Pledge Controversy Exposes Anti-American Left

The city council in Eugene, Oregon, an ultra-liberal university town, voted down in late June a proposal to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every council meeting. The council then passed a compromise which mandates that the pledge be recited at meetings closest to the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day.

Reported foxnews.com: ‘It was supposed to be simple, but Councilman Mike Clark soon found out when you’re dealing with God and country, nothing in Eugene is easy.’ 

Indeed. God and country in a liberal town? Who would expect anything but hostility to our free nation and to our Christian founding.

Clark says he wanted to unite the council and show his more conservative constituents that traditional values are important in a city where ‘diversity’ is celebrated.

But as we know, ‘diversity’ is a liberal lie. Their definition never includes anything that is not liberal. ‘Diversity’ on a college campus is always touted but never includes genuine diversity, i.e., diversity of thought – conservative thinkers, speakers or classes or anyone else who dissents from left-wing orthodoxy. 

And this explains – once again – how a conservative like Glenn Beck and his family can be harassed during a social outing in a park in New York City which claims itself as a locus of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’.

Now listen to Eugene councilman Clark: “It’s a little ironic to see those who have championed the idea of tolerance be less tolerant on this question,”

Wonderful. A glimmer of truth in a university town where propaganda is king.

Eugene mayor Kitty Piercy called the Pledge of Allegiance divisive. “If there’s one thing the flag stands for it’s that people don’t have to be compelled to say the Pledge of Allegiance or anything else.” Fox reports that another pledge opponent, councilwoman Betty Taylor compared the Pledge of Allegiance to The Communist Manifesto. 

This is how corrupt our university mentality has become. Many of these left-wing Eugene residents outright hate America. And don’t ever let the left whimper that that judgment is false. It is true. Take it to the bank. Repeat after me: “Many liberals hate America…”

Under the new pledge proposal, saying the pledge four times a year would be voluntary not only for the public at the meetings, but for the council members themselves. 

Listen to what Fox reported: ‘Councilman George Brown voted against the compromise, saying the Pledge of Allegiance had no place at City Hall. “People can say it in their front yard or backyard,” Brown says. “It really doesn’t help move the city business forward. It does not unite us.”’ 

The Pledge of Allegiance ‘had no place at City Hall’? Isn’t the very existence of city hall a result of American freedom based on Judaeo-Christian philosophy, where the people participate in their government rather than government being conducted behind closed doors?

Eugene resident Anita Sullivan said: “So you say I pledge allegiance and right there I don’t care for that language. It sort of means loyalty to your country; well, I feel loyalty to the entire world.” 

Wow. So go try living in Botswana. Ms. Sullivan. You’ll be back in two days like all the other blowhard liberals who have stomped away from America briefly, or have promised to like Alec Baldwin.

And now, even after the compromise proposal passed, a motion to say the Pledge of Allegiance was shot down even though the meeting at which the compromise was reached was the closest to July Fourth. So these people just passed a motion and then defied it.

This is telling. This is why these people hate the Pledge of Allegiance and the American system. Because under their alternative, they can make up their own laws anytime, anywhere and then obey them or defy them at will. This is how tyrannies operate, and these are extremely dangerous people.

 And it does not end in Eugene. NBC produced a montage with kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance while showing pictures of golf highlights for the US Open. And the words “under God” were omitted.

But NBC just “forgot” to put the whole pledge in, they say.


Jordan Sekulow, director of policy and international operations for the American Center for Law and Justice, warned about the Eugene incident. “It vindicates all of us who say our Judeo-Christian heritage is under attack,” Sekulow said. “Sometimes it’s in the courts, sometimes it’s elected officials and sometimes it’s the media.”