9/11 - Ten Years After

It hardly seems possible that the September 11 attacks of 2001 are ten years in the past.

Who could forget where they were when they heard that “a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center”. And then to watch the imponderable unfold before our eyes on a crisp Autumn day that is called ‘severe clear’ by airlines. And to see the images repeated over and over and over for months… the airliners hitting the buildings, victims jumping 100 stories, the smoking towers crumbling, the panic in the eyes of the citizens of New York, the Pentagon hit too. And the Pennsylvania crash.

Indeed, 10 years ago… Wow. How time flies.

What should we think about those attacks now that we have had the benefit of a full decade of historical time passing?

Answer: First, foremost and singly, this event never should have happened. And that is really all that need be said. Let’s forget all the malarkey and look at the facts:

On February 26, 1993, Islamic terrorists parked a huge truck bomb in the garage underneath the North Tower of the World Trade Center – the second to fall on 9/11 – and detonated it. Six people were killed and 1,500 were injured. The terrorists had hoped to topple the tower that was filled with 25,000 office workers, and although the blast was very powerful, it was not big enough to bring the building down.

Instead of treating that attack as terrorism, however, the newly-installed Clinton administration treated it as a criminal act with civilian trials for the perpetrators. And for the remainder of Clinton’s term, until January 2001, terrorism was essentially ignored.

Because liberals and leftists in America and around the world are working – through benign negligence, through intentional negligence, or through surreptitious or overt cooperation – with Islamic terrorists who wish to infiltrate and disrupt Western societies.

So rather than tracking, surveilling, arresting and convicting terrorists for eight years under Clinton, nothing happened. When suspicious Middle Eastern males in their twenties were reported to the FBI because they were taking flying lessons, no action resulted.

Indeed, the 19 hijackers who took part on 9/11 were able  during the latter years of the Clinton administration to give false and misleading information on their visa applications; overstay their visas; take aviation lessons and even simulator lessons for flying jetliners; travel freely around the country; get money wired in from overseas; obtain American drivers’ licenses; take reconnaissance flights on commercial airlines; and then perpetrate the 9/11 attacks using… box cutters??!!

Are you serious? If this type of scenario were presented to a Hollywood studio to make a film, it would have been laughed out of town as utterly implausible.

Before September 11, 2001 that is.

9/11 in fact was a travesty of the first order. And of course we are never supposed to blame Clinton because it happened under Bush. But Bush had started to ramp up anti-terrorist surveillance in Spring 2001 as soon as he took office. Unfortunately, however, the Bush administration was handed an empty briefing book on terrorist activity from Bill Clinton, and so had to start from scratch.

Just think if Clinton had decided to commence a nationwide dragnet on suspicious activities right after the 1993 attack. There is no way in hell that 9/11 would have happened.

But 2001 was far too late. Even though the laptop of a very suspicious Moroccan named Zacharias Moussaoui of Minneapolis was seized during an immigration violation less than one month before 9/11, legal foot-dragging prevented law enforcement from accessing the contents of the computer, which would have blown the whole 9/11 plot wide open. Moussaoui was said to be the “20th hijacker”.

Since 9/11 we have begun to take steps to protect the nation from these radicals. Under Bush, from 9/11 until January 2009, we did a good job. No attacks. Under Obama, however, the record has been expectedly unacceptable:

*Four-and-a-half months into Obama’s presidency, on June 1, 2009, a black American convert to Islam born Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, shot and killed Pvt. William Long in a jihad attack as Long was standing in front of a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bledsoe was well known to law enforcement officials for suspicious activities including 16 months in Yemen. He even was arrested in Yemen.

*On November 5, 2009, less than one year into Obama’s term, US Army major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim, killed 14 people at Fort Hood, Texas and wounded 29, even though Army officials were well aware that Hasan was an Islamic radical with a wild streak. And if you remember Obama’s casual press conference to address the Fort Hood killings, it was a sign of pure malice.

*On Christmas Day 2009, Nigerian-born Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to detonate a bomb on board a flight from Amsterdam, Holland as it neared Detroit. He failed. Abdulmutallab’s own father had warned international officials about his son’s extremist leanings. Abdulmutallab was known for several years to international anti-terror officials. Yet somehow he was able to board a flight with a bomb in his underwear and almost succeeded in detonating it.

*On May 1, 2010, fifteen-and-one-half months into the Obama presidency, only luck prevented the Times Square truck bomb of Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad from detonating. Yet with law enforcement on his tail, Shahzad was able to board an aircraft bound for Dubai even though he was on a no-fly list and had purchased his ticket at the last minute with cash, a sure red flag in the war on terror.

These lapses under Obama are pristine examples of exactly how 9/11 happened. They demonstrate that even after 9/11 that we can be undermined even when we have strong clues about who is doing the undermining. It comes through pure negligence, often intentional, by the Democrat left.

Meanwhile, a 95-year-old caucasian lady with cancer was stripped of her adult diaper by Florida airport security officials because they said the diaper could be concealing a weapon.

Yeah, right…

Welcome to Obama’s terrorist-friendly America where all the wrong people are scrutinized. In fact shortly after the Times Square incident, far-left New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg conjectured that the bomber might have been someone upset with the health-care bill… i.e., it must have been a Tea Partier or other conservative.

This is precisely why 9/11 happened, friends. Because it occurred with the complete acquiescence of the Democrat party.

Indeed events like 9/11 happen when we have weak, anti-American presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. And an anti-American attorney general like Eric Holder. And a Department of Homeland Security secretary like Janet Napolitano who is so malevolently clueless that she said that “the system worked” when Abdulmutallab’s bomb failed to detonate.

But that is the Democrat left in America today. And that is why a 13-story mosque may well end up being built near Ground Zero where the World Trade Center once stood – because ultra-liberal New York City officials are doing everything they can to expedite the mosque, including Bloomberg. While ten years later, there still is no completed replacement completed for the fallen Trade Center itself and a Greek Orthodox church that had existed near the Ground Zero site for decades before 9/11 is being blocked from reconstruction by the same officials.

The New York Times even has referred to the radical Muslim Brotherhood as “moderate”…

This is shocking but expected from the Democrat left.

Indeed, these travesties point out why our nation is in the peril that it is in. Because there are many, many Americans who are out to undermine our country from president Jimmy Carter and his abandonment of the pro-American Shah of Iran in 1979, to Bill Clinton to Barack Obama to most members of the Democrat party. They are the same Democrats who did everything in their power in Spring 2011 to marginalize and criticize the congressional hearings into radical Islam by New York Republican Peter King.

No, there is no problem with radical Islam as far as the Democrats are concerned. 9/11 was America’s fault. So stop poking around, congressman King!

And as far as  the left is concerned, we should really be looking at the reasons that the Islamists hate us, not recognize the reality – that Muslims are flocking to the Christian West by the millions because of the failure of Islamic societies to progress in the first place. And that among them are thousands of extremists who wish to do us harm.

But no, we cannot talk about such things under Obama. We are supposed to focus on what is wrong with America – until another 9/11 happens.

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