Obama's Perilous Rhetoric

Our president is engaging in the most dangerous rhetoric that ever has come out of the White House.

After signing the debt bill, he said that the American economy  “didn’t need Washington to come along with a manufactured crisis. It’s pretty likely that the uncertainty surrounding the raising of the debt ceiling — for both businesses and consumers — has been unsettling, and just one more impediment to the full recovery that we need. And it was something that we could have avoided entirely.”

So, Mr. President, this was a “‘manufactured crisis” that we could have “avoided entirely”?

You would think that he must be kidding, but this is exactly what to expect from a far-left leader steeped in the misleading and lying rhetoric of socialism and communism as preached by his marxist mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

No, sir, the debt crisis was not “manufactured”. It is real and it is a genuine threat to our national well being. Because debt destroys individuals, families, businesses, industries and entire nations.

But not to the left, which wants to see America weakened so that Democrats can control the people through government handouts. Debt is a good thing to liberals. That is why they insist on more and more of it, every minute of every day. That is why the hallmark of all socialist economies is debt, stagnation and increasing unemployment and poverty. Just look at the horrible outlook in Spain and Greece, long-time socialist economies with decades of astronomical taxes and spending, and low private-sector wealth creation.

Meanwhile successful capitalist economies have little debt, strong private-sector growth for all the people and prospering cities instead of the collapsing cities that America now has.

No, Mr. President, it is not a manufactured crisis. And the only way we could have “avoided it entirely” is to avoid the debt that your party has built by funding fully for decades National Public Radio, the Cowboy Poetry Festival, tens of millions of idle slackers known as “the poor”, ACORN, millions of overpaid government bureaucrats, millions of Social Security “disability” fraudsters. And on and on.

In your mind, Mr. President, we indeed could have “avoided entirely” the debt crisis by acquiescing to your leftist version of economics where the society is overwhelmed by debt and dependency, private-sector growth is gutted, most people end up equally poor and the government dribbles out a subsistence level of funding.

Obama then had the arrogance to blame the “manufactured crisis” on “divided government” which he called “dysfunctional government”.

In other words, any force that opposes the massive buildup of debt is “divided” while any force that builds debt without opposition is good for the economy.

Only problem is that it is Obama and his Democrats who built that debt at unprecedented rates day after day since January 2009, and things are getting worse. If he had not added trillions to the debt in his first 30 months in office, we would not even have had to raise the debt ceiling so soon after the most recent increase in February 2010.

And of course he took $800 billion in federal “stimulus” and so far has given out half of it not to fix roads or bridges or create private-sector jobs, but to keep his union cronies in their government jobs.

So Obama caused the debt catastrophe, then says it is “manufactured”.

Wow. This is simply the dishonest and deceptive rhetoric of desperation and duplicity. Because Obama knows that the pressure is on him and that he needs to pull out every rhetorical ploy in the book to try and reclaim a shred of electoral respectability.

It is up to the American people to see through this charade, however. And more and more of us are.

In liberal New Jersey, which suffered years of financial chaos, activist Republican governor Chris Christie who was elected in November 2009 straightened out the state’s finances in six months with one simple tool – a rhetorical sledgehammer. He bluntly told the greedy public-employee unions that he was not going to accede to their outrageous demands that had bankrupted the state.  And in just a short period, the crisis was over because a “divided” government, with a rational Republican challenge to the entrenched union interests, took control and showed the way in just a few simple steps.

Obama’s solution for New Jersey would have been to give in to the unions as he is doing everywhere across America. And to pound the people of New Jersey with more debt, as he is doing to the people of America.

It ain’t gonna fly. The November 2010 election showed that there is strong opposition to the lies and misdirections of Obama and his cronies in the Senate and House like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. And that we can find a simple way out of this crisis by cutting our government spending dramatically.

Oh, but what will happen to precious National Public Radio, and all those cherished “artists” living off the dole at the National Endowment, or all those phony ‘global warming’ scientists getting federal funding for their investigations into nothingness? And, woe is me, how about all those “poor people” chatting on their cell phones, living in subsidized apartments with government handouts for food, education and medical care, watching their cable TV in air conditioned comfort while the taxpayers of America are having a hard time figuring out how to pay the grocery bill? 

No, Mr. President, the jig is up. Your socialist gravy train is coming to a halt and you will be out of the White House in 18 months and we will have a new president who will give us the genuine reform that America needs. It is a real crisis with real solutions. And they are coming soon. And those who are getting all the government goodies are going to find themselves finally cut off. And that will be a very good start to fixing our troubled nation.

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