Big Surprise. Girls Sweep Google Science Contest

The New York Times recently reported: ‘Girls swept all three age categories in the (first Google Science Fair) competition, a contrast to generations past when women were largely excluded from the science world.’

So liberal, left-wing Google sponsored a science competition and girls won it. Wow. What a big surprise… If Google sponsored an art contest, any girl would beat Leonardo da Vinci. Because in these politicized contests, winners are chosen on account of their gender, belief system, sexual orientation etc. while quality, integrity and scholarship are ignored.

OK, so maybe these girls have real ideas. But they must prove it over the long run. You have to understand, however, that even science is now going down the road of all scholarship in America – down the left fork of political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, radical environmentalism etc.

Said the Times about the grand-prize winner Shree Bose:  

‘For the winning research Ms. Bose looked at a chemotherapy drug, cisplatin, that is commonly taken by women with ovarian cancer. The problem is that the cancer cells tend to grow resistant to cisplatin over time, and Ms. Bose set out to find a way to counteract that. She found the answer in a cellular energy protein known as AMPK, or adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. She observed that when AMPK was paired with cisplatin at the beginning of treatment the combination diminished the effectiveness of cisplatin. But added later on, when the cancer cells were growing resistant, the AMPK worked to maintain the effectiveness of cisplatin…”  

All well and good. It sounds very impressive. Maybe it works. If it does, good for her. But remember that her research is based on, and sprouts from, millennia of scientific inquiry conducted by thousands of white men from Ancient Greece to Europe to the United States. Who developed cisplatin or discovered AMPK in the first place? White men, rest assured. People like me, Nikitas – from Archimedes to Isaac Newton and on.

The Times also reported:  

“At the end, we were like, ‘Yeah, girl power!’ ” said Naomi Shah of Portland, Ore., who won the age 15-16 category with a study of the effect of air quality on lungs, particularly for people who have asthma. Ms. Shah recruited 103 test subjects, performed 24-hour air quality measurements at their homes and workplaces and had each blow into a device that measured the force of their breath.

Lauren Hodge of Dallastown, Pa., won the age 13-14 category for research on whether marinades reduce the amount of cancer-causing compounds produced by the grilling of meat. She found that lemon juice and brown sugar cut the level of carcinogens sharply, while soy sauce increased them.  

Yes, girl power. So what does all this mean? Perhaps something, perhaps nothing. The air-quality girl is immediately going to be recruited by the radical enviro movement as a poster girl for the new Eco Science which is not science at all, but rather Junk Science in which the outcome is predicted ahead of time in favor of the eco agenda. And the marinade girl will be recruited by the lemon and brown sugar industries as an official “scientist”.

All joking aside, we must consider the facts. First, women historically aren’t good at math and science. Today even 40 years of feminism hasn’t changed this perception much. And second, white men in America today, whose predecessors built science and math from the ground up for thousands of years, are being intentionally kept out of colleges and universities by the radical left. This is reflected in the actual numbers. They are being replaced by females, blacks, gays, hispanics etc. such that any minority or woman with a telescope is declared the new Galileo. Look, there’s the moon!

At the same time, real science is being replaced in these schools by Junk Science like ‘global warming’. In other words, even science is now subjective and subject to the whims of the leftists who control our colleges.

Reported the Times: ‘“I think that was just, like, pure coincidence,” Ms. Shah said of the girls’ sweep, “because all 15 finalists had great projects.” ‘

Yeah, right. Pure coincidence… The fact is that the big focus on “science” by Obama and the left these days is fake. These are the people who are destroying science and all rational thinking in our universities and replacing it with Junk Science, black studies, homosexual studies, women’s studies, chicano studies etc. while banishing the triumphs of all of Western culture at the hands of caucasian Euro/American men.

No, socialists do not want to hear about real science… unless girls do it, of course. And who is to say whether one of the 9 boys out of the 15 finalists did not have a much more significant project that was conveniently overlooked by the Google panel. Who says that Shree Bose’s idea ever will have merit in the marketplace of ideas (medical research, hospitals, doctors’ offices etc.) After all, these teenage contests often have little value beyond the publicity of the moment.

This is the great danger in the politicization of science. We are living in a new era when the real history of science by white men is marginalized. Imagine if a young caucasian European man named Nikola Tesla entered a science contest today but was passed over. The world might never have been given the gift of electricity that American immigrant Tesla gave us. Because in today’s world, Tesla’s science project probably would have been overlooked for one about soy sauce. Because Tesla was a white man. 

The big question is: Why do women have to get into science? Answer: It is to further empower the political entity of feminism, and to marginalize white men and turn the world into a multicultural, leftist paradise. And when that happens, progress will grind to a halt. Because the real innovators will be outside looking in.