'Cosmologist' Denies Existence of God, Heaven

The British cosmologist Stephen Hawking – the guy squished up in the wheelchair who is always talking about the origins of the universe – recently declared that there is no heaven. It was all over the media.

So what else is new. He is an academic atheist who does not believe in God. He comes from atheistic Britain. And he is treated like a king by the atheistic world media. Thus he certainly is not going to risk it all by saying something non-atheistic.

Question is: How does he know there is no heaven? Because everything else he says is a theory that has no basis in reality. Every day people like Hawking say that “the universe has been around for such-and-such number of years” and that this event and that event happened millions of years ago or billions of years ago.

So big deal. There is no evidence of any of it, much less proof.

Actually everything Hawking says is fictional. He is really more a novelist than a scientist. And he says what he says in order to make money on his books which all offer basically the same petty pop-culture intellectualizing. Anybody can make this stuff up.

Thus we can surely assume that Hawking’s dismissal of the whole concept of God and heaven is part and parcel of the same outlook.  He is out to make money and keep himself in the headlines.

News reports say that Hawking’s stance on religion, God and heaven have “hardened” as he has aged.

Hawking, who has a serious nerve disease that has relegated him to a wheelchair for decades, said: “I have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first.  I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

So look at that statement. It is a completely negative view of mankind to start. He says “I regard the brain as a computer…”

No, sir, the developed human brain is infinitely greater than any computer. The human brain was created by a power greater than any man – by God. The human brain then created the computer which is merely a simple tool that is in its infant stages of development, like a shovel. And to compare the human brain to the computer is a denigration of the achievements of man. Or perhaps Hawking himself is admitting that he himself is not so important by putting his brain on the level of a computer.

So Mr. Hawking, when will one of your wonderful computers make a great artwork like Praxiteles did or Caravaggio did?

Answer: Never. Your computers can barely mix colors in a paint store, and only then when given huge amounts of instruction.

And when will somebody like Hawking or one of his cosmologist cronies make something other than a dull theoretical proposition that will be forgotten in 20 years, versus the timelessness of the Bible or of man’s eternal belief in a Supreme Being?

Never. These theoreticians are a dime a dozen. And today’s worldwide media promote them and their silly ideas. They are saying nothing new. So Hawking strings a few old ideas together and publishes them and makes money.

Hawking said that heaven is a “fairy story” for people who are afraid of the dark.

So why has most of mankind believed in an afterlife like heaven for all of recorded history, sir? And why does Hawking take such a dim view of our ultimate outcome? After all, nobody can say for sure. Why be negative?

Because being in the condition he is in is bound to make Hawking morose. Second, atheistic socialism itself is a dark ideology that focuses on man’s worst traits like abortion and class warfare and poverty and never anything positive like success or prosperity or faith.

And most important, he is making money on it. And money is everything to a person on the left like Hawking and his pseudo-intellectual friends. Socialism is all about pleasure and money and material things today, now. Socialism never considers there is even a tomorrow, much less an afterlife. That is why socialism represents the taking of everything in the present – like debt spending – and to heck with the future.

In an earlier book, A Brief History of Time Hawking suggested that the idea of God was not necessarily incompatible with a scientific understanding of the universe.  But in his 2010 book The Grand Design he said God and the idea of heaven no longer have a place in theories on the origins of the universe in light of new developments in physics

So what are those new developments? Physics is a theoretical world. Beyond what we know like gravity, there is little new in physics beyond the conceptual. Sure there is lots of conjecture just like Hawking’s entire view of the universe is conjecture, i.e., wild guesses, theories etc.

What is really going on here?

It is the worldwide media launching another attack, through Hawking, on religion (actually, Christianity) and replacing it with modern-day money-making faux intellectualism.

Yet there is not even any bare evidence – much less proof – that God did NOT make the universe. After all, the world today is full of exquisite creations like the human eye, great art works, the cathedrals of Europe etc. that could not possibly have evolved out of the nothingness of a God-less world.

Still Hawking & Co. all believe that the universe was just rocks and hot gases to begin with, i.e., nothing. And since you can’t make something from nothing, there simply must be another power at work. It is rationality that says it.

But don’t count on Hawking to be rational. That is one thing he is decidedly not.

Indeed God is alive every day. He was here before we got here and He will always be around. And when some of us die, we will meet Him in a wonderful, bright place.

Others, of course, will descend into Hawking’s darkness. So have a great afterlife, atheists! Enjoy your eternal darkness together…

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