Osama bin Biden Strikes Again

Vice president Joe Biden recently was said to have referred to law-abiding, election-winning Tea Partiers as “terrorists”. Biden denies the charge, but the word “terrorists” is believed to have been used in closed-door meetings among certain Democrats to describe conservatives.

This could  be expected since it comes from the party of hateful demagogues. This comes after Democrats have openly called Tea Partiers “racists” and everything else under the sun. So “terrorists” is not out of the question.

And we know that this is how most Democrats really think because they are unstable people who are always lashing out with insults and invective while advocating “peace” and “tolerance”.

Yet Democrats don’t seem to have made any negative references to the racist mobs of young blacks who have terrorized and attacked innocent people – including many white people – in places like Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia. Why not?

Answer: Because those cities and those blacks are all products of a staunch Democrat party ideology advocated by Biden and Obama. They have never known anything else except for Obama-style socialism, dependency and class warfare, and Democrat-style hatemongering. “Kill all the white people!” shouted one black mob in Peoria, Illinois.

Gee, where are the ‘hate crimes’ charges there?!

There are none. Because the haters are faithful to Democrat party propaganda and incitement.

The rioters in Britain don’t seem to have aroused Biden’s ire either. Yet they sound strangely like him. They say they are rioting to get back at “the rich” and to “show the police that we’ll do what we want.”

Another London looter said she was stealing things “to get our tax money back.” This comes after Obama and everyone else on the Democrat left here and on the Labour party left in Britain have been saying over and over how we all have to pay more and more and more in taxes, particularly “the rich”.

It is no coincidence that these similar types of sentiments are being uttered by Obama, Biden and the looters. Because Biden and the British thugs and the black felons in America all have one thing in common – they are steeped in the rhetoric and ideology of leftist class warfare which always leads to anger, mayhem and even murder.

The UK looting and rioting came largely from one trigger – austerity plans put in place to fix decades worth of massive government debt caused by the dependent welfare state, the same welfare state that produces lazy degenerates like the looters. A truly vicious cycle…

In America, the black attacks come from anti-white racism, envy, aimlessness, sloth, anger and class hatred that have been stirred up in the black community for decades by liberals. Yet despite huge government handouts in the trillions, many of the people are still doing very poorly. Which proves that you can’t buy happiness or success with taxpayer cash.

Then when you look around today, the sole cause of the economic crisis sweeping the globe is… drum roll, please… government debt.

And now that hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying and politically-active Tea Partiers are calling for fiscal responsibility peacefully through the ballot box, Democrats call them “racists”, “terrorists” and other names and smear them in every way possible. This is abhorrent.

If you really think about it,  however, Democrat politicians in America are actually more like ideological terrorist leaders than anyone else. No, they are not calling for jihad, but they are the chiefs and the mouthpieces whose black followers are carrying out violence after getting coded messages from the White House and the Democrat party. Indeed it is the party of the welfare state that is producing the “terrorists” – real thugs committing real acts of violence, here and abroad.

Oh, no! they say, That is just people frustrated over the economy!

No it isn’t. It is people who are being fed class hatred and who are being organized by communist/leftist factions in Europe and in the United States. After all, Obama was steeped in black-power communism growing up. His father and stepfather and his mother were all committed communists.

So left-wing welfare-staters first build up slothful, dependent societies. And then when the money runs out, the same crowd organizes the mobs.

In America, the flash mobs are in many cases racially motivated to attack white people after being told for decades that “America is a racist nation” and that “white people have all the money” and that predominantly white Tea Partiers are “racists” and “terrorists”. And how about Obama imploring his followers to “punish your enemies”?

Incitement, anyone? Provocation, anyone?

This is all fed to them by Democrats like Joe Biden who first make people lazy, dependent and angry with decades of government handouts and class warfare rhetoric. And then those Democrats spread misery throughout society with ever-mounting government debt to pay for it all.

And that, friends, is the real crime in all of this.