TX Gov. Perry Targeted over Christian Event

Governor Rick Perry of Texas will address the RedState gathering in Charleston this weekend. See you there…

 The Republican presidential candidate most prominent in the news these days is one who is not yet even declared – Texas governor Rick Perry. And he is making headlines for initiating and attending a Christian rally and asking God to help our troubled nation.

He spoke at an event called The Response in Houston on Saturday, August 6 that included prayer and Bible verses. He said that a return to Christian ideals will help to heal the nation.


“Our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government,” said Perry. He prayed for our national leaders as well as for troops killed in Afghanistan on Friday.

The Media Left became obsessed with the event. Will this hurt Perry’s chances to become president? one commentator wondered breathlessly. Another lead-up story said that only 10,000 people were expected. Protesters appeared at the venue. But USAToday.com reported that “roughly 30,000 people” attended and that the event was viewed remotely in 1,000 churches across America. Thus the media were trying to minimize The Response even before it happened while an atheist group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, even sought to stop Perry from participating.

So what is going on?

It is the national media and the political left taking their first shots at Perry who is seen as a potentially very strong challenger to Obama in 2012.

Meanwhile, of course, the same factions have had no problem with Obama’s communist past, his association with Chicago criminals like Tony Rezko or domestic terrorist William Ayers, his father’s and step-father’s Muslim/communist histories, or his call to violence by imploring Democrats to “punish your enemies”.

But when a Christian like governor Perry calls out to God, that is seen as a danger to the republic.

Said one atheist Texan: “I wonder if we had a Muslim governor what would happen if the whole state was called to a Muslim prayer,”

Here is what would happen: The unbelievers on the political left would have not one syllable of criticism.  Because in America today radical Muslims are allying themselves with atheist leftists to impugn and expunge Christianity. Which is precisely why our nation is in the peril it is in.

Indeed as America descends into agnosticism, moral relativism, apathy, sloth, greed, corruption and debt, the left has caricatured conservative religious groups relentlessly. Yet they celebrated when Democrat New York governor Andrew Cuomo marched in a homosexual parade. Because the “religion” of  homosexuality – with hundreds of thousands dead from AIDS in the last 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – is revered by the Media Left while the life-affirming and timeless faith of Christianity is rejected.

Participating in The Response may well make governor Perry the most visible candidate in the race, and the clearest counterpoint to the faux-Christian Obama. And Perry now can use his newfound recognition to tell the dismal truth about Obama. And if he is fearless, he will be our next president.

These same secular media, of course, have no problem with the way that Obama has torn America down. And this shows precisely what a Christian nation is up against when it surrenders to the materialist left for whom everything is solved by Other People’s Money. And why the left wishes to silence the Christians. Because deep down inside atheists know one thing for certain – that there is infinite power in God and that more and more Americans are coming to understand that the solution to our current crisis is not material, but spiritual.

Still these leftists wish to destroy all hope and faith and put the lives of the people in the hands of the government. But we know what happens then. Just look into the homicidal regimes of communist atheism from Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot – with 100 million murdered – or into inner-city black America where the churches are closed but killing, mayhem, illegitimacy, poverty, crime and despair are open for business and flourishing.

One anti-Perry internet commenter sputtered: “Religion is poison” Another wrote: “Organized religion is the single greatest evil in the history of the human species”  Yet another said: “Gosh I feel better already, god will fix everything. We may even be witness to a miracle! I bet on Monday we’ll wake up and everyone will be laying golden eggs… ”

These responses show once again how little these uneducated minions know about the real world, never mind about the Christian faith. These are bitter, ignorant people. They are precisely the types who committed the arson against Sarah Palin’s church, and their commentary encourages other acts of violence against Christians.

These are the people who have caused our nation’s problems in the first place, who have broken up our society into warring factions, who have stripped away any awareness of uplifting faith, who have shattered the family and destroyed morality, who slaughter unborn innocents by the millions, who get on the internet and hide behind screen names only to speak negatively and without any regard for the truth about Christianity – that all of the freedom and progress in the world in the last millennium have emanated from Christian-based nations in Europe and the United States. And that even during the first millennium AD that the Christian monasteries of Europe were the sole centers for scholarship about faith, history, art, literature and culture.

Said Perry at the event closing:  “As we go out of this place, I hope you continue to pray for our nation and our leaders… that God will pour out his wisdom to them. I want to take a special moment and ask you to pray for our military and our family, especially and specifically the loved ones and the warrior brothers of those special forces lost in Afghanistan yesterday. Lift them up in our prayers… God bless you and through you, may God continue to bless this great nation that we love.”

To the atheist left, this is very dangerous language. They are livid and savage in their disdain. And it tells us all that we need to know about these very dangerous people. 

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