Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings Myth Busted

A new book refutes the centuries-old canard that our second president Thomas Jefferson fathered children with one of his slaves Sarah ‘Sally’ Hemmings.

For those of us who have long contended that this story is a hoax that has never been proven, a hoax being perpetrated to slander our Founders, this book is overdue. Because we know how this game is played: Liberals claim that the Founders of America were evil and that our society is unfair as a result. And thus any scandal that can be propounded about our Founders is echoed in the media for years, decades, centuries. This story about Jefferson/Hemmings has been around since 1802.

How did this myth get started? Here is a revealing excerpt from Monticello.org:

In September 1802, political journalist James T. Callender, a disappointed office-seeker who had once been an ally of Jefferson, wrote in a Richmond (Virginia) newspaper that Jefferson had for many years “kept, as his concubine, one of his own slaves.” “Her name is Sally,” Callender continued, adding that Jefferson had “several children” by her.

So there you go… ‘a disappointed office-seeker who had once been an ally of Jefferson…’

Is any further explanation needed? Callender is described in the wonderful book Original Intent by David Barton as someone who ‘began his career as a political pamphleteer in Scotland. His writings there were so libelous and seditious that being “oftimes called in court, did not appear, (Callender was) pronounced a fugitive and an outlaw.” Callender fled to America for refuge where he also resumed his former writing style – this time against prominent Americans…’

And don’t you think that Jefferson might be a little more careful about such an arrangement with his historical legacy on the line?

Of course…

And how can this new panel refute evidence, if true, that Hemmings’ children had Jefferson DNA?

By presenting the case that Jefferson’s brother Randolph fathered the children with Hemmings. Twelve of 13 of the scholars on the panel looking at the question agreed that the father was very likely Randolph.

But that is not so simple for the anti-Founders left who make up most of today’s liberal intelligentsia. No, they want to ignore all reality and fact and anything outside the template that Jefferson was an evil white man whose real passion for was his black slave.

First here are a few facts about Sally Hemmings that the media rarely mention: She was only one-quarter black and looked very white. She was said to have been very beautiful but there are no pictures of her. She was the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife who had died and left him a widower. Hemmings had light duties in the house and was not what you might think of typically as a “slave”, which usually connotes very black and working in the fields. Others have suggested that the father of Hemmings’ children were Jefferson’s nephews. John Wayles Jefferson, a grandson of Hemmings, looks 100% white in photos while Hemmings’ descendants often passed themselves off as white.

The review group called the Scholars Commission includes chairman Robert F. Turner, a former professor at the University of Virginia, who said in a statement announcing the release of the book, The Jefferson-Hemmings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission:

“It is true that Sally (Hemmings’) sons Madison and Eson were freed in Jefferson’s will, but so were all but two of the sons and grandsons of Sally’s mother Betty Hemmings who still belonged to Thomas Jefferson at the time of his death. Sally’s sons received by far the least favorable treatment of those freed in Thomas Jefferson’s will,”

To understand this situation, you must understand how liberals lie every day. Because liberalism does not believe in absolute truth and most liberals take that to the extreme – that there is no truth whatsoever, and that truth is only what they believe and say. This is how they establish extremist positions on everything from ‘global warming’ to the welfare state.

For instance, a posting on the internet said that Rush Limbaugh once had said that slavery was a good idea. No proof or even evidence was ever produced, but the quote stuck and Limbaugh was denied a chance to become part owner of the St. Louis Rams football team as a result.

So the left never needs proof. They simply say whatever they please like the fake story on CBS before the 2004 presidential election questioning George W. Bush’s National Guard service. It was reported as fact until it was debunked. If it had not been debunked, the story would have stood and Bush would have lost the election.

In Wisconsin, a left-wing judge ruled in Summer 2011 that the Republicans who passed the law challenging union power had acted improperly. The ruling was false – there was no impropriety – and fortunately a higher court overturned the judge. But she blatantly lied to try and derail the legislation. And if her ruling had not been overturned, it would have undermined perfectly legal legislation with a falsehood.

Lie, lie, lie. It never ends with these liberals.

So what can be done?

We conservatives must simply tell the truth and expose them whenever we can. But they have the media to lie for them too. So we are up against an evil multi-headed hydra of an adversary with no regard for the light of truth, decorum or decency.

Thus the Jefferson/Hemmings farce is a perfect candidate for the liberal hoax machine. And with the issue of race thrown in, it becomes even more explosive, as was the Limbaugh incident.

For instance it is important to remember that one of America’s most powerful black leaders Al Sharpton rose to national prominence falsely accusing a group of white men of raping a black teenager named Tawana Brawley.

Does not history repeat itself?

Sharpton actually has been advanced politically for having the audacity to make this charge. He has been made a hero by the black left and by the Media Left who call him “Reverend Sharpton”, which is another lie. That is a fake title. Sharpton is no reverend. And that, friends, is just another liberal hoax like the Jefferson/Hemmings myth.

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