Jimmy Obama - Unloved, Depressed

(Gawker.com has reported that the New York Times is working on a story claiming that Obama is clinically depressed. Nikitas3 had prepared the editorial below before the Gawker story appeared.)

“If you love me, you got to help me pass this bill!” president Obama shouted recently in a speech about the American Jobs Act that he proposed September 8.

Do you sense an encroaching desperation in this man’s rhetoric? Because I sure do.

Imagine George Bush or Ronald Reagan saying such a thing. You would never, ever hear it. Conservatives do not pander and Reagan did not pander. He knew what he knew and he knew what he wanted to do. And he did it. And he succeeded wildly.

But Obama is a liberal, and liberal policies don’t work. To boot, liberals are emotional people. Therefore they can demonstrate extremes of emotion from great confidence about their ideas on paper to the mirror emotion of titanic anxiety and depression when their ideas fail in the real world. And this statement by Obama is a sign of growing self-doubt as his policies fail, just as we conservatives said they would.

No wonder he now is demanding love… Desperate people always do.

Don’t think for a second that Obama is not shaken to his core behind the scenes over the state of the nation and his plunging popularity. Because he now knows that he is on his way to being remembered as Jimmy Carter Times Ten. And that perception is giving him a very, very sick feeling after a life in a liberal bubble in which he considered himself invincible, and others in the bubble did too.

One website counted that Obama had said the words “pass this bill” in speeches 102 times in the week after he announced it. Because to a tyrannical, manipulative leader, repetition is the key to success. Because a tyrant always wants the people to perceive themselves as inferior beings who can be convinced by mere repetition.

And that is precisely who a desperate and depressed Obama is appealing to – inferior, uneducated people who believe everything he says including today’s college students who are taught nothing but propaganda by their leftist masters in the professoriate. Fortunately for America, however, the people who still believe in Obama are a shrinking group.

Despite 150% Media Left sycophancy, Obama’s polls are in the tank and dropping every day while George Bush and Ronald Reagan rarely had such low polls even with 150% media attacks every day. Yet now it is being reported that there is one place where Obama is still popular… Europe!

Yes, if Obama were president of, say, Italy, with its perpetually chaotic economy and 20% unemployment, then he would be seen as a star. Because the people of Italy have been destroyed psychologically by a century of war, fascism, radical labor union barbarianism, socialism, communism and unemployment. No wonder they still love Obama. He looks good to them. And his tyrannical approach appeals to people who have had their souls plundered.

So I love to ask liberals: “Since you love Europe so much, let us imagine it is 1911. Would you rather be a citizen of wonderful Europe or the evil United States?”

And if they say Europe I remind them that there is a strong possibility that they would have been killed, or at least severely displaced – perhaps twice – after two continent-wide wars in the span of 30 years and rampant economic stagnation ever since.

Now, however, under the depressed and unloved Obama, American poverty is reaching record levels. Reports AP:

‘The ranks of America’s poor swelled to almost 1 in 6 people last year, reaching a new high as long-term unemployment left millions of Americans struggling and out of work. The number of uninsured edged up to 49.9 million, the biggest in more than two decades.’

Yet the hard-core Democrats who indeed do love Obama do not seem to want to change course. Meanwhile Democrat operative James Carville said that Obama should panic, fire top members of his staff and consider new options for the economy.

But Carville is just lying like hell. He is another denier. Because it is people like Carville who have ushered in the disaster of Obama through decades of demagoguery, starting with Bill Clinton. Remember Hillary Care? It was just the first shot of ObamaCare. Remember Bill Clinton’s campaign contributions that were said to have originated in communist China? That sounds a lot like those fishy foreign contributions that we know Obama is getting through pure subterfuge.

And of course we are all supposed to shudder at the poverty statistics. And indeed we should shudder about the millions of people whom Obama has made poor, and about the hard-working people in rural America who have had their livelihoods shut down by Obama’s allies in the enviro movement.

On the other hand there are literally tens of millions of long-term “poor people” in America who are living like kings. They are part of the perpetual welfare state.

No, they do not have palaces, but they have their food, clothing, medical care, education and all the rest paid for even though they do absolutely nothing. Many of them are black and they continue to play the victim card to cover for their failures. Many are white Social Security fraudsters and deadbeats. And they all have one thing in common – they have not a care in the world. They don’t worry about their checks because their handout programs have continued without interruption. They have lived this way for decades. They are part of the permanent dependent underclass created by the unloved Obama and his cronies in the Democrat party.

Yet we are supposed to feel sorry for these long-term poor?

Sorry but I don’t. No, the people I feel sorry for are the people who want to work but cannot find jobs, or people who are working hard but are finding their economic legs cut out from under them. I am talking about the middle-class and the working-class people whom Obama is destroying. And as I see this president begging for votes – and love – I can only be heartened that his depressing presidential reign will be ending soon, and that a conservative ascendancy is in the making.