Hurricane Irene Hysteria

The name Irene comes from the Greek ‘irini’ and it means “peace”. But the brouhaha that has developed over Hurricane Irene is hardly peaceful.

The media played up Irene as a monster that was going to devour America. But it turned out to be only a tropical storm that drenched 12 states but that did cause major flood damage in some areas.

Some conservatives are having a field day ripping people like the stuffed-shirt New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for overreacting, shutting down half the city and ordering mass evacuations.

All in all, Irene did not live up to her hurricane billing. The most telling image was that of Barack Obama cutting short his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to return to a command station in Washington to show that he was, well, in command.

But there was not much for him to do there after he certainly had pictured himself the anti-Bush over Katrina, leaving him looking rather small as the hurricane disappeared at precisely a time when Obama is desperate to appear larger than life itself.

To be fair, the National Weather Service accurately predicted Irene’s path several days out. They just were not able to say precisely what would happen to her when she struck land, which essentially knocked the life out of her. Which they also could have warned might happen. But didn’t.

Irene did cause major flooding and power outages for 5 million people in 12 states, however. So it was not a non-event by any means.

In comparison, Irene brings to mind another natural ‘disaster’, the recent earthquake on the East Coast. After a few seconds of rumbling the bureaucrats in Washington quickly closed their offices and ran home and took a few extra days off while most of us regular people just went back to work.

Because apparently this is not the same federal government that is far too crucial to ever be shut down for fiscal reasons.

Here is a list of federal buildings that were closed pending ‘further inspection’ after the earthquake, i.e., take a few days off, pencil pushers (wink, wink….)

DC: U.S. Drug Administration, Federal Aviation Administration (headquarters), Department of Health and Human Services (Hubert Humphrey Building), Department of Labor (Frances Perkins Building), Independent U.S. Government Offices (National Building Museum), National Endowment for the Arts (Post Office Old), Department of Agriculture (Agriculture South), Department of Homeland Security (Nebraska Avenue Complex), Department of the Interior (headquarters) Maryland: Office of the Secretary of Defense (One White Flint North), Department of Health & Human Services, Archives

This shoud make clear why America has the problems it does…

The American media hyped Hurricane Irene for three reasons: First, to get viewers. Second they really thought it was a real hurricane that could distract America from Obama’s dismal poll numbers. And third they really wanted it to be a real hurricane to distract America from Obama’s dismal poll numbers.

Indeed Irene was like the Bush National Guard story, but serving an opposite purpose. The fake story questioning Bush’s military service was reported by Dan Rather on CBS two months before the 2004 presidential election in order to hurt Bush. Now those same media took another story that turned out to be false – that a killer hurricane was on the way – and desperately promoted it to give Obama his opportunity at “leadership”.

I have a wise old New England approach to the weather that I have applied for years. Since the forecasters are only right about half the time, and since you don’t know which half to believe, you should never watch the weather forecast. If you want to predict the weather, just go outside and guess.

Rush Limbaugh & Co. had a field day over Irene, reading the frightening weather service predictions versus the reality. Other pundits were disparaging news reporters for their standouts in “dangerous” conditions with dire warnings while the reality was a few rain sprinkles as people sauntered by in the background out for a stroll. It really did have a comic air.

But in fact, you never can tell about a hurricane because the weather is the weather. This is precisely what we have been ridiculing Al Gore over. He says this and that catastrophe is occurring when in fact everyone knows that you can never predict the weather or the climate, that each is in a state of natural flux, taunting us with their penchant for either wildly exceeding our expectations or not living up to them at all.

The All-Controlling Bloomberg probably has the most egg on his face – after Commander Obama that is. He ordered evacuations that most New Yorkers ignored, making him appear even more the supercilious emperor-without-clothes that smart people know him to be.

Unfortunately the storm did exceed expectations in other ways. Vermont suffered its worst blow since 1927 with widespread flooding and damage to many town centers, roads and historic structures like covered bridges. And as one who has spent much time in Vermont, I am truly sad for that beautiful state.

So what the storm did not do in wind, it more than made up for in rain. Flooding has ravaged many states, and so we should take this time to pray for those who indeed have suffered, even though it is in an unexpected way that nobody – not even the National Weather Service – could have predicted.

PS: Expect an onslaught from environmentalists blaming Irene on conservatives, oil companies, ‘global warming’ etc. It is just a reflex action. One enviro blogger from Vermont already is making charges. But then again, the motto of the left is “Never let a crisis go to waste. Not for even one minute.” It is shameful. And they are shameless people.

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