstaffed state bureaucracy.

Along with the gigantic welfare blob in New York City, also nurtured by the Democrats, the state is sagging under the burden of sky-high taxes (8.25% statewide sales tax), out-of-control spending, low growth, high unemployment, capital flight and brain drain.

The IBM deal will bring 800 new jobs to the Albany area as a consortium including GlobalFoundries, TSMC, Samsung and Intel invests in research at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the state University at Albany.

But this will not even begin to solve New York state’s overall problems which are huge and which are the same as America’s. Because the focus is on a small sector of high-tech and computer chips, with no regard for the overall economy including low-tech occupations like logging or cement making.

Because these low-tech occupations like cutting down trees or other forms of resource extraction and manufacturing historically have created jobs for rural and small-town New Yorkers who lack a higher education. But enterprises like logging are increasingly being thwarted by the wealthy enviro movement which is allied with the Democrats. Meanwhile in Hudson, New York, 30 miles south of Albany, a proposed state-of-the-art cement production facility was killed by state officials in 2006 after a campaign against it by enviro activists.

Indeed these are the types of  job-creating industries that are being destroyed all over New York state by the same environmentalists and Democrats who are now ecstatic about 800 college-professor jobs at the state university in Albany. Because most of the professors will vote Democrat. Most rural loggers are Republicans.

Ultimately it is a mathematical dead end because this computer-chip growth is just a small spurt. It will not be sustained. But the enviro War on Rural New York State and on jobs in general is ongoing.

Go into any small town or village in New York, or in any other state, and you will find the enviro movement, allied with Obama, killing economies through obstruction of every kind of rural activity from mining to logging to manufacturing to ranching to farming. This is part of a leftist movement worldwide to move people out of rural areas and to return those areas to pristine nature under the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.

Meanwhile, as the state spends its taxpayers into oblivion, a War on Wall Street waged by former and current Democrat attorneys general including Cuomo, and ruthless taxation of rich citizens is producing “capital flight” out of New York and into states like Florida, which has no state income tax.

So don’t be fooled by this temporary surge in New York state jobs. These Democrats have a long-term strategy to undermine New York state’s “free” job creation in the private sector, to harass wealthy individuals as Obama is doing, and to take the wealth for themselves. It is how they always have operated. And it is an utterly destructive political ideology.

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