Over the Enviro Edge

A rock musician known as The Edge – whose real name is David Evans – plays guitar for the band U2, which is the outfit of globe-trotting do-gooder Bono.

Evans has wanted since 2005 to build a luxury housing complex on 156 acres for himself and his associates in Malibu, California on the outskirts of Los Angeles overlooking the ocean from an unspoiled ridge line.

The California Coastal Commission recently voted against Evans, saying that the complex would be a blight. A spokeswoman for Evans said he may file a lawsuit to build the property.  

Evans had presented the complex as an environmentally-friendly project that would feature solar energy panels, a rainwater catch system for the dry region, and electric vehicle charging.

He said that the five planned homes would collectively occupy just over one acre of the land in the development. But CCC said that the project was being presented deceptively.

And on and on. But of course we know how these rock stars live – only for themselves. They are liberal narcissists of the first order. We know he would blast a huge driveway up the hills, and would expand and expand his little empire after a while, incrementally, until it looked like Disney World. This is how these people always work. Me, me, me…

So the question is: Isn’t Evans an integral part of the left-wing entertainment industry that wants radical environmentalism… for everyone else in America, that is? And where is Mr. Bono, the global do-gooder in all this? After all, he is a big save-the-rainforest-and-everything-else guy? How could he not have intervened on behalf of the CCC to stop Evans’ blight?

Answer: Liberals always circle the wagons in order to do whatever they want to do. If a liberal wants to destroy a mountaintop with a housing complex, then that is fine. But if a mining company wants to do the same to provide resources and jobs for all, it is heresy.

So once again we have the elite socialist/communist left seeking to do things that the average person could never do.  Who can forget disgraced Democrat John Edwards’ 30,000 square foot North Carolina mansion (average home in America is about 2,500 square feet) with all its energy-guzzling air conditioning for the hot summers, while Edwards promotes the most stringent type of environmentalism for the rest of us.

Indeed, these stories exist by the thousands.

In bucolic Williamstown, Massachusetts, the wonderful Clark Art Institute needed to expand. And the first thing it did was to bulldoze a pristine hiking area to build an art conservation center. Rather than building it close to the existing Clark complex, they went up a hillside, plowed a huge road through and construct a hideous, sterile modernist outpost on top of a prime piece of local wilderness.

If this had been an oil company executive wanting to build a vacation home, he never would have got past the Williamstown planning board. But the left does whatever it wants to and rest assured, the Clark board is overwhelmingly liberal as is all of Williamstown.

But in the case of Evans, the environmentalists voted against him. And good for them. There is such a thing as “zoning” to preserve land. Even we private-property conservatives believe that some zoning is necessary but that it should never be excessive.

The next question is: When will liberals abide by their own creeds, that not everyone can have a seaside mansion with a view of the sunset?

Answer: Never. Because liberals want everything and believe they are owed it. Because they all think they are smarter and better than everyone else.

Now guess who has a famous environmentally-friendly house.

George W. Bush, on his Texas ranch. It has lots of ‘green’ features, while Al Gore’s gargantuan Nashville mansion is a notorious energy guzzler.

In fact it is we conservatives who are most concerned about the environment. We are the ones who think ahead about keeping a balance with man, nature and natural resources, not tipped one way, away from economic development and toward only ourselves, as is common on the left.

Because nature should be respected, but then again, it should be seen for what it is – a brutal force. And that man must protect himself against nature, but that to egregiously conquer nature, as Evans wanted to do, is wrong as well, as it is wrong to deny us our natural resources through the activism of people like The Edge and his entertainment industry cronies.

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