Obama's Goose is Cooked

President Obama’s recent speech on the debt crisis included the words “balanced approach” seven times. What those two poll-tested buzz words really mean to someone like Obama is that there will be some cameo spending cuts, primarily to the military, and a whole boatload of stiff new taxes.

But Obama can no longer escape reality – that his policies are failing just as we conservatives always said they would, that major reforms and spending cuts are needed. His polls continue to sink despite 100% Media Left support for his presidency. If those media were even neutral Obama would have a primary challenger by now, and if they treated Obama like Bush, he would have resigned.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll:

*82% of Americans say the job market is still doing poorly, while 90% see the economy negatively.

*Only 15% claim to be “getting ahead financially”.

*27% say they’re falling behind financially, up from 21% just since February.

*54% say they’ve been forced to change their lifestyle significantly as a result of the economic times – with 60% of them angry, up from 44% in February.

*Strong support among liberal Democrats for Obama’s economic record has plummeted 22 points from 53% in February. Even the 77% of blacks who believed six months ago that the president’s measures have helped the economy has fallen to 50%.

*Obama’s overall job approval on the economy has dropped below 40% for the first time. And strong disapprovers outnumber approvers by better than two-to-one.

Even the left-wing US senator Democrat Bernie Sanders of Vermont has said that Obama should face a primary challenger. Indeed Obama appears to be politically cooked, despite the power of his incumbency.

Now look at that one interesting statistic –  that 15% said they are getting ahead financially. So who are these 15%?

It certainly includes rich Democrats like Nancy Pelosi whose wealth has risen 60% in the last year. And it also includes public school teachers, far-left professors and administrators at state-funded universities, and millions of other unionized government workers who have been getting increasing wages, benefits and pensions even as the economy has sunk deeper and deeper.

These public workers were referred to as the nomenklatura in the old communist Soviet Union, the privileged government class that is insulated from the real world by a greedy leftist money machine that diverts a steady stream of taxpayer wealth into their pockets.

In fact Obama’s whole “stimulus” package did not create any private-sector jobs or fix roads and bridges, but it simply ‘saved’ the jobs of government workers from the budget axe. In North Carolina, for instance, while the private sector has lost about 9% of its jobs since the beginning of the recession, the government sector actually has grown slightly.

 This is happening all over America. People like liberal Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state threatened to lay off 9,000 state workers in a dramatic show of fiscal responsbility. But in the end it was just a socialist feint, and all those unionized workers knew it was (wink, wink…)

That is precisely why New York state is in rapid economic decline – because it continues to spend more and more and more money on public workers and government giveaways (i.e., socialism) while its economy contracts and the population leaves under ruthless taxation. According to one radio ad, the state has lost almost 10% of its people since 2000. And this is New York state, once one of the richest places on planet earth.

Meanwhile the best economy in the nation is in conservative, right wing, Bush-loving Texas.

And now since most Americans do not have government jobs, the Democrats’ protection racket for public employees and others on the receiving end of taxpayer largess is backfiring on Obama and his leftist cronies. In other words, federal and state taxpayers are finally coming to the realization that they are subsidizing the few at the expense of the many.

When more Americans understand this classic Democrat switcheroo, they will vote Obama out in droves. Already another Republican victory is generally being predicted for November 2012 – this time for the White House.

When Obama was elected, along with a Democrat House and Senate in November 2008, we were assured by liberal operatives like James Carville that “the myth of Republican competence has been shattered… and I guarantee the Democrats will be the dominant party for the next 40 years…”

Well, that Democrat facade started to crumble as early as November 2009 when activist, tough-guy Republican Chris Christie was elected governor of the reliably liberal state of New Jersey. Christie then took on the greedy government unions and fixed Jersey’s finances rapidly. Then in the November 2010 mid-term elections, 682 Republicans took state and federal elected offices from Democrats in a historic romp.

Indeed Obama’s goose is cooked. There will be no economic turnaround because Obama’s policies are proved to never have worked. Even Sweden has turned to the right, along with many European nations. For decades, prosperity has papered over the failings of socialism. But today, that charade has come crashing down.

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