How Will Norway React?

Remember the 2004 Madrid train bombings in Spain by Islamic terrorists, in which 191 people were killed?

Those bombings were perpetrated three days before an election when the pro-American and pro-Iraq-war prime minister Jose Maria Aznar was up for re-election.

Fearing that angry Islamists were going to take further action against Spain for its policies, voters turned Aznar out of office. In other words they immediately caved in to fear and sought to appease evil people who are committing terrorist acts all over the world.

In other words, the terrorists won. Twice.

Today we have a new incident of mass murder in Norway. This time the perpetrator is an anti-Islamist named Anders Behring Breivik who killed 76 people total, including 68 young people at a summer camp affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party, which Breivik believes is aiding and abetting the Islamization of Europe.

So will the response be the same as it was in Spain? Will the Norwegian people acquiesce to the anti-Islamic views of the killer in Norway as they did to the views of the bombers in Spain? Will they vote out pro-Islamic Labour officials in the next election, and vote in an anti-Islamic and vocally Christian prime minister?

Don’t hold  your breath. And the fact remains that Breivik was reacting to a very deep-seated and powerful Islamic movement in Europe. Former British Labour Party prime minister Tony Blair even said that he reads the Koran daily for inspiration.

So why doesn’t Blair focus on the Christian Bible for inspiration, and tout its wisdom? After all Europe is relatively free and relatively prosperous and has a glorious history largely as a result of its Christian heritage while the Muslim world is poor, oppressed and almost history-less. What is inspirational about that? Why are Muslims migrating into Europe by the thousands every year if Islam is so wise and wonderful?

Good question…

Fortunately growing numbers of Euros are understanding how their politically-correct continent is again sitting passively by as it is inundated by Muslims while Europe’s ties to its Christian heritage are being severed each and every day under any and all pretenses.

We can expect that the left never, ever will see Breivik’s ideas (certainly not his actions) as something to acquiesce to as they acquiesced to the terrorists in Spain. They will make him out to be a devil and seek to marginalize his message and his affiliations, just as the political right is maligned all over the world, including here in America, even when it is perfectly peaceful.

The same socialist left in Europe protested by the millions when Ronald Reagan in 1984 proposed to upgrade America’s Pershing nuclear missiles in France and Germany to check the growing Soviet advantage in its missile fleet pointed at Europe. Reagan ultimately prevailed. And Soviet communism fell in 1991.

It is time for Europe and the US to stand up to the radicals in Islam, not by violence, of course, but by vigilance. And indeed it is happening. Three Euro prime ministers have in the past year referred to the multicultural premises of Islamization as a failure. And many extremist Islamists in America have been arrested for plotting against us, although several have done dirty deeds that should have been stopped. So there still is much work to do.

Now look at what Associated Press reported about the police response to the Norway killer:

 (AP) When Anders Behring Breivik launched his assault on the youth campers of Utoya Island, he expected Norway’s special forces to swoop down and stop him at any minute.

Instead, Delta Force police officers made the 25-mile journey by car — they have no helicopter — then had to be rescued by a civilian craft when their boat broke down as it tried to navigate a one-minute hop to the island.

It took police more than 90 minutes to reach the gunman, who by then had mortally wounded 68 people. Breivik immediately dropped his guns and surrendered, having exceeded his wildest murderous expectations.

 This post indicates how utterly incompetent and inane that Norway has become. Always offering itself as a beacon of progressive thinking, pacifist policies, welfare-state governments and of course tolerance of Islam, it cannot even muster a tiny police force to stop one lone killer.

So even the bungled police response backhandedly proved that Breivik is correct, that Norway really is a dangerous place. And this is what many Euros are beginning to understand – that it is a continent spiraling down into a weak, corrupt, politically-correct entity with hardly the ability to stop a maniac from shooting little summer campers like fish in a barrel.

Will the grieving Norwegian public become angry at its own police for its obvious incompetence?

Perhaps a little. But you can expect its national ire and trillions of megabytes to be devoted to the evils of anti-Muslims like Breivik in the coming weeks, and of the dangerous right wing of Euro politics. And not a word about increasing Islamic threats and influences, which have been around for a long time now on the continent, and continue to steadily grow.

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