13 Steps to Taming Debt Crisis

These spending cuts and other reforms will put America on a sound financial footing for the future by negating the massive expansion of government that has occurred over the last 40 years, and replacing it with robust private-sector growth that will result from reducing our national debt.

1) Pull all US troops out of Afghanistan. This war is nonsensical. And no more foreign wars unless America is directly threatened.

2) Pull 50% of our troops out of nations like Japan and Germany that need to pay for their own defenses.

3) Abolish the Internal Revenue Service and its $11 billion annual budget. Fire all IRS employees and force them to find real work in the real world. Replace the current federal tax system with an automatic National Sales Tax such that every single product and service – no exceptions, from a loaf of bread to a yacht to your dry cleaning bill – is taxed at the same rate, say 10%. That way every American will pay taxes. No more free ride for tens of millions who today pay no federal taxes and often live on the dole. These taxes then will be paid automatically when you buy things, like state sales taxes are. No more April 15. No more IRS breathing down Americans’ necks.

4) Declare America bankrupt, renegotiate every federal worker contract and cut every paycheck, benefit check and pension check of every federal employee (excluding military and related agencies) equally by 25%. These checks have been skyrocketing for decades as private-sector pay has been stagnating and declining. The richest per-capita counties in America are those surrounding Washington, DC. This must end. The field must be tipped away from the government and toward the private sector.

5) Throw millions of fraudsters off of Social Security “disability”. This is one of the most disreputable and abuse-ridden programs in America.

6) Establish a special higher federal tax bracket of 50% for all registered Democrats who are always contending that tax rates need to go higher. Make them put their money where their mouths are.

7) Cut across the board by 25% every single benefit check issued by Social Security. These checks have been going up and up and up for decades even though the money going into the SS system has been going proportionally down, down, down. It is time to pay the piper and to force the Democrats to explain to SS recipients why the SS system Democrats have supported for 70 years is not sustainable. We conservatives have warned that it is not sustainable for decades.

8) Slash the bloated federal workforce by 25%. Cut the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 50% – it is nothing but a huge bureaucracy that today does little for the environment but harms the economy every hour. Abolish the Departments of Energy and Education, saving billions.

9) Cut all federal subsidies for thousands of liberal programs like National Public Radio, the Cowboy Poetry Festival, Planned Parenthood, the National Endowment for the Arts and for thousands of small environmental groups like one here in Massachusetts called the Center for Ecological Technology, which is subsidized by the federal taxpayer and is nothing but arm of the eco-government. 10) Cut all Medicare payouts equally by 25%. This program is rife with fraud and overcharging. Prosecute greedy doctors who are ripping off the program – most of them liberals.

11) Cut all federal welfare checks, housing subsidies, food stamps etc. equally by 25%. Tens of millions of freeloaders now have all the modern appliances, good housing, free medical care, cable TV and air conditioning and many, many other amenities. The taxpayers of America can no longer afford to sustain these people at these standards of living. Give nicotine and drug tests to welfare recipients. Those who fail get thrown off the dole.

12) Enact legislation legislation such that people who have benefited from federal handouts – like Garrison Keillor who built his Prairie Home Companion radio career at subsidized National Public Radio – give half of their personal wealth to the federal government.

13) Seize 50% of the pension funds of federal employees and use it to pay down out debt. This is a huge cache of money built on the backs of taxpayers over many decades.