Israel, Conservative Jews Besieged

Here are five stories that were in the news recently:

*Iranian president and radical Islamic Israel-hater Mahmoud Ahmedinejad recently ordered the release of two American backpackers jailed in his country. Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were seized in Summer 2009 after they allegedly wandered over the border into Iran while hiking in the mountains of Iraq. They will be released after their families pay Iran a total of $1 million.

The hikers were ordered freed shortly before Ahmedinejad was to travel to the United States where he will speak at the United Nations and have dinner with radical students at Columbia University.

This release is a classic ploy of a tyrant. It was intended to precede Ahmedinejad’s visit in order to elevate his stature among gullible Americans, and to give cover to leftist/communist activists who already hate Israel and support Ahmedinejad and who wish to elevate a dictator by dining with him.

*A conservative Catholic Republican named Bob Turner won a US Congress seat on September 13 in a heavily-Jewish and very liberal New York City district that has been Democrat since 1922. Liberal Jewish Democrat US congressman Henry Waxman fumed about the Turner victory: “There are Jews who are trending toward the Republican party… some of it, quite frankly, for economic reasons. They feel they want to protect their wealth…”

*Israeli diplomats were evacuated from Egypt after their embassy in Cairo was attacked. The attack came after Israel’s military killed three Egyptian soldiers on the border when pursuing terror suspects. Egypt was the first Arab nation to sign a peace pact with Israel, in 1979.

*Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador over an Israeli raid on a Turkish ship bound for Gaza in which 9 Turks were killed. Israel had blockaded Gaza out of fear that weapons would be smuggled in. Turkey was the first Muslim-majority country, in 1949, to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

*Palestinians are formally requesting statehood and membership in the United Nations.

What does all this add up to?

These stories all spell increasing isolation for our ally and friend Israel at a time when our own president is considered to be a very weak supporter of the Jewish state, even calling for the return of Israel to her pre-1967 borders.

And they spell ever more hostility by Democrats toward any Jew in America who is not a committed left-wing liberal.

Just look at Waxman’s statement. It is shameful and full of anger, deception and provocation. Because in fact the richest, most materialistic Jews in America are liberals and Democrats who support politicians like Waxman. They live in large numbers in New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and in other wealthy enclaves with hardly a Republican or conservative in sight. They shun and belittle conservative Jews and their religion and their belief system. Many are militant atheists and single-minded wealth accumulators like George Soros.

Yet Waxman is lashing out and saying, after one single election loss, that Jews are voting Republican to save their wealth?!

This is a direct assault on any Jews who are not left-wing materialists, on good Jews who actually embrace their own religion and their God and their rich Biblical history, and who love their own state of Israel. Because the reason the left-wing secular Jews hate their own religion is because you cannot worship both God and money at the same time. And the leftists who support people like Waxman always choose money. Always.

Thus Waxman is shamefully wrong. It is the Jews who vote Democrat who are protecting themselves and their wealth in order to be able to accumulate and worship that wealth with no guilt or competition from God or from anyone or anything else. This is true of all Democrats, who are the real money-lovers in America and who are atheists for precisely that reason.

Indeed many of these left-wing Jews offer little if any support for Israel. Many on the fringe actually hate Israel just as many on the fringe left hate America. And they will mount no protest to Ahmedinejad’s visit. And they supported the ouster of Mubarak in Egypt, the one Arab nation that had made peace with Israel.

Now pro-Western Turkey is trending more toward the radical Islamist model with its support of the Palestine state and radicalism in the Gaza population through the shipping provocation. This is troubling. And if Libya falls into the hands of an Ahmedinejad-type of regime, there will be increased pressure on Israel from all sides.

Meanwhile the left-wing Jews in America will look the other way as Israel comes under pressure, while the remaining minority of Jews who have awakened and who have consciences, will do everything they can to keep their faith in God and to stand up for their homeland.

Waxman’s comment in fact is yet another in a recent string of desperate screeds from the left as the Democrat agenda and Barack Obama are increasingly rejected by the American voters including Jews. It is pure panic. So the template is – as Democrats lose more elections, prominent Democrats scream out the first and most emotional justification for that loss. This is classic Democrat politics.

Let us all pray for Israel and for the Jewish people in America and in Israel who hold their homeland close to their heart, where God too resides.