Reinstate 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Yesterday, September 20, the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) policy on homosexuals and lesbians was officially ended.

That repeal is a mistake because it allows gays to serve openly in the military and is highly problematic for the armed services on a number of fronts. DADT should be reinstated as soon as possible. Here are the potential trouble spots:

*By allowing homosexuals and lesbians to serve openly, they then are the only group that will be allowed to bring its personal agenda into the military. Since the inception of the US military, the unspoken and unwritten rule has been “Serve your country quietly and obediently…” In other words, don’t bring your personal agenda or personal problems into the military.

Now gays are the one group that has that special privilege. And if you want to see where this is going, just look at how Christians are increasingly denied any rights in another public institution – public schools (prayer groups, clubs, any discussion of the Bible or Christianity, prayer at sporting events etc.) – yet homosexuals find their presence in public education increasing daily. This is the type of discrimination/advocacy that is always going to accompany the rise of gay power, including in the military.

The gays also have a habit of announcing at every possible opportunity their sexual orientation, either through outright saying it, to multi-colored flags or bumper stickers, to acting effeminately or “butch”, to wearing special clothing or other markers.  This type of aggressive behavior is now going to increase in the military and is going to disrupt the military since the gays are the only group who are going to be allowed to use this tactic.

*Many of the recruits in the military today come from conservative and/or religious rural backgrounds where other economic opportunities long have remained slim and now are even worse with the assault of modern-day environmentalism on their cultures.

Wealthy urban enviro groups allied with Obama and with well-funded eco-activists are thwarting rural economies in every way they can in every state. So increasing numbers of young rural males, and females too, are seeing the military as a good career choice as they have for centuries.

But if homosexuals begin to have much increased sway over the military – which they will under the repeal of the DADT policy – these good rural soldiers may decline to join, depriving the military of a valuable recruiting source for the future and depriving these rural Americans of yet another avenue for advancement.

*Soldiers who oppose homosexuality on moral and religious grounds are going find themselves in military barracks where they must live in close quarters with and share shower and toilet facilities with gays who can and will be sexually excited by being in the presence of somebody of the same sex, sometimes in the nude. This would be like men and women being forced to use the same shower and bathroom facilities.

This will cause major disruption and will lead not to gay discrimination, but to discrimination against the soldier who feels uncomfortable or even surreptitiously taunted by a gay recruit but who will be expected to keep silent about it.

*Activist gay recruits will ‘push the envelope’ and, for instance, may openly and provocatively discuss their homosexuality at selected moments in order to trigger anger among other soldiers. Because these activists are going to start testing the limits of the military. And anyone who objects may be subject to punishment and possible expulsion. Yet if a heterosexual soldier starts to talk openly about his/her views on religion, sexual orientation or gender, he/she will be reprimanded or dismissed.

Again the repeal of DADT is giving special privileges to gays.

*The media love to play up stories about homosexuals who have served quietly in the armed forces, some of whom were found out and expelled. But the media conveniently ignore the rest of the issue, that many of those were expelled for engaging in homosexual acts – some in barracks – or for other illegal behavior according to the military code.

Or how about The Most Ignored Story of the Year about one of the most notorious traitors in American history, the homosexual Army private first class Bradley Manning who betrayed the military by downloading and dumping onto the internet via WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of classified military documents.

Manning did this because he is a gay activist who was angry at the military for DADT. And the new policy allowing gays to serve openly will not stop future Mannings but will give them more opportunities, particularly among more strident activists, to undermine the military through anger at the treatment of gays in the past.

*There are different kinds of gays who will wish to serve under the new law. First there are those who genuinely want to serve their country quietly and obediently and who have served that way since the American Revolution. All Americans respect their service and they have been welcomed into the military as “Americans” not as “homosexuals”. And no homosexual ever has been denied a promotion on the basis of his/her merits as a soldier which is the criterion on which all promotions should be based.

But now there are those who won’t serve quietly, but who are going to demand to be recognized as homosexuals. And this group is going to cause major problems. Rest assured that there will be  homosexuals who will join the military not to serve their country at all, but only to act as a wedge and to create disruption acting as ‘straw recruits’ for the gay lobby.

They will claim, for instance, that if they are given a dangerous or undesirable duty that it was because they were homosexual and were being discriminated against. Or if a heterosexual soldier shuns them because of religious or moral beliefs against homosexuality, then they will claim prejudice and that heterosexual soldier may be subjected to a talking-to, a lecture, a stern lecture, ‘diversity training’ or even dismissal.

Yet the gay will never feel threatened but will be protected. This is precisely what has happened in black America under liberalism. Blacks have used every tool available to discriminate against anyone who opposes their agenda. Even under law, a lower court – and four Supreme Court justices – ruled that white New Haven, Connecticut firefighters could be denied their promotions after they passed a promotion test that no blacks were able to pass.

So if a gay soldier cannot do the tough physical training or fails a test, imagine he/she bringing a suit against the military denying promotions to soldiers who passed the training or test. Or if a homosexual is passed over for a promotion, he/she will cry discrimination. Gays will use every legal tactic in the book.

*The military, of course, will begin giving gays preferential treatment out of fear of litigation, as corporate America and universities do for blacks.  Under affirmative action, homosexuals and lesbians will get promotions even if they are not qualified even though no homosexual in the American military has ever been denied promotion on the basis of qualifications.

*If homosexual recruits have AIDS or other gay-related health problems, the military (the taxpayer) may be required to treat them. If a gay soldier wants to have a sex change, the military (taxpayer) may well have to pay for it. Gays have high rates of drug abuse, depression, alcoholism, suicide and other mental disorders which will need to be treated by the military, costing valuable time and money.

If you think that these suggestions are far-fetched, just wait until these subjects come up. You will then see what the real agenda is.

These are examples of how open homosexuality will undermine the military. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a good system and should be reinstated. It allows gays who genuinely want to serve their country to serve, and we conservatives support them and applaud them as Americans, not as homosexuals.

But under the new paradigm you can be sure that the activist gay lawyer lobby will be out in full force figuring out new and creative ways to undermine and harass the military and to bend the rules their way. This will harm the armed forces and our country long-term.

In conclusion, homosexuals and lesbians should play by the Golden Rule that all other service members always have played by and always will play by: “Serve your country quietly and obediently…”