Hideous Ground Zero, Pentagon Memorials

The memorial at the 9/11 Ground Zero site in New York City is an affront to decent Americans. You can see it here at www.911memorial.org/

It is a pair of massive black, square holes in the ground, perhaps 50 feet deep and 200 feet on each side, with water flowing over their edges to make waterfalls. They each represent one of the fallen World Trade Center towers. They are dark, noisy, colorless, energy-consuming monsters. This memorial is disturbing. It is disconcerting. It literally looks like an industrial sink or, worse, a descent into hell. You look down into it. That in itself is a negative act.

Its scale is so overwhelming that it makes people look like ants as they walk around it. This is a way to marginalize people and make them feel inferior at the hands of the designer.

What would I, Nikitas, have created as a real artist and a designer with a real heart?

I would have made two elliptical lawns, one at the site of each tower, and planted them with flowers and trees and shrubs. And surrounded them with trees and benches for sitting and contemplating. I would have focused on uplifting natural beauty at a cost 1/100th of 1% of what this monstrosity surely cost.

Instead the memorial by Michael Arad literally looks like a trip into the underworld. It is just another bleak urban structure with an aura of brutality like so many skyscrapers in Manhattan.

First, it is very noisy with water falling 24/7/365 in the largest man-made waterfalls in the world. Why? Why make a noisy memorial when the city itself is a noisy place? Don’t people want a quiet place to sit and contemplate? Won’t the never-ending din of the waterfalls have an adverse effect on all visitors, sounding like Niagara Falls?

Of course they will.

Second, after all the eco-radicals in New York have screamed ‘global warming’ for decades, why do we have a 9/11 memorial that needs to circulate millions of gallons of water every day, using large amounts of electricity for pumping that water every minute of every hour of every week of every year? Where is our wonderful energy-saving ‘green’ design?

There is none. Because when a postmodernist “designer” wants to waste energy in the most gratuitously unnecessary way for such a memorial, the elites approve… as they try and tell us which light bulbs to use.

Take a look at the design.  It is largely black and grey. It is a dreary, depressing, colorless sight with the constant racket of roaring water in the background. There is a callous blankness about it. And you can hardly think because the noise is so distracting.

This memorial is simply a monument to bad taste and worse judgment. And it is postmodernist “art” that ends up depressing and disorienting and marginalizing people, not uplifting them as art did for millennia.

And it obviously cost a huge amount of public money to build, which is classic socialism. Just put it on the taxpayer’s credit card… whatever the cost. And rest assured that it was all built with way-overpaid New York City union labor.

The water spills over the four walls of the two square cisterns, each one the exact length/width of each World Trade Center building. These holes in the ground are supposed to evoke the “emptiness” and the “absence” created by the attacks.

Why? Why be negative in reminding us? We already know the feeling, don’t we? We’ve lived with it for years. Shouldn’t such a memorial do something to heal that feeling or to point us in another direction, as real art always has?

Indeed. But then again, the designer has no imagination whatsoever, or sense of propriety. Everything is didactic and melodramatic and even creepy. And the scale is overly large to overwhelm us because it cannot impress us with its artistic integrity. Because there is none.

The designer himself said that without the water the two cisterns have a “hard starkness”. Yet the water barely softens that starkness.

The water flows over the edges into the massive black cisterns and then, in the center of each cistern is a square black hole into which the water falls again before being pumped back up to the top to fall again.

This literally looks like a descent into the abyss of hades. This is typical of art today. There is nothing positive about it. It is spooky. It is literally frightening to look at. And it is uninteresting to boot, showing a total lack of imagination that is rampant in the “arts” today.

But this is typical. Look at the Oklahoma City memorial to the bombing of the federal building. It is made up of 168 empty “chairs”, ugly facsimiles of chairs that are macabre reminders of the 168 lives lost in that bombing.

The Pentagon 9/11 memorial is much the same. It is a set of ugly modernist “seats”, one for each employee killed, on a gravel-covered pad that looks overall like an industrial installation. It is utterly cold.

How about soft green lawns and planted trees and flowers instead of these ghoulish “chairs” and “seats” and grey gravel lots? Wouldn’t that have been more life-affirming?

Of course it would have. But not to today’s “artists” and “designers”. These people are all unimaginative, uncreative people who want to imprint negativity on us with their meager talents.

Don’t you think that most people would like to see a positive 9/11 memorial that allows us to escape from the memory of that day instead of being trapped in it in these big black holes?


Why has all this happened?

Because the leftists who control our universities, our arts and our media, and who chose this abominable design, wish to destroy the triumphant Western concept of beauty.

Since they themselves are very small and untalented people who cannot make anything beautiful, they replace beauty with negativity and ugliness, which are easy to make. Because socialism is a systematic undermining of anything positive in the world like beauty, success and prosperity and replacing it with ugliness, failure and poverty. This it to reduce and dispirit the people. Which is what this “memorial” succeeds in doing. With flying colors.

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