9/11 Anniversary... and Another Provocation

With the coming of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, there has been another Muslim “incident”.

A New York-area amusement park, Rye Playland, was temporarily shut down and police were called in on August 30 to quell an altercation that erupted after Muslim women were barred from several rides for safety reasons. Because their long, flowing headscarves could have become entangled in the rides’ mechanical equipment.

The Muslims even were offered refunds, but instead became angry even though the tour operator for the Muslim group had been warned that the headscarves would present a danger on certain rides.

This incident comes shortly after 50% of Muslims in a recent poll said that Muslims are targets of discrimination since 9/11.

This incident shows once again that many Muslims simply want to play the victim role and do not want to abide by American laws. Whether misunderstanding American law or working as provocateurs, they continue to challenge our nation on myriad grounds.

These Muslims should be told – once again and clearly – that this behavior will not be tolerated. And reminded that they have migrated to America freely of their own accord, and that they are now expected to play by our American rules, not the rules of the radicals.

Because there indeed is a provocateur class among Muslims that wants to build a mosque near Ground Zero, that objects to any special scrutiny of Muslims at airports or anywhere else, that is always stirring the security pot and pushing the envelope – for instance the Flying Imams of 2006 who acted provocatively and suspiciously on a flight according to several passengers, and were removed from that flight by security officials.

Of course the imams (Muslim preachers) sued the airline and their lawsuit even included the passengers who reported them in a raw attempt at intimidation. This is very troubling and indeed creates an atmosphere of suspicion and hostility.

The question is: What do Muslims expect? It is Muslims who attacked America on 9/11. It is Muslims who are waging jihad worldwide on Western, Christian and American interests. So who could be surprised that some Americans remain suspicious?

And why shouldn’t Muslims be subjected to the rules that everyone else must play by, for instance, by abiding by the simple safety rules at an amusement park?

Why did the tour operator not inform the Muslim women that the headscarves were not allowed on some rides as the operator was told by park officials? That clearly would have been an important point for the Muslims to know. Or was the Playland incident just another setup?

Probably not. It probably was a miscommunication. But, hey, you never know. And when Muslims seek to turn such an incident into a much bigger confrontation, you begin to suspect, and to see why 50% of Muslims still feel the targets of discrimination. Because that discrimination is a result of Muslims’ own actions.

So the amusement park incident, coming on the heels of the poll, really puts Muslims in America into stark relief. And for good reason – because Islam still is foreign to most Americans despite Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s bogus and absurd claim that Muslims have been an integral part of American history. They have not.

And it is not as if America has not welcomed Muslims. They have come here in large numbers, primarily in the last 30 years. And there had been no problems up until 1993 and the first attack on the World Trade Center. And then 9/11 really changed everything.

Because after 9/11 the moderate Muslims who had good relations with American political leaders like Republican congressman Peter King of New York suddenly became estranged. Thus 9/11 did “change everything” not just for Americans but for Muslims too. It had a far-reaching and deep psychological impact on both sides. And that is the reason that Muslims feel targeted. Because something very big changed with 9/11.

And so many Americans remain suspicious. After all congressman King is a good, level-headed man yet even he has reacted with skepticism about the new Muslim attitude after 9/11.

So now Muslims are crying discrimination at an amusement park when in fact there has been no discrimination. And then compare that to what Christians are experiencing in Islamic nations where Christians are frequently targeted for abuse, arson, violence and even death and there is no comparison. The amusement-park reaction was simply… extreme.

The whole idea that Muslims feel that they are being singled out is nonsense. It is part of the ‘victimhood’ racket that Muslims now are learning from their compatriots on the American left and in the American Civil Liberties Union, two groups seeking to undermine American security in every way possible.

Let us hope that this incident goes away, and that the Muslims do not make it into a major public relations play. Because ultimately they will hurt their own cause with such a strategy, which can only lead to more problems in the future.